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[Image: Four screencaps from the Star Trek: TNG episode Time’s Arrow, showing Picard reclining in a chair, Picard, Troi and Crusher sitting around, Data and Crusher looking unimpressed, and Troi reorienting the book La Forge is holding. They are all wearing old-fashioned clothes. Caps from Trekcore.]

Important Observations about Picard’s Fake Theatre Troupe in Time’s Arrow:

* Picard looks magnificent with his sleeves rolled up

* Bev and Deanna are clearly super-uncomfortable in their constricting 19th-century clothes. I’d love to know if the actresses cooked that up themselves.

* Even to further their cause, Beverly cannot bring herself to act even close to genuinely impressed by Mrs Carmichael’s acting.

* Deanna turning Geordi’s book the right way up is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

In conclusion Time’s Arrow is great but why wasn’t there an entire two-parter just about their fake theatre troupe shenanigans?!

It’s funny how different games have totally different cultural expectations about who would be playing them, you know? Like chess has this reputation of being for Geniuses and poker is for businessmen and military guys etc.

but they’re just games, you know? and people could use different games for the same social function. Poker night or w/e could just be game night.

What I’m getting at is, imagine the TNG crew playing Pandemic.

I bet Beverly Crusher has a legacy D&D character passed down from her great-grandmother. Geordi has at least five characters and spends at least a week preparing for each campaign. Riker gets weirdly intense about Uno. Data played Coup nonstop til people were sick of it after he got it as a gift - the game annoyed Worf from the start.

It’s fun to replace “poker night” or “weekly chess game” etc from your favourite media with “game night” and think about what they’d be like playing different games.

Safe blogs are great, but often they aren’t specific. I know I’ve told my family that I run a Star Trek blog, so giving them a url of an aesthetic blog isn’t going to help. So I’ve made @yamoksauce.

@yamoksauce is a safe blog that posts only Star Trek. Nothing will be controversial, no gay ships, no Star Trek meta that is risky (like the abortion posts, etc.), nothing that could endanger someone closeted or in an oppressive household. It will only post innocent screencaps and funny textposts that are to do with Star Trek (all series).

If you ever need to give out your url but don’t want to endanger yourself, use this blog! No personal details will be on there so anyone can use it, and there will be a basic theme including a tags page. Signal boosting is appreciated!