Attempted the since I saw lots on my feed yesterday for day 4 of @beachyogagirl ’s making progress! Glad I tried!
by norsoraya via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/hiOqiGtv6f/


Fiona checking my lines in Tittibhasana/Firefly pose. Finally able to straighten my legs, now working on getting them higher to the armpits. This asana strengthens the core and arms, improves balance and flexibility in the legs, back and groin area.

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Firefly Pose, otherwise known as Tittibhasana, requires both strength (core and arm) and flexibility (hip and hamstring).  It helps to improve balance, strengthen the wrists and stretches the inner groin.  One helpful tip I’ve discovered is to squeeze your legs around your shoulders while straightening them at the same time. 

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