Bruh but like seriously. I just appreciate these two so much. So so much.

Moving Day

~I wondered what the first moving day would be like with Beca and Chloe. After seeing those zoomed in pictures of the boxes reading, “Bloe”, it became clear that they would be moving in together. Hopefully, it would go something like this!~ :)


Beca sighed in exhaustion as she dropped the final moving box in her new apartment. Trying to catch her breath from her trek up the stairs, she sat down on one of the other thousand cardboard boxes.

“Remind me again, why I’m doing all the heavy lifting?” She said between heavy breaths.

“Because I have a better eye for decor… duh…” Chloe hopped down from her step ladder. Her red curls bouncing when she landed.

“But you haven’t unpacked anything!” Beca threw her hands up and surveyed the room.

“Yes I have!” Her new roommate pointed to a picture hanging by the door.

“Wow, my bad.” The DJ sarcastically apologized. Chloe picked up her pillow, sitting on top of one of the boxes, and threw it at the smart ass.

“Shut up.” Beca caught the feather filled head cushion, laughing. A giggling Chloe hopped up onto the kitchen counter.

“Where should we start?” Beca stood up and rolled her sleeves.

“How about… with a celebratory drink.” The redhead winked, as she grabbed two beers from the fridge.

“One. Then I think we should start with the main room.” Beca took the glass from the outreached hand. Taking a sip, she took a seat next to Chloe on the counter top.

They discussed ways to align furniture and even some roommate guidelines.

“No watching Game of Thrones without the other one present.” Beca took another sip of her beer.

“No going to the store without asking the other what she wants as well.” Chloe added.

“If you have a boy over put a sock on your doorknob.”

“Really? Are we back in college?” Chloe teased.

“It’s a good rule!”

“What if it’s not a boy” Chloe smirked.

“it still applies.”

“Whatever.” Downing the last sip, Chloe jumped down and opened the box titled, ‘Living Room’. “Well, are you gonna sit there and admire the view or are you gonna help me?”

“I don’t know the views pretty good.” Setting her beer down, Beca went to join in the unpacking. Halfway through the first box, she stopped.

“Shouldn’t we get the couch and TV where we want before we start getting all this stuff out?”

“I guess so.” Chloe set down her lamp and went to one end of the couch. Beca got on the other. On the count of three the two skinny girls lifted the heavy piece of furniture and placed it facing the main wall.


After their hundredth adjustment, Beca flopped down on the couch, drenched in sweat.

“Maybe it would look better–.” 

“No! No, no no! It looks fine here! It looks better than fine it looks fantastic!” Beca grabbed Chloe’s wrist and mustered her best puppy dog pout.

“Please don’t make me movie it AGAIN.”

“Fine. Now, let’s start getting the pictures, nightstand, throw pillows, etc into position.” Chloe grabbed the lamp she was holding earlier and set it by the nightstand.

Beca rolled off the couch, groaning. Moving is frustrating.

“We should’ve had all the Bellas come and help us…”

“But, we’re bonding.” Chloe gave another wink to the tired brunette. Her eyes still sparkling, not seeming exhausted at all.


Eventually, Beca had found her speakers and put on some music while they worked. Both of them stopped and smiled when a familiar tune came over the system.

You shout it out, but I can’t hear a word you say…”

Instantly, they broke out into song.

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose! Fire Away! Fire Away!” 

Chloe took her favorite blanket and started swaying it through the air. Beca hopped up down, singing on the top of her lungs. Wrapping the soft material around the dancing DJ, Chloe pulled Beca closer to her. They both started to laugh hysterically but then the clumsy redhead lost her balance and fell backwards onto the couch, bringing the petite brunette with her. The fall only made things more hilarious, so they continued to laugh their asses off. When the song stopped they just laid there on the couch, smiling about their recent dance session. Beca rolled over to face Chloe, their faces only centimeters apart.

“Let’s always be this fun.”

“Beca, us as roommates, when wouldn’t we be fun?”

Beca’s denim blue eyes drifted to Chloe’s shiny lips, formed in a big smile. Of course, Chloe noticed, but she didn’t want to say anything that would make the younger Bella freak out about their new living situation.

“Maybe, you could finally do that experimenting you’ve been wanting to do.”

Chloe’s mouth gaped open. Did she really just say what she thinks she said? With a small smirk across her lips, Beca winked at the surprised ginger and went back to unpacking.

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