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Hey there! Hope your getting into the Christmas spirit! What's your opinion on the flow? And what's your favourite TS gif that came out of NHK?

Hi FSSS! To be honest I’m quite torn about the flow :) On the one hand it can get too messy at times (and helmet like) and I think Scott best hair was in that “Canada in a day” segment (he was a real hottie there…) I mean just look at this:

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But on the other hand seeing how much Tessa enjoys it I really can’t resist it - She’s really into it so she wins :) 

Regarding my favorite gifs from NHK - honestly I don’t know where to start… There were just so many good moments to choose from… But I think it’s a tie between this three:

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I enjoyed your silly Felix headcanons the other day? Can we have some sadder/darker ones? Especially his scariest moment and what keeps him up at night. (Not that he can sleep, but you know)

I’ll start with Felix’s scariest moment. As I’ve probably mentioned before, in my headcanons, he was a Roman soldier during his human life. He’d been injured multiple times, received stitches and other delightful medical remedies more than once, and was generally very familiar with pain. The first time he had an arm ripped off as a vampire, though? It was horrifying. He saw bone and exposed muscle with no blood to obscure anything. And the jolt of adrenaline which had once kicked in and let him forget his injuries wasn’t forthcoming. He had to endure the worst body horror he’d ever felt and just keep on fighting. 

And, on that note, I imagine that one of Felix’s defence mechanisms during his human life was thinking, “Well, if it gets really bad, I’ll die.” His experience with vampire violence taught him that no, he most likely wouldn’t die. His wounds would look ghastly and it’d hurt terribly, but there would be no relief until the battle was over. 

Felix isn’t really the kind of person to be tormented by his conscience in the middle of the night, but he legitimately regrets never saying goodbye to his human family. Being a happy-go-lucky guy, he loved them all. He was engaged to a girl he liked. And he knows with perfect certainty that they all missed him and mourned him and wondered about him until their own deaths. Perhaps Aro wasn’t factually wrong to tell him that returning home was dangerous, but he kind of wishes he’d seen them one last time, even if he didn’t have the control to talk to them. (Even Emmett’s thing– leaving money on their doorstep– would have been enough for him.)


For any non-Aussies out there, Karl Stefanovic is a pretty beloved TV presenter on the morning show “Today”. He’s created many hilarious TV moments like eating the world’s hottest pie, losing his shit over grumpy cat, the conversation about the long stabby thing - and there was also that time where he told a bad pun Dalai Lama joke TO the Dalai Lama

Well today he revealed that (as a comment on sexism in the media) he has been wearing the same suit on air every day for a year with nobody noticing. He started doing it deliberately after seeing the backlash that his female co-hosts would constantly get over their appearances. 

“No one has noticed; no one gives a shit. But women, they wear the wrong colour and they get pulled up. They say the wrong thing and there’s thousands of tweets written about them. Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear… I’ve worn the same suit on air for a year - except for a couple of times because of circumstance - to make a point. I’m judged on my interviews, my appalling sense of humour - on how I do my job, basically. Whereas women are quite often judged on what they’re wearing on how their hair is.” -Karl Stefanovic

Inktober Challenge

I was asked to come up with an art prompt for each day of this month, one of my fave times of the year, and I actually really like that idea! So here’s a stab at it!

Day 1 (Today): A character (from a fandom or OC) and what they look like on Sep. 30th and THEN on Oct. 1st

Day 2: A Pokemon dressed up as another Pokemon for Halloween

Day 3: A Disney character drawn in Tim Burton style

Day 4: Two traditional Halloween-ish creatures doing a fusion dance

Day 5: A scene illustrated and based off your favorite fall-based song

Day 6: Alexander Hamilton… and Zombies

Day 7: Peridot is going to have to be taught a lot about this time of year. Draw one of those moments.

Day 8: It’s the Great Pumpkin King, Charlie Brown!

Day 9: What if everything changed colors this time of year, not just the leaves?

Day 10: A character or characters from your fave TV show getting sorted into their respective Hogwarts houses

Day 11: Halloween-y monsters telling other monsters scary ghost stories about us.

Day 12: The 12 Days of Christmas, but it’s the 12 Days of Halloween

Day 13: The World of Trick or Treating: The Epic Anime Special

Day 14: A Disney princess dress, that is either beautifully reimagined for Fall, or reimagined for Halloween

Day 15: Your preferred Marvel/DC superhero(es) dressed up as another Marvel/DC superhero for Halloween

Day 16: An epic monster or costume based off an item of food (either holiday food or just any food you want)

Day 17: Two characters who you ship. One has come down with a seasonal cold, and the other is taking care of them.

