Now I will be honest, I love Alycia to pieces but I thought maybe she was okay with this decision. Cause FTWD is getting big and getting a lot of episodes and she is only human. We cannot all be Tatiana Maslany, you know?
But she is such a sweetheart, the show gets 15 episodes, 9 episodes more than season 1, which means at least double of screen time but she still said she wouldn’t leave The 100, that she would try. That’s some scary shit right there, imagine from Vancouver, to Mexico and then home to Australia, this girl would go to literally 3 corners of the world map and not abandon Lexa and JRotten has the fucking nerve to blame her?? Just because she is too much of a cinnamon roll to fucking call him out on his bullshit?
Just when you think you can’t hate a guy more, turns out he’s been throwing your fave under the bus for no reason.