here’s some body positive reminders for u cutie buns!!

  • u a lil chubby??? amazing!!! u r so cute!!!
  • u a lot chubby???? beautiful!!! ur cute af!!!
  • u not so much chubby??? lovely!!! ur a cutie pie too!!!
  • have a body that’s a bit out of proportion or in between sizes??? incredible!! u r unique and super frickin cute!!!
  • have any sorts of scars??? that’s ok!!! they are not flaws!! it’s proof that u have lived thru and survived something tough!!! u can fight whatever life throws at u!!! ur so  cute and tough!! 
  • have stretch marks???? stunning!! look at u and ur beautiful tiger stripes!!! ur lil lightning bolts!! heck yes!!
  • have acne?? u guessed it, ur still super frickin’ cute!!! acne does not change ur value!!! it is out of ur control do not let anyone make u feel bad about it!!
  • literally u r cute no matter what ok i love u
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Peter Parker Mini Series

dis be part 4!!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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You stood at the Parkers kitchen counter, fixing yourself some breakfast. Last night, you, May, and Peter were binge-watching some movies and it got late, so May had you stay over. Peter gave you one of his school gym shirts and an old pair of pajama shorts. He laughed for a solid hour when you turned brighter than a tomato when he shoved the garments in your hand.

Peter went out god knows where and May had an early shift at work, so it was just you in the apartment. You grabbed your bowl of froot loops and walked over to the kitchen table.

Just as you shoved a spoonful in your mouth, there was a knock at the door.

“(Y/N)? Are you still here?” Peter yelled.

“Yup!” You yelled back, milk dribbling down your chin.

“Can I come in?”

“Peter, this is your apartment. Why do you need my permission?” You laughed, eating some more cereal.

“I’m trying to be dramatic! Now can you please open the door?”

“What the hell is going on?” You asked, climbing out of the chair and stomping to the door.

You placed your hand on the brass knob and pulled, yanking the door open. You didn’t even get a chance to say anything before Peters lips were on yours. He caught you extremely off guard, and you almost fell over before he snaked his hands around your waist and pulled you into him, never breaking the kiss. You stood there, utterly stunned, until you regained your composure and pulled away.

“Peter, we can’t. Not when you’re with Mary Jane,” You huffed, trying to catch your breath.

Peter bent down and pressed his forehead against yours, “I broke up with her.”

“What?” You asked, your breathing still heavy.

“I’m an idiot, (Y/N), a complete and utter idiot. I don’t like Mary Jane, I like you.” He announced, rubbing his thumb across your cheek.

“What?” You asked again, unable to comprehend what was going on.

Peter took a deep breath, “I like the way you crinkle your nose when I call you funny nicknames,” He began, leaning over and kissing the tip of your nose, “I like the way your eyes light up when you laugh,” He pulled a risky move and ducked his head so he could kiss your neck, “I like the way you always put me in my place when you know I’m wrong,” He kissed your forehead, “I like the way you look in my clothes,” He smirked, grabbing your hand and placing a kiss on your palm, “And most of all, I like the way that I’m hopelessly and completely in love with you.” He pronounced, burying his face into your neck.

You nearly vomited from excessive happiness. Everything you dreamed of for months was happening.

“Peter,” You mumbled, “that was, that was amazing. Do you know how long I waited to hear that?”

Peter pulled back, “I know, like I said, I’m a fucking idiot. I thought I liked Mary Jane, I really did. But after that date, and the way we were in the store, I realized that I didn’t like her, I liked the idea of her. But she can never compare to the way you are, to the way we are.”

“Peter, if you don’t stop professing your love, I might throw up on your shoes.”

He tightened his arms around you waist and threw his head back with laughter, “I hope that’s your way of telling me you love me back.”

Your eyes nearly bulged out of your head, “Of course I do!”

“Good,” he smirked, hovering his lips over yours, “You and me, tonight, that fancy Italian restaurant down the street.”

“It’s a date,” You smiled, cupping his face with your hands, “Now would you kiss me again, you fork?”


summary: phil’s ace and can’t help but feel like he’s broken

genre: angst, but there is fluff at the end

warnings: identity crisis kind of

word count: 1000 exactly (i swear i’m some kind of wizard this is amazing)

a/n: i really really really like holly

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Options and a brief hiatus...

After the hell that was Christmas back home, 2 of my favorite people are coming to visit me tomorrow so I’ll be taking a little break from writing while they stay with me!

So! Choices!

Plan A: I can post I’ll Be Good 19 tonight and try to finish writing it ALL - like series done, tied in a bow - so I can queue it to post at least 20, and maybe everything.

Plan B: I can post I’ll Be Good 19 tonight and write the next Mirror For The Sun to post tomorrow.

Just know IBG is nothing but cliffhangers for at least 2 parts.

So A or B?


Merry Christmas from Tsukiyama the Red Nosed Ghoul Reindeer!!! (and for some reason he’s tied up in lights!) I originally made the one on the left but then decided to turn it into a little gif last minute. Both are transparent!

Inspired by the icon I’ve been using on my personal blog for all of December: