To Move On Is To Grow

Solangelo Childhood best friends AU. I hope you like it!

I think you’re my best friend…

Will is eight years old.

He lives with his mother, his father left when he was younger. All he remembers about him is what he has seen in a picture he keeps on his bed side table. Will thinks he looks like him. A little bit, at least. He has the same blond curls. Will’s got the blue eyes from his mother, though. He likes to fantasize about his father. Was he a scientist? Or writer? An astronaut would be cool!

He goes to school every day and doesn’t hate it nearly as much as all his friends seem to do. You see, he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Maybe his dad was a doctor.

Will is eight years old.


Will is nine years old.

A new family moved next door. They have two children: a girl with piercing brown eyes and a kind smile. And a boy Will’s age. They’re Italian. Will’s never met anyone outside of his little town.

He knows he ought to introduce himself, but he’s a little scared. The di Angelo’s are intimidating. They have a big house and they’re always dressed very nicely. Will doesn’t care about his clothes. He doesn’t even know if the colour of his shirt and pants match.

He doesn’t have to introduce himself, though; the boy does. He just walks up to Will when he’s playing on the street one day.

‘I’m Nico’, he says. ‘Can I play with you?’

Will stutters his name and nods.

Turns out Nico di Angelo doesn’t care about Will’s clothes. Or his. Because soon enough they’re rolling in the grass and their clothes have green patches everywhere.

Will isn’t scared of the di Angelo’s anymore. They invite him over for dinner one day. Nico’s father is a little stiff, but his step-mother and sister are really nice. He thinks it must be awesome to have a sister like that. Nico absolutely adores and worships her.

Will has found his new best friend. Nico di Angelo, the boy who can’t stop talking and asking questions. The boy who smiles all the times and laughs at all of Will’s jokes.

Will is nine years old and pretty sure that laughing until your stomach hurts is the definition of happiness.

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A while back there was an article going around about how most white people don’t actually know any black people on a personal basis. I’m black and even though my mom is a teacher, I never really thought about how that fact also applies to just how few black teachers there are.

Other than football coaches, track coaches and one black man, I didn’t have any other black teachers. To recap: that’s a handful of black coaches, one black male teacher and no black women teachers from k-12, and none in three different universities. (I’m 32 so maybe things have changed, but that’s still saying something, because growing up we moved a lot up and down the East coast & I lived in a different state almost every year).

“When I started to read this webcomic I somehow fully convinced myself that it’s a GEN slice-of-life story and we’ll see Bitty dealing with his unrequited crush on Jack and later moving on. (Not on a heartbreakingly sad, just a bit bittersweet, growing-up way.) I simply couldn’t be happier to be proven wrong.” -Anonymous

Stop biting your nails by selectively biting your nails.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but helped me stop biting my nails after almost 20 years.

Start by biting only your left (or right)

Whenever you feel the urge just bite the fingers on that one hand. With time the other hand’s nails will grow.

Then slowly lower the number of fingers on your biting hand that you are allowed to bite.

Eventually having a shorter nail will feel more out of place than a longer nail.

Tldr: direct your urges instead of suppressing them. Start with biting one hands nails and move it down from there

In my future when I’m wealthy , I do not plan on moving to a white neighborhood. I don’t want my kids growing up and becoming complacent with micro and macro racism. That’s why I push the homies cause we all gotta make it so we can live together in a black ass fenced in nice ass neighborhood .

the way y’all cape for these boring ass white male celebrities is so ugly lmao i still can’t believe y’all out here writing essays and disertations for why grant fucking gustin is an innocent little baby and not a grown ass man who got called out and dragged for being fucking stupid saying some dumb shit, it’s crazy how there’s people out here sending hate both on and off anonymous all because someone posted a tweet being ugly like i want all of you to grow up and find self love and take the stan goggles off because i can guarantee you two things, 1) giraffe granola will be fine, he has his money, his ignorance and his privilege and 2) he obviously couldn’t give a fuck about what y’all have to say since he’s deleted the tweets and moved on, he’s probably getting pats on the back from his white friends and being assured he’s not a racist idiot lmao so please relax

all this for somebody who got lucky after the train wreck that was glee? love yourselves, a better barry allen is here, accept him


Type: Singer, Water


  • Weenie Roast (just because he’s a water pokephon doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to spit fire! dongawott can blow hot bubbles in the opponents eyes)
  • AB Blood Burst ( purposely boils water in his body and tries to soak the opponent in *gasp* lukewarm water) omg im breaking character
  • Dongawott or Dingawott (DD) ( *cloning technique*this move is to confuse the opponent as to which one is him)

Dongawott is a mini pokephon like Togeji, Marksea, Julpix, Pippip, and Jaeminirusa. He is a very funny pokephon has no chill. Dongawott gives off a silly manner but can be mature when it comes down to it. He’s what you call a hypocrite too, because he can be the roaster but not the roastee. In relation to what I’m saying, Dongawott has a hobby of teasing and has even been threatened by other Pokephon *cough* Yupras. He is still young like the others so he has room to grow move wise, and personality. He’s close to other mini pokephon. Nevertheless, he still has room to grow move wise and temperament wise.  


