This fictional advertising campaign is a dystopian take on a future with room only for those able to afford their own body parts. The campaign idea and the products have all been designed and illustrated by Chantal Sherif, with art direction from Tarek Abdelkawi.
  I used olympic athletes as an inspiration and a metaphor for physical superiority in the posters, and I translated sports and movements into organs.


Magic Aura Quartz 💜 the process used to create these– magnetron ionization – occurs in nature as the aurora borealis~*~:*) Resulting brilliant colors and rainbow sheen are due to optical interference created by permanently bonding a careful mix of metals (titanium, bismuth, silicone, zircon, etc) to the surface of naturally formed clear quartz crystals. This is the same optical phenomenon that brightens peacock feathers and creates an oil film on water ✨🌈💎

Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Bechloe/Barden Bellas
  • Pitch Perfect

SO I just made this because I thought these two songs go together really well and they’re both perfect for our girls

it’s super super rough - I made it with Audacity >_< Will make a better version later when I have all the equipments :D

UPDATE (June 28th):

I edited the track a little to fix some parts that were offbeat. And since some of you have been asking for a download link, here it is. Thank you again SO much for listening! The responses to this have been absolutely amazing, I kinda can’t believe it :’)

Today’s pet peeve: when a thing in a story is described as super-strong because it’s made of titanium.

(To elaborate, titanium is actually weaker than steel by a fair margin. Its primary virtue as a structural material is that it’s extraordinarily strong for a low-density metal; or, in other words, it’s very light relative to how much structural strength it brings to the table. That’s why it’s used in aerospace applications, where every ounce counts. Strong for its weight doesn’t mean strong in absolute terms, though. You absolutely wouldn’t make personal armour out of the stuff - that’d be like making armour out of aluminum.)

Thunder Bird Hills Thursday: The Dead Tracks

The next adventure of the Thunder Bird Hills was spent exploring the eerie dis-used train line of Takedao Hyogo…

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