Todd Frazier

Teddy was a batboy for the Reds game Thursday when he announced in bits and pieces that he wanted three things: 11 runs for the Reds, 11 strikeouts for the pitching staff – a local pizza company, LaRosa’s, gives fans a free pizza when the Reds whiff 11 batters, and Teddy loves that pizza – and a home run for Todd Frazier.

The Reds scored those 11 runs and recorded those 11 strikeouts. As for Frazier, this is what Teddy told him before his at-bat in the sixth inning: “Come on, hit me a home run, I love you.”

And this is what Frazier told Teddy: “I love you too. I’ll hit you one.”

I love you too.

That’s reason No. 1 why Todd Frazier is my favorite player. Not that he promised Teddy a home run, but because he told Teddy, “I love you too.” Ballplayer or not, who does that? What grown man tells another grown man that? My favorite player does.

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From Buzzfeed:

Stone-Cold Proof That Baseball Is Awesome

Teddy was born with Down syndrome and became an honorary bat boy for the Cincinnati Reds after his parents won a silent auction at a fundraiser. The gig was only supposed to be for one night last August, but things changed. Kremer’s joyful personality and passion for the game made a lasting impression; he was invited to attend President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address in February and partake in the festivities of the Opening Day Parade.

And on Thursday night, he was back in the dugout. The Cincinnatti Enquirer’s C. Trent Rosecrans reported that Kremer asked for three things: “11 runs, 11 strikeouts for free pizza and a Todd Frazier home run.”

All three wishes came true. In the sixth inning before an at-bat, Kremer said to Frazier, “C'mon, hit me a home run, I love you.” Frazier’s response? “I love you too, I’ll hit you one.” And then he did.