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can you ship your mutuals with exo members? except for you

Okay lets start (sorry for answering this so late dhdjsjk)

  • Sehun : definitely @sehunnified,Bhavya, she loves sehun so much its impossible not to ship this two
  • Kai : @merrychanyeol,Ren is only person I will share my love to kai,lol.She loves and appreciates him as much as he deserves , I am president of Kairen
  • D.O : @stunningsoo just ship melsoo,they would be adoralble together , @soover-bells  Purse and ksoo, i think they would definitely make cute ship
  • Chanyeol : shsh @hollyeolliechristmas IZ is most loyal pc stan I know, she loves him so much (pcy thank me for shipping u with iz) and @blowchanyeolsflute JUNS JUNS,she would rock any ship,I think their personalities are similar and they woud get along very well,she will definitely learn much from her, okay chanyeol is damn lucky to be shipped with Juns 
  • Chen : Ok I am gonna ship the softest @gotnothintodo with big daddy ! I think they would get along very well. Melli is cutest and she deserves as bright person as our chen is
  • Baekhyun : @snowybaek Jazz and Baek, just ship them, her love is endless towards him. @baekhyuntherednosedreindeer Sophia another soft stan, she would make cutest ship ever
  • Lay : @hearthoseslaybellsxing my two fave people,Alexa and Lay, both are super cute and adorable,I think they really match with each other,
  • Suho : @staygoldenbunnyboy CC and suho would be the one adorable couple everyone wants to be like, @funniestinexo u have to ship kessmyeon
  • Xiumin : @sehunslefteyebrow DVANI , Dvanseok is n1 , I am president og their ship, no one ships them more than me, seriouly I love them 
  • Luhan : @luflute Arooj loves Luhan, even tho we do not talk much, i know she is n1 luhan stan, she really makes me happy with her blog and its impossible not to ship them 
  • Kris : @krismasbells, kris damn I am shipping u with Sam wow, Okay Sam is one real kris stan, she oves him so I am gonna ship them (even tho  I ship sam with myself lol)
  • Tao : rip I do not know any tao stans ::( so Imma gonna ship him with myself, ship TAOLIE IMAO

P.S excuse my errors , mistakes and lame writing, its 1 am and I am half asleep, also sorry for answering this so late, L)