Imagine being super flexible and absent mindedly doing it in front of the company and they freak out

You: *puts your feet to the back of your shoulders*


 Oin: the lass is hurt move aside ye great oaf!

 You: No I’m fine I can do this naturally. See *does weird contortionist stuff* 

Thorin : I will literally pay you ten gold coins to stop that and never do it in my presence again.

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Imagine having such effective puppy dog eyes they even work on Thorin, Dwalin, and Thranduil, but Bard is totally immune to it.

You: please?
Thranduil, Thorin, and Dwalin : *internally* fuck.
Bard : No. *gives thranduil a disapproving look of, “ho don’t do it”*
You : *gives the other three a teary eyed look*
Thorin : FUCKING FINE! JUST DON’T CRY….please lass I couldn’t bear those tears.
Thranduil : ugh…fine just go do the thing
Dwalin : I’ll go get her the thing
Bard : *judging them all so hard* all of you are weak.

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