dawnuchiha  asked:

Do you have any tips for writing a rivalry between characters?

Writing a Rivalry

1) Keep a consistent reason. There will be a reason why they’re constantly pitting themselves against each other, and you want to make sure that’s addressed and that you keep the story straight. Whether they have the same goal, one wronged the other, or just enjoy competition, readers need to know what that reason is.

2) Have it be an actual competition. Some rivalries consist of one character constantly looking to surpass the other, but can never get anywhere close. That’s not very exciting, in my opinion. If you have the characters becoming better than one another and then having to grow again in order to beat the other, you’re not only going to have room for character growth but a less predictable story.

3) Don’t feel the need to make them hate each other. There’s always this stereotype of rivals hating each other and never stopping. You don’t have to do this. You can have them do their best to destroy each other in whatever they wish to compete over, but they can be good friends or indifferent when not doing the thing. They can hate each other if you’d like, but it isn’t necessary just because they’re rivals.

a-double-n-i  asked:

Any advice on writing training sequences? Thank you!!!

Hiya! Thanks for your question! Action scenes can be tough, but also fun to write.

Here’s the thing, training sequences are a visual gimmick. They don’t really work well in written form. I would suggest writing a few training scenes and sprinkling them throughout the story. But if you want to create the feel of a montage, write a paragraph or two about how time is passing while training, detailing a few of what is learned, but keep it concise.

If you choose to write several training scenes, here are some quick tips:

Make the scene relevant – Every scene in a story needs to have a purpose. A plotless scene or a scene where there’s no development can really make a story drag on. Do characters grow closer while they train? Is there foreshadowing for an event later in the story? Is a key plot point revealed? Use the scene to describe your characters’ fighting strategies. How a person fights can say a lot about them. If it’s magic training, use the scene to describe the limitations of magic or to introduce a new special ability.

Make the action match the mood – Are the characters casually talking? Then they should be doing light work, like stretching or prepping equipment. Is a character going through an emotional struggle? Then they should be running at high speeds or aggressively punching or sparring with a partner.

Describe the consequences – When someone works out, they’re likely to be sore afterward, especially if they’re new to training, and it’s really intense. At the very least they’ll be exhausted from it. Training should be hard, if there’s no conflict, your character can come off as perfect and bland. Make sure you remember to detail how the character feels after the training is done, emotionally and physically. Maybe even remark on how the character feels about training in general. Do they like it? Or do they never want to step foot in a gym again?

Describe the progress – Detail if your characters are getting stronger, or if they’re mastering some new ability. Don’t forget about character development. Your characters should be gaining something from training. Are they more disciplined? Are they more/less aggressive? Have they resolved any personal conflict by “punching it out”?

Thanks again for your question! If you need help with anything else, feel free to send in another ask! Happy writing!

- Mod Kellie

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

『08.18.17』- 《32/100》

These are the trig notes I tried to post but there was a problem in the process >.< I attempted to make that popular header style I see in a lot of studyblrs, and I think it turned out to be pretty decent :3

「Quick tip: In studying math, it’s best to write out in words the process of solving something with a formula. This increases your understanding of the problems~」

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hi momma, i wanna ask my stepdad if i can call him dad. currently i just call him his name, but ive cut my bio dad out of my life because hes abusive around christmas and i feel like its time. the thing is, im really scared that hell say no, or my mom will say no, and i just dont know how to ask and im scared ill be too scared to actually call him dad. do yall have any tips or advice or anything? thank you

Write a card. Buy a card and write a letter about how you feel. Talk about how much your bio dad has hurt you, and how much it means to you to have a good role model and friend in your life. 

If you want, test it out by talking to your mother first. Text her or show her the card. I’m not she wouldn’t have a problem with it, so let her be your first step.

-Lou the Lobster


Happy Fursuit Friday, everybody! :D Whether you’re a new furry, or have been one for awhile, here are some of my favorite tips for people who want to get more involved in the fandom!

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I was wondering if you could help me! Im writing this story about these 8 kids with superpowers but I'm having a lot of trouble finding the motivation for the main bad guy besides just "he wants to kill all supernaturals" and stuff on that line. Could you help me? Thanks!

