How the turtles kiss:


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What do you think the turtles would kiss like? Sorry i’m new here and idk if you do headcanons… Nice account btw! 😊


I like to think that in public, Leonardo is the kind of guy that would peck you on the lips, or give you sweet, tongue-less kisses on occasion, but when you are in public, he is no better than his red-clad brother. He is passionate, maybe a bit rough, in all the right ways, and he knows how to make you melt, if only with his lips.


Raphael does not kiss; he makes-out. And he is the make-out king! He’ll lock lips with you wherever and whenever he pleases, and when he does it is always passionate, full of tongue and lust. He has to be careful not to go too far, or else he’ll be dragging you back to his room to continue.


Donnie is the kind of guy that does kisses on the cheek, or forehead, or nose - even when it’s just the two of you, he’ll kiss you on the lips but its always affectionate, and soft, and caring. He’s nothing like his elder bother’s, he’s not rough or domineering, he’s all love. And you can’t help but think that’s one of your favourite things about him.


Michelangelo does make out, but it’s always in a sweet, controlled way. Wherever the make-out session goes, he’s always making sure he doesn’t get carried away and make you uncomfortable. And when you aren’t devouring each other’s faces, he’ll kiss you all over your face, on your lips, wherever, because he’s cute and dorky like that.

If the turtles were characters in Riverdale:


A/N: Not requested, I am just obsessed with that show and thought this would be funny :)

Leonardo: Archie Andrews

Because they are both natural born leaders, with a need to look after those they love, as well as themselves. Also blue is totally their colour.

Raphael: Chuck Clayton

They are both easily tempered, and quick to start fights. Raph might not be as vindictive as Chuck, but I still think their short-fuse personalities are similar. As well, look at their lips <3

Donatello: Jughead Jones

Because they are both the smart, endearing friends in the group. They have similar nerdy qualities, and are both quite quiet in comparison to the rest of their friends. As well, Jughead and Donnie both view themselves as weird.

Michelangelo: Kevin Keller

They are both enthusiastic, like all of the time, and when they aren’t, you can tell. They just want to have fun, and be with their friends, while trying to find happiness wherever they can. Kevin has his sexuality that makes love not so easy, and Mikey is, well, a turtle. 

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Hey everyone,

JAM here!

Today is the day to celebrate the day of a certain purple Nerdy Turtle Donnie ^-^! (For those who were expecting some other drawing *cough* I’m so sorry college gets busy and today’s the day of my favorite turtle since I was 12 years old XD )

I wanted to try something new style, and then came this crazy artist

(O U O)….


—-》 @srpelo




Art by me

style by @srpelo

Donatello belongs to Nickelodeon

God bless you :3

You’re Home Now

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Donatello (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Have some protective and badass as fuck Donnie, because we all need a little bit of Donnie in our lives. Thanks to the nonnie who requested!! ily <3

Warnings: Swearing, kidnap, and my bad asf puns

Prompt: “How about something with ether Rapheal or Donatello where they’re in a secret relationship with y/n (his brothers don’t know y/n or about the relationship). One night they go to check out some criminal activity they find that y/n has been taken hostage in an attempt to draw out their boyfriend.”

Word count: 958

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It’d been 2 months since you and Donatello had first started dating. You’d known him for only a little over that, but as soon as you met –as cliché as it sounds- you knew what you both felt for each other was special. Fate, destiny – whatever you would call it, it brought you and your purple-masked boyfriend together, and you couldn’t thank the universe enough for that.

One fault in this loving relationship: he hadn’t told his family about you yet. Granted he was a mutant turtle, and you were a human girl, and coming out of the shadows about your relationship to a whole family of mutants needed time, and it had to be done delicately. He told you, one wrong move and you could potentially never be together again.

Midterms. The bane of your existence. You weren’t as intelligent as your brainbox boyfriend (who was?) and you needed all the help you could get. So you planned a study session before your big biology exam, which would probably turn into a make-out session. Who knows?

You had all the stuff you needed out, books, equipment, more books, snacks, and mints. Obviously.

You had waited for about an hour, Donnie was usual as punctual as he could get, considering he had to make up an excuse to his family, but an hour was late for him. Understandably, you began to worry, but your worry dispelled when you heard the familiar knock on the window. Grinning from ear to you opened your curtains and pushed the window open. No one was there? Frowning, you poked your head out to get a better look outside.

