You’re not less of a boy for liking to wear skirts
You’re not less of a boy for wanting to wear makeup
You’re not less of a boy for knitting or sewing
You’re not less of a boy for expressing “softer” emotions
You’re not less of a boy for wanting to feel pretty.

Boys come in all different types. It’s okay to be a soft boy, a pretty boy, a femininely dressed boy. You’re still a boy. The only thing that determines how much of a boy you are is how YOU define your boyhood. And no one, nothing in the world, can take that away from you.

Office Workers AU:

Lance and Keith working in the same building, but not at the same company. They keep running into each other in weird places, the bathroom, the convenience store on the first floor, the restaurant/bar attached to their building and every time, Lance is doing something ridiculously embarrassing. Which he immediately stops upon seeing Keith, every time, out of sheer humiliation in front of this hot guy he keeps running into. But Keith usually laughs and is polite about, so Lance just thinks he must think he’s a total idiot.

Fast forward a few months of this happening, and Keith gets really busy at work, so Lance is seeing him a lot less, and when he does, Keith is too stressed to emote or laugh, he just trudges on to his office to try and finish whatever he has on his mind. Lance is convinced that Keith hates him for some reason now, something he did obviously pissed him off, right? He starts talking to his co-workers about it, but Lance is loud, and doesn’t really think about where he is all of the time. So one day he’s talking with a co-worker about it, only to turn around and have Keith standing there, a little wide-eyed and embarrassed himself. After a lot of apologizing, Lance offers to buy him coffee because he looks tired and they’ve basically been dating since. That doesn’t mean Lance has stopped doing stupid, embarrassing things in front of Keith in the building when he doesn’t know he’s there. 
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We’re only a few days away from one year of Canon Creek! Which naturally means I should whip up some Creek headcanons, right?

* Both of them have gone through life being judged before people get to know them, Tweek with his tics and anxiety seen as a freak, Craig with his less emotional behavior and social ineptness as a statue. A huge part of what makes their relationship so strong is that they accept one another. They don’t try to change each other and take the time to learn what’s under the surface. Both of them flip out when someone makes these assumptions about the other; that is, Tweek hates it when people think Craig’s a robot, and Craig hates it when people think Tweek is a basketcase.

* Craig is over a foot taller than Tweek. He reaches things that are up high. The height difference doesn’t bother them; Craig especially likes the way Tweek’s smaller fingers look laced with his when they hold hands, and Tweek likes snuggling into Craig’s warm embrace when they bum around watching movies.

* Tattoo sleeve Craig? Tattoo sleeve Craig. Tweek loves them and is always tracing the designs with his fingertips. The soothing motion actually calms both of them down.

* Craig takes so many pictures of Tweek. Candids, poses, anything. Sometimes they take pictures and selfies together, but mostly Craig likes shots of just Tweek. He especially takes pictures of Tweek’s hair in different natural lights because it changes color depending on if it’s sunny (appears reddish-gold) or overcast (appears blonder).

* Tweek decides the pace of the relationship. It’s important to Craig not to push Tweek, and he respects whatever Tweek is comfortable with. Tweek has considerable fears about “not doing it right” or not being able to give Craig the relationship other couples seem to have, what he thinks Craig deserves. Tweek is bitter and jealous towards couples who don’t have to take anxiety into account, or couples who have been together for a shorter period of time and have done more together (i.e., kissed first, said “I love you” first, etc.).

* Jealous is a strong word, but Craig doesn’t care for sharing Tweek’s attention. He kind of can’t take his eyes off of Tweek when he’s mad (though Craig prefers it when he’s not the one Tweek is mad at). It’s also a bit of a sore point that Craig isn’t a very funny person; he secretly wishes he could make Tweek laugh like Jimmy and Clyde effortlessly do. Tweek’s laugh is a little too high and a little too fast.

* However, he’s the opposite of jealous when Tweek wears Craig’s sweatshirts/hoodies/jackets/etc. Which he does. All the time. Man, Craig let him borrow a jacket that one time for their Super/Wonder costumes, and that was it. Tweek earned a reputation as a notorious Boyfriend’s Sweater Thief. Half of his closet is made up of clothes he stole from Craig. He has to roll up the sleeves so many times, but usually he just lets the cuffs drape over his hands. Privately (or so he thinks), Craig finds it cute.

* Craig knows he’s in love first but Tweek says “I love you” first. It’s before Tweek is comfortable with kissing, so they hold hands. And maybe Eskimo kiss a little. Or a lot. It ends with Tweek giggling because he’s ticklish. (Super cute)
The Signs as Humans, Demons, or Angels

Humans: Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces

Demons: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio

Angels: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra


05/05—06/15 › 42 — 70/100

school just ended today and i’m feeling so relieved (but i also have a club workshop tomorrow though!!) right now :’-) i haven’t updated in so long but i haven’t been feeling motivated to do so; so instead i’ll upload the few spreads that i really liked in the past few weeks ;; the week of the last picture was probably my most stressful week and i decided to worry less about the color scheme and focus more on expressing my emotions- it extended to the next to pages but i did not include it here!!

i was blessed with amazing teachers this year and supportive classmates and kind close friends and a wonderful best friend (wink @studiix) 💕 and now that my junior year is over, senior year is quickly approaching and i need to prepare for the stress and anxiety it may bring! but for now, i’ll enjoy my short break before i go off to the otis summer of art program in july :’-) it’s great to be back honestly!! i’m excited to update more often this summer ^^

  • Me:im suffering in every sense of the word and im never going to be okay i never was okay this is the most pain ive ever felt and i want to die so i wont have to deal with this anymore
  • Me literally less than thirty seconds seems ive been cured

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