To All Who Say Goodnight

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Much like @aoiikawaii I will also be hitting the hay as I can’t keep my noggin to keep on chuggin any further. So I say goodnight to all of you my lovely followers who make this Tumblr endeavor worth undertaking!!!


Austrian horror film ‘Goodnight Mommy’ is literally making people faint…

A horror director mentioned in his discussion of the film, “In Austria, there isn’t much of a horror film tradition. When our film came out there, people didn’t care so much. So it was really funny when the US trailer went big and a whole wave of attention came back to Austria. People asked when the film would come out in theatres and we had to say, ‘It was already!’”

Goodnight Mommy—Ich seh, Ich seh—is a 2014 Austrian horror film directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala. Set in the Austrian countryside, the film follows a mother, played by Susanne Wuest, who’s undergone plastic surgery. Returning home in bandages, her twin boys—acting newcomers Elias and Lukas Shwarz—don’t believe she is who she says she is. That’s all we’ll say.

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Idea is to answer the questions using song titles from a certain artist

Artist: Julian Koster

What is your gender?: Ugly Girl
If you could go anywhere?: Where Evening’s Dream Goes
Favorite mode of transport?: Tornado Longing for Freedom
Your best friend?: To All Who Say Goodnight
Favorite time of day?: The Dark Is Singing Songs (Sleepy Time Down South)
If your life was a TV show, what would it be?: The Crashing Song
Relationship status: Untitled
What are you afraid of?: Skyphilis / Air Raid

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To All Who Say Goodnight, performed at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago.  September 13th, 2011.

There is a picture of a girl in the hall
backlit, shrouded
never closer to holy than when safely hidden from god
radiating the sort of peace that only comes from pain
having tasted prayer on his lips
having inhaled
having held

one beat
And it is that lost second you will recall
long after the frantic faceless
have pushed their way through the door
all at once, loath to be delayed
in their mad parade of anonymity
Thus will the cotton blends in their silk nooses
go on digging early graves
on the lottery odds chance they might see it first
when all anyone ever wants to know
is who saw it last

You say goodnight like you’re drowning
and pass her in a space too narrow
to avoid the brushing of skin
She smiles the same smile; you flip the switch
and in the honest darkness resolve to tell her
-someday soon-
how you have committed to memory everything she is
when all she’s ever wanted
is for someone to remember her better than she was