Wrong move. Your neck was gripped, and a white clothe covering your mouth. You dare not breathe in. You knew what this was. So you struggled with all your might, with your last, probably dying, breath. You hit the person, over the head with your arms, but they were grabbed as well by another pair of arms. You gasped, the feeling of the tip of a blade against your spine made your eyes widen.

Fuck no.

The people whispered ruthless threats in your ear as they tossed you out of the window and into some more arms. That’s all you felt for a while, dragging you down the fire escape before you didn’t feel anything. You didn’t see anything. Everything was numb and cold.

He searched for you for days. He got there too late. He should’ve been there to protect you. But he wasn’t. He regrets it all. Agreeing to help Mikey, agreeing to help Raph, agreeing to help Leo. He helped everyone, but you. The person he promised to protect for the rest of his life.

He scoured every rooftop, every building, all of the deserted alleyways. No sign of you.

He hacked into every camera in your area, and he would the whole city if he had to. He needed you back. He was going crazy. He was crazy without you.

Then one night, he’d finally come clean to his worried brothers, who had bombarded his control room and demanded to know what the fuck was going on. But he had no clue. For once in his life, Donatello had no idea what to do.

So he told them what had happened, he told them of your relationship and most importantly, he told them how much you meant to him.

So as a team, they searched the city. Leo gave him faith. He told his younger brother not to lose hope, because you definitely had not given up on him.

The turtle brothers still had to do their job however, and protect the city at all costs. So when they got note from April of criminal activity at the docks, the team got to work.

That’s where he found you. Hunched over a chair, passed out, bloody and bruised. Rage filled his veins.

How dare they lay a finger on you? How dare they take the love of his life away from him? He snapped. He charged recklessly, his red-banded brother following close behind.

Donatello didn’t know what he was doing, but he was not stopping until you were safely in his arms again. He would’ve been able to as well until he felt a gun to his temple. His brothers stopped, eyes widening at what they were witnessing.

“Weapons, down,” The obvious ringleader snickered at the turtle brothers. Donatello turned so the gun pointed directly at his forehead. “Now.” He ordered, staring into Donatello’s eyes.

“Do it guys.” He mumbled, narrowing his eyes at the shorter man in front of him. Pushing up his glasses, he took a step forward, dropping his Bo staff on the ground. He heard the clatter of his brothers’ weapons falling too.

This was it. The make or break moment.

“Give me the memory stick, and you can go, and so can your little broad.” His jaw clenched and his nostrils flared. He knew who they were. He stole data from their company and they came to get it back. “We know you have it with you. Give it to us, freak.”

And he did, but not before kicking the man under his feet, and tossing the gun into the water. Donnie looked around at his brothers, who had already knocked all of the other men out. Perfect. He threw the memory stick at the ringleader and gripped his collar.

“Remember what happened here before you attack the people I love again.”

With that, he took long strides towards you and picked you up.

You’re home now, [Y/N].

Bad Jokes & Sweet endings

IMAGINE After hours of finally getting his brothers busy with something so he could get some work done he sat down and started typing. Though after only mere hours the door to his lab slid open, turning around ready to snap at who ever it was he noticed you. God Donnie had been in love with you since April brought you to NYC, his frowned quickly turned into a smile. Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly he motioned for you to come in.

 “Sorry about that y/n I haven’t made much progress on this formula lately”

 “It’s okay Don, I totally understand. Your brothers said you’ve been in here for eight hours now. I figured you’d want a break?”

 “Thanks but no thanks, I’ve got work to do y/n”

 “Well how about a kit kat?”

 It took Don a minute to realize what you meant by a break, hearing you break out into laughter he just shook his head at your little joke. While you were laughing Donatello just looked at you and smiled

. “See what I mean? Kit Kat! Like the commercial! Take a break!” 

 You were so beautiful when you made jokes like that, even though they were practically terrible and he only laughed to make you happy it still made his heart flutter. Your soft eyes gazing at him as your laughter turned into a giggle and you turned to face him.

 “Whatcha staring at Donnie boy?”

 “You’re Beautiful”

 It took you a minute but before you realized what he said his lips were already on yours. Warm lips against yours, a hand snaking its way around your waist, another gently touching your face. Wrapping your arms around his neck it seemed like this moment could last forever…until

 “Hey Dudette what’s taken so long..GROSS! MY EYES MY EYES!!!!”


 You laughed as Donnie chased his youngest brother out the lab and down the hall, only for moments then he returned. You stood from where you were and walked over to him, wrapping your arms around him and giving him a soft smile.

 “Sooo where were we?”

