Tino Arteaga

  • Mom: what do you look for in a guy
  • Me: umm thats a hard question
  • Mom: what do you mean its really easy. Do you want a guy who has lots of money or a guy who is sensitive??
  • Me: hmmm nope no guys like that.
  • Mom: *raises eyebrow*
  • Me: hmmm maybe a guy with lots of tattoos, he has to use the word flaming homos, he has to have brown eyes and piercings, his best friend has to be alan ashby, he has to be in the band Of Mice And Men, his name certainly has to be Austin Carlile
  • Mom: * rolls her eyes leaves the room*
  • Me: * continues listing characteristics and facts about Austin Carlile as I follow my mom around the house after about twenty minutes finally finishes the list* Yeah mom thats what I want in a man
  • Mom: * nods her head and whispers wtf*