Day 18: The kids from Stranger Things just trying to have a normal Halloween

Day 19: Reimagined poster art for the 90s movie, Hocus Pocus

Day 20: Edward (Insert any other random item here)hands!

Day 21: A new brand of candy inspired by the character of your choice

Day 22: Draw yourself as the monster of your choosing

Day 23: Characters from The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra using their abilities to cheat at getting more candy

Day 24: Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione… and one random character from a completely different fandom universe who would not be a good addition to the team

Day 25: Pokemon trainers trying to capture a Halloween monster instead of your average pocket monster

Day 26: Characters from any cartoon series swapping animation design with characters from another cartoon series, and they’re all terrified (or at the very least, miffed) about it

Day 27: Characters from any show replacing the roles of the entire Scooby Doo gang

Day 28: Draw your OTP dressed in coordinating, matching Halloween costumes

Day 29: A typically dark or sullen character (either Halloween-ish or otherwise) simply enjoying a Fall day of pumpkin-spiced everything

Day 30: A typically innocent or cheerful character you would be surprised actually likes getting very dark for Halloween

Day 31: Any character(s) (either from a fandom or OC) and what they would be dressed as for Halloween, in the process of trick-or-treating for the evening, with a message of Happy Halloween!! 

Hope you all enjoy these and they inspire you in some way!! Really looking forward to seeing these!!

“I’m about to go to work. I’m an emergency room doctor and I work the 10 PM to 8 AM shift.”
“What’s been your proudest moment as a doctor?”
“Probably just the moment when I finally felt comfortable– it took about three years, and one day it just kinda clicked. Starting a shift in the emergency room is like the feeling before a giant battle in a movie like Braveheart or Lord of the Rings. You just have no idea what’s going to come through the door. Sometimes five serious cases can come in at the exact same time, and you have a lot of decisions to make, and you have to know exactly how long each procedure takes, and what can wait, and what can’t. I think my proudest moment was when I finally stopped feeling nervous, because I’d reached a level of experience where I could make the correct decisions without thinking about them.”

!! Here’s a reminder that Eat Jin live on V app is just a few days away!!

Eat Jin live airs on June 11 (KST)! There is no known time of when it will start at the moment (presumably at 12AM KST but that’s not confirmed anywhere, it may air at a random time). For those confused about V app having paid videos there has been no announcement of Eat Jin being on Vlive + so it is highly likely that it is free!

Now here’s your important reminders for the show:

  • Do NOT ask for other members (This is Jin’s show, asking for others when he’s on is very disrespectful!)
  • If Jin does have a member or multiple members on the show please give all the members the same amount of love and attention! 
  • Give lots of hearts
  • Compliment Jin as much as possible, tell him you love Eat Jin and you’re glad he’s doing it back on the V app
  • No rude or sexual comments please

Never commented during an Eat Jin live before or any other live before? Also have you never not tuned into an Eat Jin live before? Here’s why you should consider doing it and making this day important for Jin: 

So in short we are very lucky and should be very grateful that Jin is doing an Eat Jin on the V app again! I know time zones make it hard to watch live streams but if you can, please make this Eat Jin very special for Jin! This is our opportunity to let him know we really love and appreciate him! :’)

Also it would be great if anyone reading this has a large following on twitter and can help spread this! Thank you~


HELLO!! It finally happened–after 9 long months, I decided to continue that mermaid AU!! I started this about a month ago but life happened–I got sick and lost motivation in art but I’m trying to pick it up again!

This time, I added some subtle angst buried underneath all this fluff. 

