You Hate Me, You Love Me // part 2

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Part 1 / Part Two

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Part two my babies! Ngl I completely forgot that I had to update this lmao. Finn Cole is the face-claim for Deran bc he’s hot as hell. @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom @girl-next-door-writes @kay-girl @edits-for-multifandoms @rainbowflames @sdavid09 @authorresker @pinkmousey @miraculous-ninja @leetah2999 @prm231 @mad-joker

Word count: 1169

Warnings: Swearing & lots and lots of angst

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Bare feet danced around the tiled floor of your apartment, the hairdryer spraying your hair in every which way. The soothing sound of Taylor Swift’s voice echoed in the hallways of the barren home, as she sang about heartbreak and ‘never again’. Your parents had taken a long exotic island retreat to save some wild birds you hadn’t cared to remember the name of, leaving you to look after the home and yourself. The latter was a lot more difficult. You’d picked up nasty habits that included leaving your dirty laundry scattered around the place, and actively avoiding any route towards or near the lair. Considering you once went out of your way to travel to the familiar manhole cover, it was a drastic difference on your part. You hadn’t seen him since that night, nor did you really want to. It still burned in your chest, thinking about it.

His entire confession rocked the little iceberg you had made in your world, and your heels couldn’t stay put long enough to stop yourself from sinking. Sinking into a sea of loneliness and regret. Did you regret speaking to him the way you did? The regular ring of the microwave brought you out of your thoughts. Switching off the hairdryer, you slumped your way to the kitchen, humming the soft tune playing in the distance.

Tinder had become a big part of your socializing. You had the app before, but now it was almost as if you had become addicted to it. Flirting with strangers gave you a recognizable rush. You already knew where you felt it before, but you wouldn’t admit anything to yourself. Arguing with the red bandit was enjoyable to you, it was what you were good at. Even if the previous love-hate relationship did get on your nerves. Smiling to yourself at the memory, you hadn’t realized whom you had swiped right.

Two weeks later you were wearing a silver slip dress and black boots. Clubbing with none other than your ex-boyfriend, Deran. He was a massive asshole, but the charm that came with it always had you tripping over yourself. And more importantly, he didn’t tip your iceberg. In fact, he didn’t come anywhere near it. Deran stayed in his own lane, keeping his secrets to himself. He was a safe option. There was nothing to hide when you would hang out with him; the whole world was yours for the taking.

Watching him, watching you sip at your martini, and tap your foot to the beat of the song, gliding your fingers over your bare arms. He recognized these habits. Deran may be rude, selfish and conceited, but he wasn’t all bad and knowing you weren’t fully enjoying yourself pissed him off.

“The fuck is wrong with you?” he yelled over the thumping bass and the buzz of their surroundings. It seems you hadn’t heard him, so he yelled again: louder.

Again you were in your own little world, so taking your martini, setting it on the bar and dragging you outside, he yelled again.

“You’ve been mopey ever since we got here, what is your problem?” Rolling your eyes, you huffed and snatched his packet of cigarettes out of his hand. Another nasty habit you had picked up during your pity party: smoking. It wasn’t great, in fact you hated it, but the nicotine in your brain calmed you down whenever you thought about him.

“I’m not mopey.” You grumbled, lighting the stick between your lips, only to have it taken away by Deran. Glaring at you, he pushed you back against the wall. The bricks were cold and hard against your soft skin.

“One, you never smoke. Two, you hardly drink, or go clubbing for that matter! It’s why I liked you so much and now you- you’ve turned into this mess who only thinks about herself!” his tongue was sharp as it cut into you deep. He was right, but it’s not like you would admit that. Suddenly, a rush of adrenaline you haven’t felt in a while kicked into your system as you stared at the terrible, horrible man in front of you, who has hurt you in so many ways you lost count.

That’s when you found yourself taking a step towards him, your noses almost touching as you stared into his piercing eyes. He smelt like cigarettes, cheap booze and sweat. “I thought you always wanted me to ‘loosen up’, and ‘have some fun’?” Your voice was almost a whisper in the dark street, illuminated by one street lamp.

You watched as his lips perked up into a small grin. Needn’t either of you say anymore, as he took you by the hand back to his car.

Patrol. As usual, but what wasn’t usual was watching you walk down the street. Walk with such confidence, and the smile on the face screamed happiness and freedom. The man on your arm, recognizable to only one of the turtles: Mikey. The other three watched with confusion, whilst the youngest stared with passionate hatred.

