the Titanic musicians

"I don’t suppose he waited to be sent for, but after finding how dangerous the situation was, he probably called his men together and began playing. I know that he [bandmaster Wallace Hartley] often said that music was a bigger weapon for stopping disorder than anything on earth. He knew the value of the weapon he had, and I think he proved his point."




THE REVEAL - Digital Archaeology at its finest!

In our work in recreating the Titanic for Titanic: Honor and Glory, we’ve had to look very closely at historical photos, especially those of Titanic. In doing so, we occasionally notice something most others might not have before. One particular detail nobody (to our knowledge) seems to have picked up on before is the design of the bulkhead between the First Class Dining Saloon and Reception Room, a detail just barely visible in the background of the only known photo of Titanic’s Dining Saloon. It’s something that’s been under everybody’s noses for over a century, apparently unseen until now. Watch our video to find out what that detail is, our interpretation, and its implications.

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