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What If? (Pt.2)

Title: What If? (Pt.2)
Summary: You indulge yourself in a harmless passion, following a train of thought, but when Mikey catches a glimpse it may not be so harmless after all.
Author: Velcr0Kitty
Characters: Mikey x Reader
Word Count: 1488
Warnings: Angst, fluff, body image… issues? I guess?
Author’s Notes: WELCOME BACK MOTHERFUCKERS I AM CAFFEINATED :) I was gonna post this as one big fic (I had hit like 3000 words) but I decided to split this up. It keeps growing :D (I took liberty and tagged a bunch of you people)

It was three agonizing days until you saw Mikey again. According to Raph he spent most of his time in the training room, relentlessly pushing himself to several limits. When one of the others could force him out for a little while he spent all of his time in his and Raph’s room “mopin’ over that weird book.”

Splinter had approached the others expressing his concerns and, until Leo mentioned your breakdown, he had nothing.

“My child?” Splinter slowly entered your room where you were laying, sketching away. You jump and try to hide your sketchbook, throwing it behind you. He quirks an eyebrow and extends his hand, motioning for you to hand him whatever it was. It was the first time since the fight you’d even touched a pencil and it seemed that all you could draw was Mikey. So, like a little kid in trouble, you hand it over. As recognition and something akin to pride swarm his features you shrink further into yourself expecting to be reprimanded. Instead he gives you a small smile and hands it back.

“Well done. That’s a very fine piece of art.” He pauses, giving you time to start explaining on your own. You sit with your eyes closed, hoping he’ll just go away. He simply stares at you, patiently, and sits. After a few tense, silent moments, you break.

“I’msosorrySplinter, I didn’t mean any harm! I draw. I was gonna go to art school then my- and then- and I just drew Mikey, Ididn’tmeantohurthim I’m sorry!” You blurt in one breath and start crying, again. Splinter had grabbed you mid-sentence and just held you. You sobbed and cried and rambled until you could breathe again. The whole time the rat who had become a father to you patted your back and waited for you to calm down.

When you had quieted and stopped shaking Splinter lied your head on his lap, combed through your hair and slowly spoke.

“Child, you must tell me what has happened. I was worried about Michelangelo, but now I fear for you too. You must explain, if you can,” and so you did. You explained everything. Your past, how bad off you were when they found you, your crush on Mikey, that night, your idea, the drawing, all leading up to three days ago. You had to stop a few times at the more painful moments and had cried silently the whole time. Once you had finished Splinter sat silently. He drank in your words, rolling them around in his head and slowly formed a response. He does this often when spoken to so you give him time and just enjoy the comfort he provides.

“Given the circumstance, you should go to him.” As he speaks, you slowly sit up and match his gaze. “This isn’t something that can be fixed outwardly, but from the inside I believe it can heal.”



Mikey loved the feel of adrenaline coursing through him after training. It put a pep in his step until it wore off and his muscles started to ache. He figured, while he was still hype, that he’d go bug his favorite sweetheart. As he wandered towards your room he enjoyed the serenity of the lair. He could hear his brothers loudly speaking then quietly disbanding, each wandering off to their separate corners. He hears Raph’s music turn up, he hears the familiar beep of Donnie’s lab door, he hears the shower, probably Leo. His hands drift to his pockets and his mind drifts to his girl - uh, well not his girl but… god, he wanted her to be. He always knew there was something about Y/N but… lately? He couldn’t help but think of you.

He was surprised to see that you weren’t in your room, so he took the time to, well, indulge himself. He looked around your room at just how you it was. The furniture, the colors, lighting, nerd stuff littering every surface, fuck even the smell. The 19 year old’s chest tightened as he took in that smell and enjoyed the little energetic rush that spiraled from his chest, down his arms and settling low. His stomach turned over and he closed his eyes, starting to daydream. Out of a dreamy fog an image of burying his face into your hair as he held you tightly swarms him. He could almost feel your small arms trying to wrap around him and failing, but still tightening nonetheless, as well as you nuzzling into his neck. The ghostly press of a kiss or two sends another shot through his body and this one snaps him out of his dizzying day dream.

He jumps and sobers up, remembering you could walk in at anytime, and continues snooping. With his arms latched behind his back he wanders around the room. His eyes fall to something on your bed. It was a some loose papers, a couple pencils, and, near the headboard, a few peculiar books. Confusion seizes him while curiosity drives him to take a peek. He glances at the door frame, pausing to consider the morality in this situation. The little devil on his shoulder has been screeching since he saw the papers and the little angel has been rambling more than Donnie. Mikey shakes his head and turns back to the papers picking up a pile of about four. His brows furrow. His jaw drops.