“What is she doing with him?” He snarled, alerting the other turtles.

“I thought Raph was the one with a crush on Y/N?” Donnie laughed half-heartedly. Mikey shook his head quickly, eyes still fixed on you as you walked into the busy nightclub in front of the not so mystery man.

“That’s her ex – Deran. He’s an absolute dick! Cheated on her countless times, verbally abused her and made her feel like shit for at least 2 years!” Mikey crossed his arms angrily, his glare hardening as the couple below passed a window together, arm in arm.

Raph felt his heart drop to his stomach, his chest-tighten and suddenly it was hard to breath. This is what he was always afraid of, why he didn’t want to get close, to protect himself from hurting. Y/N made sure to make his feelings stronger than anything he’d ever felt. And as they continued to watch over their friend from the rooftop for what felt like hours, the pain still lingered.

They watched the whole scene, and felt the emotion between the two. It made each of them feel worthless, in their own way. But no one was hurting more than Raphael in that moment. Their friend, Raphael’s love, was moving on with her life without them, and they would be stuck in the sewers without her. Without her laugh, her smile and her positivity. It was gone in a matter of seconds.

And before Raphael could turn his back on the two in the car below, his heart shattered watching the kiss. The kiss of a thousand sins, that you would surely regret.


**You are stronger and smarter than you think**

I tried to make this time something else. I am starting to like animations. the dance motions are not from me. But I want to make someday my own. I hope you like it.


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bixbiboom  asked:

If you're not too badly affected by it yourselves, could I have a scenario or set of headcanons or, well, anything really for being comforted and consoled by a turtle after watching the news has gotten you upset and scared? I could really use some pleasant distractions right about now. <3

THIS IS SO LATE IM SO SORRY I will give you some HCs ;-;


  • Once you tell him what’s happened he immediately wraps you into a hug and begins rubbing circles on your back.  
  • He kisses the top of your head, your forehead and neck multiple time in attempts to calm you down, hoping that just his warm touches will soothe you.
  • And it does, rather quickly, thankfully; he hates seeing you so upset.
  • He spends the rest of the evening with you just cuddling, and talking softly to you about others things to distract you.

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  • Immediately thinks that someone has done something to you, and technically someone did something to you.  Once he understands that it was the news that made you like this, he immediately turns the tv off and sits you down, in a different room.
  • He’s never really been good with words, so he rubs your arms, caresses your cheek, kisses your hands, and does anything to get you to calm down.
  • Raph eventually figures you needed something else to distract you, so he grabs some blankets and puts in a Disney movie, something more lighthearted.
  • While you’re cuddle up with him he’s kissing your head and talking silently to you, until both of you fall asleep.

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  • He sits with you and talks about it as best as he can, in hopes that getting it off your chest will make things better.
  • Once you’ve spoken your words, he smiles warmly at you and kisses your forehead.  “I know it seems bad, but it’s gonna get better.  Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but it will get better.”
  • Don plasters your face with gentle kisses, onto your lips, your hands, your cheeks, forehead, neck.  You eventually erupt in giggles and give into him.
  • Don cuddles with you until he has to return home.

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  • You don’t even get a chance to talk, he’s got you in his arms so fast you don’t even see it coming.
  • He’s running his fingers through your hair and rubbing your back.  
  • Mikey doesn’t know what’s going on, and honestly he doesn’t care.  He just knows that you’re distressed, and that makes him irritable as well, seeing his partner like this.  He just wants to see you smile again.
  • Once you’ve calmed down a bit, including himself, he sits down with you and just listens, holding your hands while you speak.
  • He hugs you again, and kisses you softly as well.  His comfort has improved your state tremendously.

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Request! 2007!Donatello x Reader/SFW Version.

~Meeting Donatello accidentally.
He goes out on night, just by himself because he just needs a break. Only to screw up a jump and come crashing through your open window. You scream as the turtle brings down a bookshelf, landing hard on the splintered wood.
He groans in pain, giving you a nervous grin.

~It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship that later becomes a beautiful relationship, his first relationship. He doesn’t really ask you out, not in the traditional sense.
He just sort of blurts it out one day.
“Are we…are we dating? Because I kind of think we should be-”
“But if you don’t then I totally understand-”
“Of course we’re dating.”