At Home With Robin Reetz

“The combination of living abroad, moving back to Brooklyn, and growing older has made me truly recognize my style which helps aid in shopping – I know my body and myself, and have learned what I’ll wear and what I won’t by paring down my closet again, and again, and again. Finding your style feels like finding yourself – it’s liberating and gives you this moment of ‘oh, here I am.’” Discover our recent visit with fashion writer and editor Robin Reetz at her Brooklyn home.

Photos by @bridgetbadore​ for The Style Line

The One-toed Amphiuma (Amphiuma pholeter) is a aquatic salamander, native to the SE United States.

They grow to a length of up to 10 in. (33 cm), and have 4 tiny limbs, each with one toe a piece. Amphiumas have internal gills and lidless eyes. They spend much of their time in the mud at the bottom of bodies of still or slow moving fresh water. These creatures are carnivorous, preying on small aquatic animals. Little is known of the mating and reproduction habits of these rarely encountered amphibians.

photograph by Dick Bartlett


Not snakes, but: this is what I spent my day doing: Building an enclosure for the Russian tortoise I’m adopting from a rescue.

Here’s the current state of the enclosure. It’s set up on the back porch of our house. It’s almost done – I’ll just shovel some more substrate in there, and throw in some straw, bark chips, etc.

To make sure no roaming animals (like raccoons) can harm the tortoise, every night I will be putting it inside the cage, where it will have some room to move about and bask in the morning until I let it out to the large corral when I get up. The cage has a heat mat on a thermostat to make sure that the tortie is warm on chilly nights.

Over time, I want to get some plants growing in there too, like plantago and dandelion. See if they have a chance to grow with a tortoise roaming the corral.

Regardless, I will be growing plantago, dandies, and chicory, as well as prickly pear in my back yard to feed the tort, so it can demolish the plants in its enclosure all it wants!

One day, one rhyme- Day 937

Old Mrs. Smith from New South Wales
Looks like the witch in fairy tales.
She has a long and crooked nose
And yellow nails on all her toes.
She doesn’t wash or comb her hair,
Small children could get lost in there!
The hairy mole that’s on her face
Seems to move all over the place,
And how can I describe her scent?
It’s the opposite of pleasant.
No telling what could hide within
The deep crevices in her skin
And never hope to see her smile,
Her rotten teeth and breath are vile
And manners! She has not a one!
Awful are the deeds she has done,
Visitors leave her house in tears.
I’ve heard mould grows behind her ears.
It’s for all this that people say;
“If you see her, run far away!”

{she won't read this till later on today when she checks my blog. I am giving her a chance to relax in the water a minute before we start...}

{she won’t read this till later on today when she checks my blog. I am giving her a chance to relax in the water a minute before we start…}

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Dear Violet,  Off we go…yet where we will end up, no one knows…but I can accept almost anything…as long as we both get a chance to grow. 👯 Thank you for being such a willing participant in this act of healing with me.  You were a good lover and you have been a very dear friend.  I hope this time spent together heals you…like before.  Time to let go.  Time to move on.  Time to be well again.    ❤️…

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Out of the Shadows (Part 4/5)

Title: Out of the Shadows (Part 4/5)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Set between CATWS and CACW. You are a HYDRA spy sent to bring back the Winter Soldier. But as you grow closer to him, you can’t help but fall in love.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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There is always a dark that comes after a light, 

 Just when you thought you were strong enough to hold it. 

The last thread breaks, the curtain falls, 

 The world goes dim with all you do not know. 

Fall to your knees as if everything will never stop moving. 

 The wall you have rested against is crumbling now 

 And you are being pushed into the noise. 

 I know you shy away from everything, 

It is all too big and fast and bright for you but 

You have not yet seen how that light can dry your tears and fill you up. 

The holes in you are growing smaller as life flows in through your fragile eyes 

And you begin to try to stand on your brittle bones. 

Stand up, look to the sky and know that you cannot fly 

But you are strong enough to at least believe 

You can lift your head now and you can see everything, 

Everything that you have put behind you has risen to quietly sit 

On the surface of who you used to be. 

You have made it to here; 

The patches inside of you may be rough, but 

You are becoming whole. 

Mending, Audrey Unger

I'm bitter.

I don’t give a fuck over losing ask blogs - I really don’t. Sorry. But you all need to realize something:


I wasn’t even apart of this bullshit, and it got to me. I have people sending shit to my side blog, and I don’t even know what to say.

You women need to grow the fuck up. I’m serious. You don’t need to constantly belittle each other and go to the extremes you do. Grow up, block each other, shut the fuck up. Move on.

That’s literally all you needed to do.

Now all I see is people bitching about this even more and now I don’t even want to be here. Cause all this feels toxic.

I get that tumblr is an escape, I get people use this as a way to cope and express themselves. At the end of the day, it’s fucking blogs. You do not need to hold grudges and harass people over blogs and fucking fictional characters.

Get. Over. It.