Making waves.

Lookbook is the Internets #1 Street Style resource. However, the website is separated by binary gender constructs. I want to bring gender variance to the attention of its users and the moderators, by being living proof that the gender variant community needs to be represented. Will you help me? If you are already a member of lookbook please fan and hype my outfits. If you are not a member please join and fan to keep up with new looks! The gender variant community goes far beyond the Tumblr universe, help me reach the others and bring them home, to House of Alaexzander. To the Houses 20k+ followers, it is time to reach beyond the limits of our dashboards and find the others! Xoxo

-Elliott Alexzander

From birth, we are each assigned a gender based on physical sex. (males are boys and females are girls)
We grow up being required by society to uphold the expectations of that gender if we want to fit in.
Why can’t we see that there is something wrong with this? Why is it so hard for so many to grasp the idea that gender is not something you are born with.

Society says,
“To be a boy you need to look sharp or rugged.
To be a girl you need to look stunning and beautiful.”
I say,
“What is wrong with looking like a boy?
What is wrong with looking like a girl?
Absolutely nothing, unless your mother, your father, your peers, your employer, your friends, your family and the rest of society is expecting you to look like something you are not.”

As a biological male I was expected to grow up and ‘be a man!’ But what does that even mean?

What is so wrong about growing up to just simply be a great human being?

I am Elliott Alexzander, and this is my inspiration for chapter 2 of my story.

(For anyone who is not familiar with MY STORY, I am releasing a collection of photos, each one with a short summary of the inspiration for my book. Here is a link to the page that contains the other chapter inspirations thus far :