~Dating Donatello in secret.
There’s so much going on at home that he doesn’t want to add more to it. He isn’t sure how his family will react right now, he just needs to find the “perfect time”.
He just doesn’t know when that will be.
“Whenever you’re ready, Don, I’ll be there.“
“What did I do to deserve you?”

~He is SO nervous when you first kiss.
But, oh, it feels so good and your lips are so soft. He starts getting into it and then you’re kissing all the time.
Like, seriously. ALL the time.
"Donnie! I can’t order dinner if you’re-”
He becomes a very, very good kisser.

~Calling Donnie while he is working, so he can have a break from the creepy and sometimes straight up evil customers.
“Darling, you have no idea what I’ve just been through…”
“Wanna talk about it?”

~He’s pretty forgetful and often leaves his stuff at your place. His tools, his shell cell, little inventions he’s been working on, books, even his bo staff.
“Y/N, have you seen my-”
“It’s here, honey, you left it by the couch.”

~Donnie loves your apartment by the way.
It’s not weird there, there’s no moody or missing brothers. He can just hang out and be in love with you.
Wait, what?

~Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.
He loves you. He’s in love!!

~Donatello realizing he’s in love and just being. So. Damn. Happy. The second he knows, he runs over to see you and kiss you and tell you.
“I…I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you too.”

~Cue more kissing as your favorite love song plays in the background, the sun setting over the city.

~Winters is dead. The portal is closed.
The second Donnie can get away (no easy feat, let me tell you), he goes running to your apartment.
“Donnie, what’s been going on, are you-!”

~And he kisses you.
He just kisses you, holding you like he will never let go.

~Leo is home and the apocalypse has been narrowly averted, and there are no more secrets.
Raphael puts away the Nightrider and Donatello brings you home. He’s actually sweating he’s so nervous! It’s Mikey that breaks the quiet.
“Uh, guys? This is Y/N…my girlfriend.”
“Duuuude…go Donnie!! Whatta looker!”

~Splinter liking you right away, Mikey is excited to meet you. Leo is a little wary at first but soon warms up and Raph? Raph knew the entire time.
He caught Donnie sneaking out and followed him, only to see the two of you making out.
“Wait, why didn’t you tell?”
“Dunno, guess I just thought you deserved it.“

~Raphael is the biggest supporter. He’ll take care of Donnie’s chores if he has plans with you and doesn’t wait to defend the relationship. He regrets being a jerk to Don when Leo was gone and is trying to make up for it.
“You go, Don, I got this.”

~Reading books with Donnie, all wrapped up in thick blankets. He has a big book on his lap, his arm around you, everything the turtle could want. Lot’s a cuddling and kissing will take place.
"Shouldn’t you be getting back home?”
“One more chapter, dove…”

~Hanging out with Donnie in the lab, him showing you all his inventions. You being impressed with your genius boyfriend, because who wouldn’t be?
“You actually built this?”
“It’s not anything special, just something I threw together.”
“Donnie, it’s fantastic.”

~Donatello quits his job (now that the team is back together, he doesn’t have the time for it thank god) and you all celebrate. It’s the first big family thing you’ve been a part of but everyone treats you like you’ve always been there.
You back a cake for him.

~Donnie telling you cute science jokes and puns, then laughing like an idiot over them. It’s adorkable.

~Hanging out with April because you are the only girls. Talking about your vigilante boyfriends, her giving you self defense lessons.
“Wait, Donnie did THAT??”
“April, what are you telling her?!”

~Dating Donnie for a year and having your own, private celebration. He builds you a bookshelf, filled with half with your favorite books and half with his (he’s always leaving them around anyway).
“To replace the one I ruined.” he says sheepishly.

~Donnie just being SO happy that he has you.
“Have I told you that I love you lately? I have? Better say it again anyway.”

~“I love you, Y/N.”

I’m in the point of my TITANIC AU where I can focus on other characters more than my pairing >w> and I’m just vibrating from excitement to show it off!!

I decided to put Don as Harold Lowe, one of the Titanic crew members. I didn’t intend to work on this picture that much, just to show to my friends what role he’s gon’ have but then I got excited and I honestly love how it turned out in the end! :D

You’re Home Now

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Donatello (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Have some protective and badass as fuck Donnie, because we all need a little bit of Donnie in our lives. Thanks to the nonnie who requested!! ily <3

Warnings: Swearing, kidnap, and my bad asf puns

Prompt: “How about something with ether Rapheal or Donatello where they’re in a secret relationship with y/n (his brothers don’t know y/n or about the relationship). One night they go to check out some criminal activity they find that y/n has been taken hostage in an attempt to draw out their boyfriend.”