The Villain’s Motivation

Your villain’s motivation will display what kind of person he truly is; whether he’s psychotic, hateful, or chaotic. If you did decide he wants to kill them all, there’s likely a reasoning behind that which will help you develop his character more. You have a few different options, such as:

1) The Emperor. This sort of villain’s primary focus is undisputed power. If he wants to rid of something, it’s because it could be a threat to his reign (be that over a city, a group of people, or something else). He wants to remove anything that could possibly be a threat or a nuisance. If that means killing a bunch of kids with superpowers, that’s fine with him.

2) The Paranoid. This sort of villain fears what may happen if the perceived threat stays around. He either fears being removed from power, the end of the world as he knows it, or something more. In order to cope with that fear, he decides that the removal of that fear is the only way to get past it. He’s hellbent on achieving his goal, because he only grows more paranoid when the longer the threat is still at large.

3) The Pure Evil. This sort of villain doesn’t really have a true motivation at all. This villain acts simply because he can and no one opposes him (or those who do are crushed mercilessly). He has little to no moral guard and is volatile and unpredictable. He wants to destroy for destruction’s sake, and finds joy in what he does.

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Tips to walk like those runway models?

Walk with your shoulders back, and one foot right in front of the other. Long strides look best, and your back should be as straight as possible. Honestly watch old seasons of Americas Next Top Model, because Tyra always gives runway advice. Make sure to tone it down when you’re in public though, otherwise you would look out of place, and too exaggerated.

Tips for New Studyblrs

Hey there! I was asked for some tips/advice I could give to a new studyblr so I decided to try and make my first guide! I am a fairly new studyblr myself too, so these are some things I learned to do/wish I did more when I first started out here.

  • Introduce yourself - After making your blog, you should make a post about yourself, introducing you and your blog to the studyblr community. It’s good to include your name, what classes you are taking, interests, and what your studyblr will be for. I’d also suggest mentioning (@) studyblrs that inspired you. Mentioning them will help get the post spread around for more people to see, and it’s always nice to thank the people that inspired you! You should tag the introduction post #new studyblr and #studyblr.
  • Get yourself out there - Interact with other blogs, follow them, message them, send them asks. If you’re shy, try to overcome that because most studyblrs are very nice people!
  • Post original content - Now this is something I should be doing more, but try to make your own posts. Posts can be pictures of notes, bullet journals, or things you use while studying. They can also be text posts, giving tips and advice (like this!) or a masterpost of resources. Making original content also gives you more recognition so when people see your url, they’ll go ‘that’s the blog that wrote good advice for writing essays!’ or ‘that blog’s bullet journal is amazing, it inspired me to make my own!’ Some starting tags are #studyblr, #studyspo, #bujo.
  • Your studyblr is your studyblr - This means that you can do what you feel comfortable doing. Remember a studyblr should be something that increases your productivity so do what helps you stay on track! Customize it and make it your own.

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I get a lot of gender dysphoria when it comes to t-shirts, I tend to wear another layer or 2 over a t-shirt to feel comfortable with my chest. Where I am summer is coming up and I want to try going layerless, any tips or advice to feel more comfortable???

Kai says:

same! I typically wear a thick cotton tshirt (you know, the thicker material) with a chest design on it. for example, a college tshirt will have a large logo across the chest, etc. A lot of graphic tees have designs over them as well, and this helps me hide my chest and make it less noticeable, as there’s a pattern or something to break up the shape of my chest, if you know what i mean.

typically you can find these kinds of shirts at places like Hot Topic, online designs / fandom merchandise, and for me school tshirts often have designs and are thicker cotton

Alternatively, I find wearing an undershirt style tank top under any shirt makes me feel more comfortable about my chest, so then it’s just 2 lightweight layers rather than a tshirt and a jacket, which could be thicker and hotter and not have short sleeves

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a dilemma. I have a character in a story that I'm writing who is queer, and there are two ways I can go with this. Should I have her parents be accepting or unaccepting? The plot could thicken more if I made them unaccepting as it could bring certain characters closer, and it could create some tension between her siblings and parents. However, it could also provide some interesting and funny plot points as her parents could try and get into her love and personal life?

