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I have to ask you an opinionù


Which one of these versions of “My heart will go on” is more emotional?

now see
in the flute cover
you can see the effort that theartist has gone through to convey the emotional experience
their sense of loss, moving on, and hope
as they travel around the country
the expression is wonderful, as is the breaking of the flute, which expresses their broken heart

but the second picture pulls off just as much with a moreminimalist vibe
the photo of leonardo dicaprio being caressed by a longing hand tells us as much as we need to know about the player
unfortunately the more cheery tone of the kazoo sort of loses a sense of emotion as it is difficult to play a kazoo well or badly
and it makes us wonder if they are caressing dicaprio out of excited desire or sad longing
but this allows us to take our own interpretation!!!!!
finally rick astley’s cover  does not have showy travelling around the country, but he shows us all his work and uses interpretive dance to convey his loss

You mean


So, the real question is
Which one is the most emotional?
Which one makes you cry the most?

rick astley’s cover brings a sense of nostalgic emotion along with a number of other feelings, a mixed bag, rather than the basic loss of the flute or the two-tier emotion of the kazoo
so if you are looking for complexity his is the way to go
if you are looking for a more basic experience then the kazoo is your man
if you want a core emotion to be focused on, then the flute expresses that well
the flute and kazoo however largely depend on their nature as videos to cause the emotion
whereas just HEARING Rick Astley’s voice will cause a bubble of intense feelings

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