Word count: 958

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It’d been 2 months since you and Donatello had first started dating. You’d known him for only a little over that, but as soon as you met –as cliché as it sounds- you knew what you both felt for each other was special. Fate, destiny – whatever you would call it, it brought you and your purple-masked boyfriend together, and you couldn’t thank the universe enough for that.

One fault in this loving relationship: he hadn’t told his family about you yet. Granted he was a mutant turtle, and you were a human girl, and coming out of the shadows about your relationship to a whole family of mutants needed time, and it had to be done delicately. He told you, one wrong move and you could potentially never be together again.

Midterms. The bane of your existence. You weren’t as intelligent as your brainbox boyfriend (who was?) and you needed all the help you could get. So you planned a study session before your big biology exam, which would probably turn into a make-out session. Who knows?

You had all the stuff you needed out, books, equipment, more books, snacks, and mints. Obviously.

You had waited for about an hour, Donnie was usual as punctual as he could get, considering he had to make up an excuse to his family, but an hour was late for him. Understandably, you began to worry, but your worry dispelled when you heard the familiar knock on the window. Grinning from ear to you opened your curtains and pushed the window open. No one was there? Frowning, you poked your head out to get a better look outside.

Wrong move. Your neck was gripped, and a white clothe covering your mouth. You dare not breathe in. You knew what this was. So you struggled with all your might, with your last, probably dying, breath. You hit the person, over the head with your arms, but they were grabbed as well by another pair of arms. You gasped, the feeling of the tip of a blade against your spine made your eyes widen.

Fuck no.

The people whispered ruthless threats in your ear as they tossed you out of the window and into some more arms. That’s all you felt for a while, dragging you down the fire escape before you didn’t feel anything. You didn’t see anything. Everything was numb and cold.

He searched for you for days. He got there too late. He should’ve been there to protect you. But he wasn’t. He regrets it all. Agreeing to help Mikey, agreeing to help Raph, agreeing to help Leo. He helped everyone, but you. The person he promised to protect for the rest of his life.

He scoured every rooftop, every building, all of the deserted alleyways. No sign of you.

He hacked into every camera in your area, and he would the whole city if he had to. He needed you back. He was going crazy. He was crazy without you.

Then one night, he’d finally come clean to his worried brothers, who had bombarded his control room and demanded to know what the fuck was going on. But he had no clue. For once in his life, Donatello had no idea what to do.

So he told them what had happened, he told them of your relationship and most importantly, he told them how much you meant to him.

So as a team, they searched the city. Leo gave him faith. He told his younger brother not to lose hope, because you definitely had not given up on him.

The turtle brothers still had to do their job however, and protect the city at all costs. So when they got note from April of criminal activity at the docks, the team got to work.

That’s where he found you. Hunched over a chair, passed out, bloody and bruised. Rage filled his veins.

How dare they lay a finger on you? How dare they take the love of his life away from him? He snapped. He charged recklessly, his red-banded brother following close behind.

Donatello didn’t know what he was doing, but he was not stopping until you were safely in his arms again. He would’ve been able to as well until he felt a gun to his temple. His brothers stopped, eyes widening at what they were witnessing.

“Weapons, down,” The obvious ringleader snickered at the turtle brothers. Donatello turned so the gun pointed directly at his forehead. “Now.” He ordered, staring into Donatello’s eyes.

“Do it guys.” He mumbled, narrowing his eyes at the shorter man in front of him. Pushing up his glasses, he took a step forward, dropping his Bo staff on the ground. He heard the clatter of his brothers’ weapons falling too.

This was it. The make or break moment.

“Give me the memory stick, and you can go, and so can your little broad.” His jaw clenched and his nostrils flared. He knew who they were. He stole data from their company and they came to get it back. “We know you have it with you. Give it to us, freak.”

And he did, but not before kicking the man under his feet, and tossing the gun into the water. Donnie looked around at his brothers, who had already knocked all of the other men out. Perfect. He threw the memory stick at the ringleader and gripped his collar.

“Remember what happened here before you attack the people I love again.”

With that, he took long strides towards you and picked you up.

You’re home now, [Y/N].

