Healthy and quick lunches

When you’re looking after a young family, especially a baby, your priorities are not often on what you eat. Understandably so, but it’s important to look after yourself during this period. As mums ourselves we know how hard it is to find time to create nutritious meals that sustain you without reaching for the biscuits! Parents at our baby massage class often say they don’t have time to eat lunch so we’ve put together some simple tips and ideas to help you out.

Firstly, it’s really important to eat lots of healthy protein, think about how you can get protein into every meal and snack. Add a handful of nuts to a mid-morning fruit snack. Try to avoid too much bread – it’s very easy to grab toast, but you will not be getting a good range of nutrients from toast alone! Oily fish is very good for you, see if you can add to your meals three times a week.

You can try to make more dinner and then have left overs for lunch the next day. Here are some other ideas for you to try – let us know how you get on and if you’ve got any ideas to add:

Lunches you can prepare mid-morning to grab later – can be eaten straight away or cold as a salad:

Roasted sweet potato wedges and a salad, tomatoes, peppers, a tin of sardines. You could try adding humus, green beans, eggs, some pumpkin seeds
Cook brown rice, near the end of cooking throw in some kale. Drain. Grate some carrot and any other salad items, add chick peas. Create a quick sauces by mixing tamari (or soy sauce) and tahini as a dressing
Roasted butternut squash with quinoa, tomatoes and a green salad.

Immediate lunches

Scrambled or poached egg with avocado on wholemeal toast. Add spinach, fried tomatoes or a green salad
Omelette with spinach, pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes
Oatcakes with hummus
Soups – try Covent Garden soups for lots of veggies
Miso soup – you can get sachets of soup to which you just need to add in some noodles and broccoli to make a meal.

Stay away from crisps, processed food, cakes high in sugar. It’s hard to think ahead and plan meals in advance, but if you can make a nutritious lunch packed with vegetables for yourself even 2 or 3 times a week it will help your energy levels and mood.

Look out for our easy, healthy snacks blog coming soon!

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Intake yesterday? X

Aha well it was a weekend so I’m not as strict, as I eat out with my bf. Breaky I had avo on toast, lunch was grilld fish then didn’t have dinner cause I wasn’t hungry haha