Toby Young

Things I am 90% convinced will happen in PLL soon (PART 2)

I decided to make an updated part 2 of this since part 1 got such a lovely response. I would love to hear about your predictions about the end of the show!

1. There is another child of Mary’s we will find out about.

2. Melissa will be revealed as Charlotte’s killer and Noel will be revealed as Sara’s killer.

3. Ezra will be one of the betrayals promised to us in the finale. I simply don’t believe that he needed a lair and cameras for just “research” for his book. He was never just writing a book.

4.Not knowing what Bethany looks like is important. She will be revealed as an identical twin of somebody we know.

5. A.D. has been the real A since season 1 but Charlotte took the fall in 6x10 to keep their identity a secret.

6. Sara Harvey was not the real black widow. Black widow is Alison or Bethany. @uberaalison post brilliantly explains how it had to be someone who had to wear a mask behind a veil.

To quote, “Why would Sara need to disguise herself to get into Wilden’s funeral? It’s not like anyone in Rosewood knew who she was or would have recognized her without the veil. Black Widow needs to be someone who couldn’t be at the funeral without a disguise.” Only Alison or Bethany (and possibly Mary Drake since nobody knew of Jessica’s twin at the time and seeing two Jessicas would freak people out) fit that description to me as they were both thought to be dead.

7.The body in the barrel was not a random one. They hyped up that reveal way too much with the hashtag #whatsinthebarrel. Eddie Lamb’ s body was in there and we will find that out soon.

8. Bethany Young is either a Dilaurentis or a Drake. Bethany was not her birth name.

9. This is a pretty big statement (and it is not without plot holes) but to me nothing else will make 100% sense given the behaviour of this character throughout all seven seasons.

This is not Vanessa. You can clearly tell they used Sasha for this shot. Why? They could have easily used someone in a blonde wig, the way they have used random people in scenes with A before. So my final prediction is that A.D. is, and stands for, Alison Dilaurentis. She is the final betrayal of the show.


I’ve been working on a portrait series of characters from The West Wing, all done in Mischief software on my Wacom Cintiq Companion 2.  There will be a few more before I’m done, and I’m going to work on some kind of poster with them all in it.