Every day after school, Yuu comes by their spot to be with Mika. They have their silly moments– and now Mika and Yuu are at this comfortable stage where they really care for each other, despite their physical/physiological differences. However, Mika will realize that Yuu is still, in fact, a human–that Yuu will someday want to live his life in the surface world and leave Mika behind.

part 1

Falling for you was something I didn’t see coming. You see, you came into my life at a time where I wanted nothing more than meaningless sex with random girls but you, you were something different. I wanted nothing more than to be the one who knew your ins and outs. I wanted to be the one you called in the middle of the day solely because you wanted to hear my voice. I wanted you to want me the same way. Honestly I knew I wanted you to be mine from the moment we started talking. Your beauty is indescribable. I can never take my eyes off of you and I know you hate when I stare but fuck I can’t help it when there’s a goddamn angel sitting right in front of me. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your touch all send chills down my spine and calm me deep in my soul at the same time. Nothing compares to the feeling I get when I’m with you. It’s scary to feel this way because when I kiss you I taste a future with you. I love you.
—  May 21st, 5:40am

Mid twenty-first century, humankind starts creeping off into the stars.  It spreads its way through the galaxy to the very edges of the universe and it endures until the end of time.  And it does all that because one day in the year 2049 when it stopped thinking about going to the stars, something occurred that made it look up, not down.  It looked out there into the blackness and it saw something beautiful, something wonderful, that for once it didn’t want to destroy.  And in that one moment the whole course of history was changed.  

Doctor Who - Kill The Moon

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Don't we all long for that glorious moment when you show people from your past that they were wrong?

Back in high school I had a HUGE crush on the “mysterious” guy in the class above me. Let’s call him Tom. He was waaaaaaaaaay out of my league so by some screwed logic I figured I had nothing to lose and started talking to him one day. Lo and behold, we became friends and I started hanging out with his group of friends most days after school. Since I came from a small town almost 10 miles away it was great to have new friends to spend time with, or so I thought.

As stated I had a huge crush on this guy and it was blood obvious to anyone involved - Tom included. He had already made it clear to me and others that he did not look for a relationship with anyone and this was confirmed by his friends, some of the girls told me that he just had a couple of short relationships during high school and that the girls had been the driving forces behind getting into said relations. Somehow I managed to push my feelings aside far enough to spend time with him as a friend, (God knows how a 17-yearold girl managed that) but I had my angsty, upset and jealous moments for sure…

And then, somehow, we started to spend more and more time together and on a friends Halloween party he actually asked me if I wanted to date him - as boyfriend/girlfriend. I was on cloud nine for sure and as happily in love as only a teenage girl can be. Until our group of friends found out. Their reaction was to “blame” me, saying I made Tom agree to date me, that it would never last more than a few months at best and then he would get bored with me as he had with the other girls and even so far as to once telling me to break up with him and move back home. I realized later that several of them must have had a crush on him at some point or another and then I showed up… Teenage girls can be brutal.

Anyway, most of those friendships crumbled as they tend to do, especially reinforced by the dislike from several members of the group. I got on with my life, school ended and I went through a couple of jobs before ending up as a manager at a local restaurant. I was working an evening shift when two of my old high school friends who had been very vocal about my unpopular relationship with Tom (lets call them Maddy and Ellie) walked in and seated themselves at one of my tables. It must have been at least 5 years since I last met them and even longer since we used to hang out together. I took their orders but they kept on looking at me, trying to figure out if and why I was familiar so I decided to help them out.

“Yeah, you know me. We used to hang out after school.”
Both of them shines up and smiles at me, that way you do when you meet people you have not seen in years or even thought about at all but still want to be pleasant to as to find out what they are up to now and if its interesting. And then Ellie goes
“Yes! That’s it! You’re Meenite! We used to be in the park all the time! And you used to date Tom!”
Oh, that glory, that wonderful glowing sensation of victory that you usually only find in the daydreams of a teenage mind - to have the privilege to be able to experience it for real.
“No, honey. I am still dating Tom.”

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

So, You Want to Work in Publishing: Advice from a Chronicle Books Editor

By Ariel Richardson

When I graduated from college, I knew I wanted to work in children’s literature but I had no idea how to go about doing so. What does this thing called editing actually involve? How does one get started in the industry? Where should I look for job postings? Feeling pretty lost, I spent every spare moment over the course of several months researching the answers to those questions.

Since I love chatting with people just getting started in the industry, but don’t always have the time to do so in my day-to-day, I wanted to share some resources I find valuable—and resources I regularly pass along in informational interviews.

This is a competitive industry; landing your first internship or your first job can be tough! I’m hoping these tips will help you out on your path.

What kinds of jobs?

There are SO many cool jobs within publishing. Here are just a few of the many departments: Editorial, Managing Editorial, Design, Production, Digital, Marketing, Publicity, Subrights, Sales, Web/IT, Contracts, Finance, and Operations. Do you love international travel? Perhaps Subrights is the right fit for you. Do you lust after foil covers and painted edges in the book store? Perhaps Production is where you’re meant to be.

