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I said I was going to make an official post for this so here we go:

Moms raising an autistic baby that has issues with eating. His longest hunger strike was 5 days and involved doctor intervention.

They live were I grew up: Appalachia. Because of this, they only receive limited help. There is no occupation therapist in the three neighboring counties, so mom is trying to work with him the best she knows how.

Recently he has become obsessed with ninja turtles. He has since began to eat things with ninja turtles on them! We’ve found ninja turtle man n cheese, and ninja turtle yogurt. And so far he survived on that, milk, and water. (Some days nothing at all)

So this is where you come in. I’m not asking for money. I’m asking for information. If you know of ANY good product with ninja turtles on them please tell me! I know they are sort of big right now with the nickelodeon show and all so I’m hoping you guys have seen products that I have not seen because of my geographical location.

please help us get this little boy to eat! Message me or reblog if you know any ninja turtle food products!