Taken King Builds: The Undying Sun

The Sunbreaker subclass for the Titan is another fantastic addition to the game. A quick look at the perks that are available to you starts to scream something at me. I CAN’T BE KILLED. In fact the Sunbreaker subclass might be the tankiest one available to Titans. Even sturdier than the Defender class. Let’s face it Defender is just bad.

This build is centered around being the last one standing in a sea of fire that you created. This build is great for high speed game types like Clash as well as objective based modes such as Control as the amount of area denial you have available is possibly without compare.

Please be aware that all info comes from the Destiny wiki and as TTK has not been released yet this info is liable to change.



  • Thermite Grenade: Grenade explosion sends forward a burning line of fire. 

Melee Override:

  • Sunstrike: Ignite your enemies with a heavy solar strike. 
    • Modifier - Fulminator: Your Sunstrike melee releases a Solar explosion on hit, igniting enemies within the blast. Kills create a sunspot around you.


  • Hammer of Sol: Summon a flaming hammer and wreak destruction down upon your enemies. 
    • Modifier - Conflagration: Ignite the world, creating Sunspots where your Hammer of Sol impacts.

Ability Modifier 1:

  • Fire Keeper: Hammer of Sol lasts longer and you gain an overshield while standing near a Sunspot. 

Ability Modifier 2:

  • Cauterize: Enemies brought down by your fire regenerate your health

The build hinges on the application of sunspots. Both your melee override and your Ultimate make sunspots on demand. Your ultimate ability will allow you to position your sunspots where and when you need them. Doing this means you have an overshield on demand making you a horrifying juggernaut running around with a flaming hammer, twatting people (British slang for hitting someone in the face). Oh and if you find yourself getting hurt you can just murder someone with your hammer to regenerate your health back. From up close or a far, great…The Sunspots also work as area denial as does the Thermite Grenade making the Sunbreaker really useful in objective based games. This build is a good all rounder which will be applicable in any game type honestly. It’s a tanky bastard that just wont go down.

I’m not sure if walking to a new sunspot will reset the shield to max at this time. Would be fun to see a hopscotch line of pain and misery though

I have found this online. It seems to be a 3D picture of a ghost. I do not have any red&cyan glasses with me at the moment; so i cabnot confirm if it really adds any depth or not.
Can anyone confirm?

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