Todd Chrisley

  • Chase Chrisley: I'm 16 and want a tattoo.
  • Todd Chrisley: people in hell want ice water, that don't mean the gonna get it.
  • Chase: I'm 18 so I should be able to come home whenever I want.
  • Todd: as long as you are living under my roof like hell you won't. The only thing open at 2 am are emergency rooms and girls legs, and you won't be found in either.
  • And my favorite!
  • Todd: talking to his oldest son, "How in the hell did you get a girl pregnant with something that small! I am ashamed."
  • My favorite family!
New Reality TV Guilty Pleasure: Chrisley Knows Best

Now I can hear some of the groans already, but something about that charismatic, sassy flamboyant Southern father gets me every time. I think the show certainly has more personality than others out there, despite the ostentatious and rather vapid ideal that some of the public may have about the show.

And so many good one-liners. Todd Chrisley may secretly be my spirit animal. All of that Southern sass is just giving me life.

  • “Class not ass.”
  • “We don’t have to agree. If I don’t like it, that’s all that matters.”
  • “This is my closet - everything is organized by season.”
  • “You really think that when Chase tells me at 16 years old "oh I’m going to bed at 8:30?” Bullshit.“
  • "If I can love you, eventually I can love your daddy.”
  • “When I caught Kyle cheating with a married woman, I had his ass picked up by two private security guards, he was taken to the private air strip here in Atlanta, and he was sent to Samoa for nine months to do Red Cross relief work.”
  • “You can’t offer me the help I need. This right here is beyond couch time.”
  • “Not a crack addict, I said you’re tying to be a distributor.”
  • “There’s no normal in this house!”
  • “Darling, sneak is in y'all’s DNA.”

Just so much Southern sass and frenzied family fun in a half hour. I think I found a new reality love!