The paper between his fingers showed a drawing of him and his brothers side by side. Perfectly. A low whistle escapes him. Angelcakes did this?

“It’s like a photo,” he whispers breathlessly. A gargantuan smile splits his face as he excitedly flips page after page. His brothers, Splinter meditating, him laying around, Raph and Donnie sparring. He ran out of his pile and practically dove for the others. Some of the drawings were higher quality, some merely sketches. It didn’t matter, he devoured them all with fervor. Pride swelled in him and bubbles over into small bouts of giggles. He barks a sharp laugh and covers his mouth when he finds a damn near perfect capture of Raph’s bitch-face. He grabs one of the actual sketchbooks and leans against the steel beam that comes down in the middle of your room, flipping it open.


You quietly approach the increasingly scarey curtain of beads separating you and Mikey. Splinters last words before you left the room ring in your ears.

“Of course, young one. Anything can be healed if you tend to it correctly. At the very least, you can mend the damage and lessen the blow.” You lightly chant this to yourself as you approach the archway to the shared room. Mend the damage, lessen the blow. Mend the damage… You’re met with a very grumpy Raph within the first few steps. He’s laying on the top bunk, your entrance catches his attention. The red tails of his mask flail a little as he looks at you, then snaps to Mikey for a moment (who is moping quietly in the corner, sitting on his drum kit’s stool leaning against the wall) and back again. He mouths ‘You dealing with this?’. You gave a curt, nervous nod.

“Oh, thaNK FUCK,” he groans, a little too loudly. Mikey swerves around, startled by the sudden outburst, locks eyes with you and confusion turns into a scowl. Raph slides off his bunk and moves past you, giving you two hearty good-luck-shoulder-pats on his way out. You reach out towards Raph a little as he wanders away silently yelling at him to not leave you alone. You begin to slightly tremble for the second time that day. Turning back, you find Mikey has turned around once more.

Alright. Fine. I guess it’s all on me.


Mikey had made it through 2 of your old sketchbooks before he got to a newer one (he figured they were old cause he hasn’t worn that in at least a year) and picked up on a, um, theme so-to-speak. This book was near full, the only one on the bed that was closed, and was chock full of drawings of him. Of course his family was in there but it was totally rare if he wasn’t also in the drawing. To be honest, he was too stunned that none of them even knew about this amazing talent of yours to freak out about how much of him there was.

So far his favorite was one of him casually standing, facing away from the viewer, arms crossed, relatively serious. His first thought was, of course, ‘wow,’ but then it was ‘is my ass really that nice?’ It was then he saw a cute little cartoon you in the corner with sunglasses on staring at his ass, biting her lip and making a really funny face. That one he promised himself he was gonna make a copy of whether you knew about it or not.


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Does anybody besides me watch Sheldon’s finest/craziest moments on The Big Bang Theory (such as the time he was high on coffee and kept saying “BAM,” or the ball pit scene, or the time he got drunk on accident and went to yell at Will Wheaton for how he treated Amy) and imagine Donnie as Sheldon saying those lines and doing those things?

…Just me? Okies.

Donatello x Short!Reader

“Hey y/n, can you grab me the test tubes from the cabinet?”

 Getting up from the soft couch that sat in the corner of Donnie’s lab you walked up to the drawers and rummaged through them until you realized just what cabinet he meant. Now it wasn’t that you were afraid of the cabinet in question it was just that you were quite short and the cabinet was quite high. Dragging over the step stool that your boyfriend had so lovingly gifted to you this Christmas, you stood on your tip toes and stretched your arms as far as you could. Just as you thought! You still couldn’t reach, letting out a defeated sigh you turned back around and put your hands on your hips.

 “Donnie! Can you give me a lift…?”

 “What? Oh, *laughs* Sorry babe”

 He stood from his desk and wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you to sit on his shoulders. There was maybe a small chance you could of actually reached the top shelf but what was better then your current situation? Donnie hadn’t had much time for you in the past two days and you knew he was working hard but he needed a break. You grabbed the vials and smiled down at him, 

“So this is what being tall feels like!”

