“Was it opened?”
           “Just a smidge…”

An Arizonian watching Fantastic Beasts
  • me: I fucking hate Arizona all we have is racist white people and the suns sweaty balls
  • me after watching Fantastic Bests: I love this damn state with its sunrises,sunsets,Grand Canyon-*starts raining* AND OUR GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING THUNDERBIRD!!! Frank you beautiful bird thank you Newt Scamander *starts crying tears of joy*

Today’s Forecast: Scarves, Books, and a chance of Cuddles…

I was just trying to find a gif for something and I found this and…

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about lazy Sunday fucks

Imagine lying on bed next to Harry on a Sunday morning. It’s still early, but the soft pats of the rain that had lulled you to sleep were now turning into loud thuds, rain pouring down outside the safety of your own. You open your eyes to a completely dark day, and shiver as you notice your legs have managed to sneak out of the covers and are now exposed to the absolutely ridiculous cold air of the morning.

Harry’s still asleep, and that’s just very unsurprising. At some point you had understood that the guy simply had the ability to sleep through anything and everything, and that he was probably still behind in the sleep time allotted to any regular human being.  

So, with the rain echoing in the room, you turn, looking for the warmth and comfort of Harry’s body as you press yourself to him. Your leg lies across his lap and your arm drapes around his waist, effectively wrapping yourself around his body. A small smile etches on your face when you feel Harry shifting slowly under you, going to lie on his side and pulling you closer to him with an arm around your own waist. This is what Sundays are made for.

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