What she says : I’m fine

What she means: okay but Saitama was actually really depressed and clearly stated in episode 1 that he never felt any emotions anymore and frankly had no will to live, going along day by day numb and all alone until Genos came along and if it weren’t for him meeting genos he never would of registered in the hero association or started genuinely smiling and laughing again or finding self worth  in himself as a hero because when he met genos he actually knew there was someone who looked up to him and cared about his work as a hero and acknowledged his strength, so pretty much Genos gave Saitama the will to live again and made him feel alive with the emotions he once had, essentially bringing him out of his depression.

I can’t get over the fact that after Saitama hits Genos’ head the light circuits on his body glow brighter slowly in the direction of his core as if he’s blushing in a weird cyborg way?? and just generally the overall cuteness of his dazed reaction is so fucking pure, I’ll never get over this scene smh its always been my favorite genos and saitama moment.

What a Time to Be Alive!

Dan and Phil: Dil and Tabitha had a baby and they called it Dab, plus the constant content and feels from gamingmas.

Welcome to Night Vale: Episode 100: Cecil and Carlos got married! AJSj f;lskjfdsjfld; Not forgetting all the guest voices that have ever been on the show all accumulated into one episode to wish the OTP happy couple the best.

Yuri!!! on Ice: Grand Prix; Yurio’s world record, Yuri and Phichit’s friendship, the insight JJ’s character, plus the continued excitement from the ‘engagement’ and the matching rings.

Not to mention the excitement and expectation for the upcoming Sherlock and Supernatural episodes released next year (and me talking to @itswinwinatkia )

Feel free to add exciting news and events more if you have some.