Question meme you won’t be seeing for awhile since I’m queueing this

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1. What is your favorite season and why (NOT anime)?

Summer. I hate school.

2. Now what’s your favorite anime season?

Uh I dunno. The Ancient Egypt Arc for the Original Yu-Gi-Oh series. Atem lookin’ finnnnnnne

3. Anime or manga?

Manga. Always much more in depth than the anime adaptions. 

4. What kind of video games do you like (fighter, RPG, shooters, etc.)?


5. What is your least favorite anime/manga?

Mmm… One Piece. Stop. Just stop. Right now. Right now. You’ve been going on for too long. You need rest. You’ve become a slave to Capitalism.

6. Who is a character that you strongly admire?

Daym son. It’s probably… you guess it. Yuri Lowell. He’s everything I’m not. Sure I might not want to partake in vigilante justice but everything else-

7. Who do you have a crush on in a series, if at all?


8. What is your favorite opening sequence to either an anime or game?

I wanna be the white white light bro. Na na na na na na na na na na naaaaaa [Tales of Zesty]

9. What types of characters tend to be your favorite?

Usually the cinnamon buns. Like Sorey from Zesty and Morgan from Fire Emblem Awakening

10. How often do you play video games?

They’re my life. LOL

11. What got you into your favorite series?

Shit. The tales Series? It was definitely Vespy. Sure DOTNW and Abyss were good but I liked Vesperia far more since I related to Yuri Lowell so much.

My 11 questions:

1. Favorite poster you own [take a picture of it or describe it]

2. Favourite piece of official merchandise you own?

3. Favorite console?

4. What’s your favourite part of roleplaying games?

5. Favourite convention?

6. Favourite novel protagonists?

7. Favourite movie?

8. Are you a beach or a forest person?

9. Pet person?

10. Sour or sweet?

11. Got a stuffed animal story?

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2015 Highlight Reel you won’t see for a awhile since I’m queueing this

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Well holy moly guacamole. I don’t even remember like ¾ of 2015 but I’ll state what I remember.

Got my PS4 and New!3DS. Why are these highlights well- I literally got the PS4 just to justify getting the Collector’s Edition for Zesty and the New!3DS was so I can finally get DLC on 3DS games because my regular 3DS was a mistake.

I got tons of new con friends. Unfortunately they’re mostly on instagram and I’m lazy and it’s like 11 pm right now so tumblr friends you know who you are.

I finally started taking cosplay seriously this year. I learned how to apply basic make up and how to put in contact lenses. I also set my sights on Leon which carries over into 2016.

Room got remodeled and neater.

Zestiria came out. Yep. Mhm.

Got into fire emblem series. Currently crying over how expensive the merch is. Crying about Chrom not in smash.

Oh yeah, smash 4 became like a big part of my life but not big enough to be an everyday stresser.

Um… that’s it. Oh and I became Chrobin trash. Yep. that’s my 2015. Oh and I got my first job.

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