 “Well I’ve got a pretty good view of the world below”


Donnie lifted you off his shoulders and set the vials down on the counter as he pressed a kiss to your forehead and took you in his arms again, 

 “When I look down I see you y/n and just how beautiful you are, I look down and see my whole world smiling up at me” 

A blush crept across your face and you leapt up and wrapped your arms around his neck, the sudden burst of energy causing you to knock Donnie on his shell. That didn’t stop him from placing his hands on the small of your back and keeping you right where you were. The kiss broke and he smiled up at you,

 “I love you princess, though I do need to get back to work”

 “Can’t you work on me Don?”

 His eyes went as wide as dinner plates as a red blush crossed his face, you tried desperately to cover up the laughter that bubbled up, 

“I’m joking Donatello! There’s the dork I know and love!”

 “Geez You’re such a handful y/n….literally”

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I love this turtle boy too much 🤤 y'all know Donnie always comes first but who’s next?

Summary: You show up at the lair, being all flirty with Donnie and he’s all “omg get away from me you’ve been hanging out with that dude for like three days”

Donatello typed away at his keyboard, the only noise in the lair coming from the clicks under his fingers. His brothers were sound asleep, while he was staying up trying to figure out how to get their ventilation system to run better. Avoiding the creeping thoughts of [Y/N] with her professor, supposedly writing her freshman thesis. Donnie rolled his eyes,
“What a bunch of baloney.” He huffed to himself.
“What’s wrong with baloney?” Donnie jumped at [Y/N’s] voice. She stood at his doorway, spinning a set of keys around her finger. A black coat reached her thighs, her black boots clicking as she sauntered towards Donnie. She sat on his keyboard, he winced at all the crunching underneath her. He was quickly distracted by the small show of skin between her coat and her boots. He gulped. “So is this why you’ve been ignoring me?” She said nodding her head towards the computer. He suddenly remembered he was angry, angry at her. He shook himself out of her spell, standing up out of his chair desperate to put some distance in between them.
“I’ve been busy.” He responded quietly, finding some papers to shuffle.
“So have I,” she said, raising an eyebrow. “And I still made time for you, Donatello.” He scoffed.
“Oh like yesterday when you canceled our date night for the second week in a row.” He said, turning around, sticking two giant fingers into her face.
“I told you I had to work on my thesis,” she raised her voice, pushing away his hand. “My professor was nice enough to help me.”
“That’s the issue,” Donnie lowered his voice. She was confused.
“What do you mean?”
“I think we should break up.” He blurted. Her tough demeanor suddenly broken, tears immediately welling in her eyes. Donnie looked at her face, wishing he could reel those words back into his mouth. “I-uh-you heard me.” He stuttered. As much as he cared about her… as much as he loved her. [Y/N] tried to speak, choking on her own words.
“Why?” She uttered. Donatello could see the hurt in her face. He wanted to scoop her up and apologize for ever hurting her, but he knew he was holding her back, he knew he had to let her go. He looked down, trying not to cry.
“I know that you’ll be better off without me,” he sniffed softly. “An interspecies relationship,” he shrugged. “it was bound to fail at some point.” [Y/N] shoved him, forcing him to look at her.
“Don’t you think I get to make that decision?” She yelled, tears streaming down her face. “It’s my choice donnie, and I chose you! Is it really that hard to believe?” Donnie was drowning behind his words, he felt as if he didn’t deserve to be around anyone. He would just go back to working on his gadgets and pretend this never happened.
“Who dresses like that to go see their professor anyway?” He retaliated with the only thing he could think of.
“First of all, I can wear whatever I want, it’s not an invitation to sleep with me,” she bared her teeth. “Second of all, I’m dressed like this for you,” she shoved him, tears starting to stain her face. “You big jerk!” She undid her jacket, revealing pale pink lingerie, a veil hung over her stomach, leading to soft pink underwear. Donnie gasped. “But I guess we’re over now?” She said flinging her jacket closed. “Because you don’t trust me around other men?” She stepped towards him, taking his hands in hers, and lowering her voice.
“Donnie I love you,” his eyes widened with surprise. “And I’ve never said anything until now because I was scared but I love you.” He watched her eyes glimmer, tears stained her face, her hair was messy, and she was still beautiful. A wave of guilt flooded over Donatello.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered. “I’m just scared.” She pressed his hands against her chest. “I love you too, so much.” He kissed her hands, trailing kisses up her arms. “Im sorry, I just thought you would be happier without me.” She chuckled.
“Donnie you have made me happier then I’ve ever been.” He kissed her, suddenly but perfectly. His worries faded with her kiss, his head feeling as light as a feather. She pressed her forehead against his, reveling in the silence.
“So can we talk about that lingerie?” He asked. She playfully pushed him.