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Rutilated quartz sphere, polished


In the March issue of Materials World, we write about nanotube-covered titanium that could be used as blood-repellent medical implants. This can be used as clot-resistant surgical implants, described by Dr Arun Kota as ‘the Holy Grail of the medical device industry.’

I’m reminded of a previous demonstration of tuneable superomniphobic surfaces from Kota back in 2014. Again working with titanium, the coating is able to trap certain low surface tension liquids on a variable scale. Also, it looks kinda cool.

Some Fun Facts About Titanium!

Apparently, titanium scratches up super easily, which is why we don’t recommend rings made out of it to guys who do lots of work with their hands.

Now assuming that Zane is made of the same kind of refined titanium that our rings are (which is highly likely with how shiny he is), then he must have and get dinged up pretty regularly. I mean, he’s a ninja and on top of that uses super sharp throwing weapons!

So while everyone’s freaking out over the new scratch marks on his face, I’m over here like “Meh, he probably got it while training”.

Also, the kind of titanium we have has a light pink sheen to it.

Meaning, Zane could have the cutest pink-ish glisten to him when in direct light! ^o^

(Guess he still is ‘the Pink ninja’ after all!)