Do you ever wonder if bread itself has the option to emerge from the toaster either golden and perfect or burnt and crusty? Like, maybe when it’s lowered into the heated slots it uses that time to just reflect on its life, look back on all the steps that led it here. Bread surely has dark days like we do—getting sliced, discarded, staled, ignored by the anti-gluten sect. That would be enough to darken anyones spirit. Maybe when the toast pops up burnt and crispy, it’s just really, really…sad. Maybe it doesn’t want you to fix it. Maybe it doesn’t want you to scrape off the charred outer crumbs of disappointment with the old butter knife of regret. Maybe, just maybe, if it had wanted to come out golden brown, it would have.

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your fave is problematic: welcome to night vale episode 100
  • we don’t know how the proposal went
  • who proposed
  • who the fuck proposed 
  • was the whole town in on it
  • was it huge and romantic or small and sweet 
  • did Cecil cry
  • did Carlos cry 
  • HOW 
  • THE
  • FUCK
  • DID 
  • THE
  • GO
  • DOWN 

Lunch 🍞🔥 Avocado, lime, and chili flakes! I added plenty of coriander after taking this photo too. 📸🌱 I discovered that Heart Space Whole Foods sells freshly made artisan bread, delivered Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I picked up a sourdough boule for £3 this Thursday. It should last me a few days. 😋 Not a bad price for tasty small batch bread!