etsyfindoftheday | 7.23.16

STEAL OF THE WEEK: mini glitter jars by anastasiamarieshop

choose from fat or fine glitter in many color options — these are only a few — starting at only $3.50!! sparkle city.

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Lati Yellow Lea NS par Nomyens cosmetic dolls

Brighten up your weekend with this Hopkins’ rose nudibranch! These tiny invertebrates – only up to about an inch long! – are found in tide pools from southern California to Oregon. This one was spotted on the very first diving expedition by NOAA divers in the newly expanded Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Learn more about nudibranchs in your national marine sanctuaries.

(Photo: Steve Lonhart/NOAA)

Today at a fan signing event Taeyong wore a collar, and apparently it was on too tightly or the latch was actually pinching his skin and he was in a lot of pain and that’s what kind of spurred my post about giant necks.

Because just imagine Taeyong needing his sore and injured neck to be kissed. So you would just rub up against the soft smooth skin covering his throat, planting your little lips against the softest spots and working your way up to the little injury. The skin around it a little pink and inflamed, you wince slightly, scared to put any pressure on it. But he suddenly swallows and your whole world is shook, quite literally, you can practically hear the walls of his slimy esophagus sticking together and then hear a slight whimper vibrate through the air around you.

You look up and see his sharp chin locked in place, knowing every time he swallows it hurts a little, and he’s trying not to show it because he’ll have to go to another performance soon and work his throat as he dances and performs on stage. So you drop you tiny eyes back to the sore and swollen spot and lean down, your tiny fingers reaching out and gently massaging the pale skin surrounding the red splotch and plant a sweet kiss.

It may not fix the problem he faces, but having a pair of tiny hands to rub ointment on later will be such a relief, and a pair of tiny lips to go along with it is an added bonus.