Although this post is about working at a publishing company, I want to point out that there are so many other jobs within the book pipeline that may also be of interest: artist (writer/illustrator), agent, reviewer, blogger, bookseller/book buyer, librarian, reading specialist/teacher, and professor. Publishing wouldn’t exist without these smart and passionate partners.


So often I’m asked whether you need a publishing or copyediting certificate or a masters degree to get a job in publishing. Definitely not! Publishing is a mentorship industry—the only place you can really learn the job is on the job.

But extra credentials can help your resume stand out from the pack by showing your commitment and knowledge; the other perk is that your time in a relevant educational program can be incredible for networking! When you graduate, you may suddenly have friends at major publishing houses, and when you need help, they’re only a phone call away. Only pursue if you’re interested, but if you are, you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

You can consider a publishing course—usually a time commitment of one to several months—like the publishing courses at Columbia, Denver, and NYU. You could consider a copyediting certificate (usually made up of several courses, often offered online) from places like Editcetera or UC Berkeley Extension. And finally, you could consider an advanced degree, like a masters in publishing at NYU or Emerson, or a Children’s Literature masters at Simmons College, and many more.

Read the rest of the post here!

Our tomorrow - 我们的明天
  • Our tomorrow - 我们的明天
  • 鹿晗 LUHAN


Please watch the MV here!!!

Chinese lyrics:


就明白 就了解

我看着 没剩多少时间
能许愿 好想多一天
我问着 还有多少时间
在眼前 以为多一天

就明白 就了解

我看着 没剩多少时间
能许愿 好想多一天
我问着 还有多少时间
在眼前 以为多一天

因为有一个梦 告诉我
爱从不曾保留 才勇敢了我

我看着 没剩多少时间
能许愿 好想多一天
我问着 还有多少时间
在眼前 以为多一天


English lyrics:

Walking to the destination alone
Unintentionally returning to the starting point
A new world
Now I only realise
Time has no certainties
Until another person can understand my feelings
No need to say  No need to ask 
To realise To undersatnd
Every moment is like forever

I see that we don’t have much time left
To wish for one more day
Our tomorrow
I ask ‘How much time do we have left?’
Before my eyes I thought one more day
Would be able to fulfill our prophecy

(Actually the first time I saw you, I had a special feeling)

Until another person can understand my feelings
No need to say  No need to ask
To realise To undersatnd
Every moment is like forever

I see that we don’t have much time left
To wish for one more day
Our tomorrow I ask 'How much time do we have left?’
Before my eyes I thought one more day
Would be able to fulfill our prophecy

Actually there’s a legend that says
Time can flow backwards
Because there is a dream that told me
Love can never be held back so I turned brave

I see that we don’t have much time left
To wish for one more day
Our tomorrow
I ask 'How much time do we have left?’
Before my eyes I thought one more day
Would be able to fulfill our prophecy

The memory that slowly accumulated into eternity


cora week - day one - favorite moment(s): 3.04 unleashed

all those rumors I heard. a powerful new alpha, one of the hales, building a pack—do you know how long I waited to hear something like that?


My neighbors found this little jellybean, seemingly abandoned by an office building, and brought her to me  This is my 5th day trying to keep her alive and well. She’s got some worrisome parasite issues, but she’s gained a little weight since her first vet visit and has just started trying to wobble-walk on four feet rather than crawl. She’s falling asleep here after having been fed (not sure if the purring is audible in the video). It’s quite a contrast to moments prior when she was performing one of her tyrannical, squeaky marches in demand of justice…or the bottle. I’m not sure which. Probably justice.

Anyway, it’s my first time trying to hand-rear a baby this little (around 7-10 days when she first arrived).  It’s been quite the learning experience…an exhausting, anxiety ridden learning experience, but a rewarding one too. Doing the best I can and very much hoping she’ll make it.  Wish us luck!


“Mid twenty-first century, humankind starts creeping off into the stars. It spreads its way through the galaxy to the very edges of the universe and it endures until the end of time. And it does all that because one day in the year 2049 when it stopped thinking about going to the stars, something occurred that made it look up, not down. It looked out there into the blackness and it saw something beautiful, something wonderful, that for once it didn’t want to destroy. And in that one moment the whole course of history was changed. Not bad for a girl from Coal Hill School … and her teacher.”

Determination not Destiny.

