Hello my dearest followers, today my blog has reached 24k followers. I just want to say thank you so much for your unending support to me &  my blog. I really appreciate it. Also, those of you who sent me asks I’m really sorry I can’t answer them right away because I’m struggling to finish marking my students’ papers & assessing their assessment so hopefully I’ll be able to answer you next week. Love you lots & don’t forget support our GOT7 Comeback. ❤

I’ll send my wishes to the stars,

To guide you to hope and safety,

Whenever you take a bad fall.

I’ll whisper my prayers to the moon,

To help you grow stronger than before.

Be brave,

Don’t give up,

Always remember the warrior’s heart,

When you do, anything can happen,

Even the impossible.

Every story has an ending,

How do you want yours to be?


a letter to my followers...

dear followers,
 thank you so much. i love you all from the bottom of my heart. i have had this account for twenty-three days and somehow, i have reached 680 followers. i am flabbergasted at how fast my account has grown and i am so grateful for you all. also i just really wanted to say flabbergasted in a sentence. i truly do thank you all so much. creating this account has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. i have met the nicest people ever and i love them so much. i want to thank the spiderjizz scult. even though i left the chat you guys were the start of my journey on tumblr and i love you guys for that. now i will go through and thank some people individually:

@ladysnowren : bee, i have no idea what to say to have made me so much more confident in my body and with who i am. you have helped me through rough times and acted like an older sister i always wanted. thank you.

@spideyyss : ruby. god damnit ruby i love you so much. from your weird new zealand school schedule to your killer britney moves. you are so beautiful inside and out and i never want you to doubt yourself. stay sober. thank you.

@parkerroos : alyssa you are so adorable and i love you soo much! you were amazing in the virtual lsb and even though i totally beat your ass you deserve the crown. ily girl! thank you.

@tomhollandisthicc : megan. you are gay. oml i love you and your kinky shit. you are the best and the worst all at once. you were once my wife idk where we stand on the marriage at this point. noah fence you are my kink xoxo. thank you.

@underoosie : sorrell my fondest memory of you is when i joined the chat and the first thing you said to me was “who the fuck are you” and i was very confused and thought you were joking but i learned to realize you are the weirdest thirteen year old i have ever met and you can be sweet when you want to. long live the memes. thank you.

@hufflepuffholland : charissa. you are my auntie and i love you so damn much. even though you are inactive as fuck i love you and cherish your praise. stay sassy. thank you.

@captainswriting : lj. i love you so much bby and your writing gives me life so stop doubting your talent! i am pretty much the only one who believes/ doesn’t mention the denny’s situation™. stay talented. thank you.

@spideyboys : izzy. you are sooo kind and ik we dont interact much but you are amazing and i thank you for your existence. stay beautiful. thank you.

@spideyyparker : kass with dat ass™. i love you. i demolished your lsb rep and im sorry. you are an amazing person and a great vlogger ;) [of course i watched the videos] stay classy. thank you.

@marvelsdaughter : aisha. we don’t interact that much but when we do you are sooo sweet and ilysm. stay amazing. thank you.

@hollands1d : piper. we don’t interact with words often but you have been following me for a long time and you like and reblog a lot of my stuff and i love it. thank you.

that is all i could think of but i love all of you so much! please keep letting me grow and interact with you guys! please send me asks and random questions or thoughts! i will respond i promise!

i love you all
thank you.



{Oml. I feel somewhat special because I just checked my follower list because this blog I’m running from my computer and I rarely check the activity thing and I was there and I saw that I have 41 followers I honestly thought I wouldn’t get over like, 10 thank you guys so much and I was like “I’ve never actually checked who my followers are so lemme just do that” and I saw that I am followed by people I admire






I cried. I thought I’d never get noticed :’3 Thank all of you for making me feel a little more on the popular side (=^-ω-^=)}

The nutty ones

A funny picture
A loony tune
A crazy doodle
About the moon
A song that sings
Poetry that rhymes
About funny friends
And happy times

A wheelie here
A back flip there
Always spreading
Their crazy everywhere

This world for sure
Needs nutty folks who
Cause a million smiles
With everything they do