How the turtles react to their s/o’s birthday:


Requested by: Anonymous

How would the turtles react if it was your birthday

A/N: So I decided to do this one today because it’s my birthday today!!! So I thought it would be kind of topical


Leo would get April to set up some picnic either beside the river or even under the Statue of Liberty; it would be lit by fairylights and candles, and full of all your favourite foods and treats, because Leo knows you so well. He’d probably smother you with love while you sit beneath the night sky, both quoting stupid romance novels, until you go back to the lair to spend the night; when Leo would read your favourite book to you until you fall asleep. 


Raph would not have a clue. He’d even resort to asking Leo for suggestions because he hasn’t the slightest idea what to do to make your day special. Eventually, with all 4 of the turtles’  heads combined, they’d come up with the idea of a drive-in. There would be one just outside of the city, playing one of your favourite films, and he’d find the perfect spot for the two of you to sit and watch the movie without getting noticed. Afterwards, you’d probably go back to your place, only to find April made you a birthday cake with FROM RAPH sprawled in icing across it, and the pair of you would sit up eating it and just talking about god knows what, or binging your favourite program together. 


No doubt Donnie would break into the science museum for you. He’d even shut off all the security cameras so the two of you don’t get caught. He’d explore all of the exhibits, talking to you about his favourite scientist, or correcting factual inaccuracies in any of the displays about things he knows off by heart. And he’d probably get all flustered and be blushing so much if you asked him a question, or gave input into something you were both passionate about. And at the end of the night, the two of you would go home and fall asleep watching a film or documentary together. 


Mikey and you would go exploring. He’d take you to all his favourite spots in the city, show you the lights and the stars from the tops of different buildings, and he’d tell you some stupid jokes about all of it. When you guys have had enough of wondering around, or if it gets too late, the pair of you will end up on the top of your building eating pizza and playing video games until the sun comes up. 

Can’t Sleep Without You (Drabble)

Donatello x reader

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You woke up slightly from your peaceful slumber and turned to your other side and reached a hand out, looking for Donnie’s…but there was no Donnie. This made you wake up even more and you sat up slowly and looked at the time while you rubbed one of your eyes. You internally groaned when you saw that the time was 2:45am and Donnie still wasn’t in bed. You assumed one of two things. Either he’s still awake to finish up a project or he fell asleep at his desk again. You walked sleepily towards his lab and silently pushed open the door to find Donnie still hunched over his work desk still working. It looked like he was working on blueprints to rebuilt the robotic arms for the van to replace the ones Mikey broke. You sighed and walked into the lab.

“Donnie…” He looked up from his blueprints and at your adorable, sleepy face. Speaking of sleepy faces, his looked like it was way past exhausted. He had dark circles and bags under his eyes and he let out a wide yawn before speaking softly. 

“Hello, my darling,” he whispered and gently grabbed your hands and rubbed them with his thumbs before bringing them to his lips for a sweet kiss. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?” he asked. You laughed softly and shook your head. 

“I was about to ask you the same question..” you said softly. Donnie had a guilty, apologetic look on his face. 

“I’m sorry, (y/n), but I just have so much work that I need to finish and - “ he paused when you suddenly just climbed into his lap and curled up in it, laying your head on his shoulder, close to the crook of his neck. “(Y/n), wha..” he was cut off by you gently shushing him.

“Since you won’t come to bed then I’m just going to sleep right here. Besides, I can’t sleep without you…” you said sleepily before letting out a cute yawn and closing your eyes. Donnie sighed and leaned back in his chair and wrapped his arms around your frame. He leaned his head on yours, his cheek pressing against the top of your head while his thumb lovingly rubbed your side. There was no way he was going to get his work done with you sleeping on his lap so he decided to carefully stand up and with you in his muscular arms, still fast asleep, he carried you to your shared bedroom and placed you under the covers before crawling in himself. He didn’t even care that he didn’t change into his sleep pants since he had just now discovered how truly exhausted and sleep deprived he was. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close, kissing your head. 

“Good night, (Y/n)..” he whispered before falling into a blissful slumber next to his love.

HAPPY #donatelloday !!!!

Hey everyone,

JAM here!

Today is the day to celebrate the day of a certain purple Nerdy Turtle Donnie ^-^! (For those who were expecting some other drawing *cough* I’m so sorry college gets busy and today’s the day of my favorite turtle since I was 12 years old XD )

I wanted to try something new style, and then came this crazy artist

(O U O)….


—-》 @srpelo




Art by me

style by @srpelo

Donatello belongs to Nickelodeon

God bless you :3