I’ve been thinking about this all weekend. But do you know what I really love about the Discworld characters? None of them are the chosen ones destined to save the world. They choose.

I’ve been reading a lot of other fantasy at the moment and while it’s been a lot of fun, inevitably there’s a prophecy or a reason for why The Hero must save the world, an alignment of stars which makes them good and traps them into their fate of do or die. Oh they might wriggle and complain on the hook of destiny, but it’s ultimately still a hook.

And then there’s Pratchett, where no one is chosen, not really. And even if somehow the gods or fate deign to try, they do it on their terms. They barter with the Lord of Death, they twist the arms of Gods, they patrol the streets at night, they cheat with hard boiled sweets and iron horse shoes that can go anywhere.

They choose to stand on the precipice between the dark and the light, because someone has to. And it might as well be them, because there’s no guarantee that someone else will.

And they do it for selfish reasons too, like love or spite. Fuck the stars, fuck fate. Sam Vimes has a book to read to his child by 6pm and come literal hell or high water, that book will be read.

And the world shines a little brighter for it.

To everyone who has ever wondered-
All of my tattoos are done by amazingly talented/hardworking husband @anrijsstraume , except the tattoos on my upper thighs, they are done by myself, a few years back , when i was looking to start tattooing. I would still love to do it, and maybe - someday I will, but now my time is limited already, #busy bee. And tattooing is such hard work and dedication, have to give it your full, so at the moment there is not enough time in this world, but i wish i will have one day, to start again and learn properly.

The stomach piece is still in progress and theres still at least 20 hr more to go on, to polish it of as we wish .
i am a proud wife. being an artwork, a painting of my husband @anrijsstraume

of course my favourite underwear #mycalvins

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The Headmaster's attack (Continued)

Jack eventually sat down beside Grim. He felt safer near her than the other children. The rest, except Eva, had their eyes back to normal shades.

A few of the children nodded as Grim explained why she couldn’t start. They were hyper now, Jinx had given them candy and would now tell a tale to the sloppy circle gathered before her.

“Well,” She thought for a moment before continuing. “Once upon a time in a land very far away, there was a girl named Blue, yes like the color. No one really knew how she got the name but it had been with her since childhood. One day, Blue was walking through her little village when she spotted a tournament flyer posted on the town event board. Now, girls, at this period of time weren’t supposed to compete in competitions.” The mutant made a disgusted face at this and a few of the kids giggled. “But Blue didn’t care. She saw that there was a quest to rescue a member of royalty in a tower far far away. Her family needed the money and she thought it would be fun to go on such a dangerous quest.”

Jinx paused to look at Grim and see if she was doing okay. “Later that day, she went to the queen and asked if she could compete in the knight’s tournament. If she one she would be the knight to ‘save’ the royal family’s child. The queen said no and claimed they needed a guy to do the job.” Jinx frowned for effect. “Blue was a smart girl and knew that this was a stupid rule. So, later that night, she stole the armor of one of the sleeping Knights and put herself into it. She then went back to the queen and, with her fake identity, asked once again if she could go. The queen agreed to let her go because she thought Blue was a knight named Slayer.”

Jinx had a hard time choosing names for her fictional characters but rolled with it. “Blue then went to the tower the royal family’s child was being held in. Upon entering, she was faced with a scary dragon!” She lit up her palms which it turn made her face glow. She was all about special effects. “Blue simply bowed to the powerful dragon. Being the smart girl she was, she knew that dragons needed to respected instead of slain. The dragon accepted her peace offering bow and let her pass. After a long time of climbing the steps, she entered to room of the supposed 'Princess’. The royal turned around and frowned. The person who was supposed to be a princess was actually a boy who was forced to wear a dress because of his parents who didn’t understand. The knight, Blue, took off her armor and handed him the armor to change into instead of the dress. After swapping clothes they ran off into the sunset with their pet dragon.” Jinx paused. “I heard this story idea on the Internet.” With that she looked at Grim, unsure if the story she told had a happy enough ending or not.

If you’re feeling frightened about what comes next, don’t be. Embrace the uncertainty. Allow it to lead you places. Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both your heart and your mind as you create your own path towards happiness, don’t waste time with regret. Spin wildly into your next action. Enjoy the present, each moment, as it comes; because you’ll never get another one quite like it. And if you should ever look up and find yourself lost, simply take a breath and start over. Retrace your steps and go back to the purest place in your heart, where your hope lives. You’ll find your way again.