Tino's Mom

Favorite Platonic or Romantic Relationship: Tino’s Mom & Dixon

Because I always thought it was cute the way these two were always teasing each other. :)

But more importantly, I love the way the show handled their relationship, especially regarding how it affected Tino. Both Dixon and Tino’s Mom had a lot of open, honest communication with Tino, and they were always careful to consider his feelings in addition to their own. It showed how serious they were about their relationship– not just as a couple, but as a potential family.

I wish we had seen more of Dixon’s daughter, Moira, though. It would have been interesting to see how she got along with Tino and his Mom. (Also, speaking of Moira, I thought Carver’s instant crush on her was kind of cute; I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of that.)

Clips from:
S01E13: Dixon
S02E04-B: Brain Envy
S03E06-B: Broken
S03E07-A: Father’s Day