I’m going to give my personal opinion here rather than something more professional, if you don’t mind. As someone who’s LGBT and whose friends are primarily LGBT, I’d personally prefer queer characters who have positive family lives. As much as there are plenty of people who do struggle with acceptance, I personally like to advocate for writing LGBTQ+ characters who fundamentally serve the same role in a story as any other character. Rather than stories about the gay struggle, I’d like to see more out there about just the character’s struggle (who also just happens to be gay).

Obviously, I don’t know what the plot of your story is and what would be best for you. I personally go by a rule of thumb that I don’t write stories about the struggle of being an out-group unless I am part of that out-group. (I’m not aware if you are or aren’t, but I’m just putting that out there.) You can write whatever you want, however you want and that’s completely fine! Don’t feel pressured to decide one way or another. These are just my opinions.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a new sugar baby, and I don't want to have sex as part of my sugaring. What would be the highest amount I should charge per meet?

Anyone who comes to me about platonic sugaring just makes it so obvious that you haven’t done your research. Platonic sugaring isn’t really a thing. The point of sugaring is that you’re basically dating him. He gets to date (and have sex with) a pretty young woman, and in return you get gifts and an allowance. After a few meets, he’s going to want sex. I’ve never come across a SD who wasn’t interested in sex. It’s possible to find one, but not likely. I know lots of SBs on tumblr say they have platonic SDs, but realistically they’re lying most of the time. It’s just not common, and when you consider the fact that suagring is sex work, it makes sense.

anonymous asked:

How on earth do you find SD on anything other than SA? I live in Melbourne maybe its different over here... But I can't imagine a man on a dating site being open to becoming a SD when they are looking for FREE sex and relationships!?

You have to be careful about who you match with. When looking at profiles, you can kind of tell which men are too young and broke to be a SD. Look for men with good jobs listed, wearing nice clothes, have pictures in expensive restaurants or travel locations, and are older obviously. Of course you’re going to waste time talking to salt, but as you sugar on these sites more you’ll learn how to pick them out better. In your profile you should also say things about looking for a successful, generous man, and loving to travel, and other things like that.

anonymous asked:

Any back to school tips/advice for trans people who are only out to a few people?

Layers!!!!! They are your best friend. Once it gets colder it’s a lot easier to dress neutrally and not get questioned about wearing a binder or more masculine clothes. Also I would say maybe just establish ground rules with your friends about not outting you to other people. Just creating a safe space for yourself. And remember that it’ll be ok!! School goes by so quickly I promise

Tip of advice for anyone starting college: GET INVOLVED! How’re we supposed to meet new people if we’re always in our dorms? Go to events! Meet new people! Getting out of my comfort zone was uncomfortable but well worth the people I’ve met and the new friendships I’ve made : )

maerynn-blog  asked:

Hey there! I was wondering if you could help me with stuff that could happen in between two major events? The first major event is that the MC is removed from her environment and brought to a hidden place where people lives together and hide from the bad guys who wants to kill them all. The second major event is that the guy who saved them and is hiding them is caught and tortured. I'm at loss in between :-(

I would recommend having your MC bond with other character there and (if we don’t already know) learn why these characters need to be hidden away. You have a lot of room for character development and foreshadowing which will impact the rest of the story. With two major events, you’ll definitely want something more low-key, a calm before the storm type of plateau in the novel. Give your cast a sense of placid security before having things run amok again.

note to self

•add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your coffee. it will change your life.

•always be kind to your waiter/waitress & the person behind the cash register. treat them with respect.

•take pictures of the things that make you happy, not for instagram, but for yourself.

•stop sleeping with your makeup on. you deserve better than that.

•don’t let yourself be consumed by the idea of perfection

•don’t let social media cause you stress. no one is paying more attention to your posts than you

•let people know when you’re missing them

•don’t be afraid to cut or dye your hair. life changes and things move on. just go for it.

•listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks while you clean. you can find many for free on youtube.

•don’t let anyone make fun of you for taking photos of your coffee or the sunset

•change your sheets more often

•use coconut oil as an eye makeup remover, it’s seriously a game changer

•make playlists for different moods, different people and for yourself

•remind yourself that you don’t have to be travelling & having adventures to give your life meaning

•ask yourself why you’re posting something. if it’s for anyone other than you, forget it.

•don’t be embarrassed to journal. put your thoughts to paper and clear your mind