Imagine Your Favourite Turtles Reaction To Making You Laugh


Leo instantly smiling, lost in thought as he stared at that beautiful face of yours and listened to your wonderful laughter. ‘Oh god I’m so lucky… If only this moment could last forever.’

Raph smirking, instantly teasing you about that cute/awkward laugh of yours, before pecking your lips and reassuring you that he loves it. 'She has no idea how adorable that laugh is…’

Donnie’s cheeks going slightly pink before chuckling along with you, finding your laughter contagious. 'Oh no… I can’t stop laughing… and my face is starting to hurt… why did she have to laugh like that?’

Mikey smiling proudly, trying his absolute best to make you laugh like that again. 'Okay Mikey, think. You gotta make her laugh again… But that laugh tho… *sighs dreamily*’

SHIPPING NUMBER #12: ♡APRITELLO♡ OK I was SO EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT THIS ONE :D I ♡ TMNT, if you don’t know that NOW YOU KNOW >:D Ever since these two became the best friends and trust each other, etc. I couldn’t resist on shipping these two. These two know how to compliment each other, they try to support each other when they’re both down, and the chemistry is funny and cute! And Rob Paulson ships them too XD which means I ain’t alone on this and other fans! I had little time to work on this so I decided to draw them chibi style since I haven’t done it in a while (like years ago) and do it in their colors…and also I wantedto draw them today since we’ve just got a new episode of TMNT and love the new character (I want more Alopex in the future Nickelodeon!!! D: ) Also want to thank @kleptotello for adding a nice hash tag for this ship and to show art for them. I so wanted to join, now I am hope you like it (♡ w ♡) #shippingmonth #apritello #tmnt #tmnt2012 #tmntdonnie #tmntapril #apritelloday2017 Art by me Donnie and April belong to Nickelodeon God bless you :3

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“If you love me
Don’t let go
If you love me
Don’t let go

Hold on
Hold on to me
‘Cause I’m a little unsteady
A little unsteady”
— Unsteady by Ambassador X