Tinkerkat draws

“Your father would be proud of you”

Yesterday I saw HTTYD2 again and this scene has been stuck in my head. And well, I think I just wanted to make myself sad too.

//Since I don’t want to bore this blog with the complete lack of answers, Rolplay and everything in general, i wanted to show you a WIP i’m doing for the release of Arcade Riven and Battle Boss Blitz (I hope i can finish it for then. Also it’s just Veigar cuz i’m doing character by character to put them together afterwards)

 I’m trying to improve my artstyle in general, and i think it’s looking good for now .w. I hope i get to finish this one tho


Here’s my little contribution for the ’Spreading the love for HTTYD2’ proyect started by dreamsoffools :D I have had Hiccstrid feels lately rewatching the Obama clip and I’m i love with Itchy Armpit! So sad i can’t do it justice ;A;

Anyways, I hope i’m not too late! These weeks have been a nightmare D:

Hope you like it and good luck :D


I finally watched “Free Scauldy”! :3 I know i’m late but whatever…

It was beautiful ;A; Ruff was awesome in this chapter, I love her more than before now :3

So not-so-quick drawing I did after the chapter, because Ruffnut and Scauldy’s frienship+Ruff’s selfless action of cutting her hair to save him was what I loved the most, so hope you like it!

Enjoy your day! :3

Now i must study, why? @A@

I love them so much~
The grace and perfection of that flying scene with ‘Where no one goes’ in the background just makes me happy; how they are so in sync, like they can read each other’s mind x3

Hi there!

Look what I found in my ‘Forever Forgotten and Unfinished Files’ Folder~ :D Whatever, I just needed a bit of Hiccstrid done, they are my otp why didn’t i draw them before? ;A;

Excuse the shitty background! But it’s the best background I have ever done in my entire life! ._./ 

Have a nice day~ :3

Hello! :D

I haven’t post anything for a while, so I’m here with this quick pic of Lacie from Pandora Hearts.

I’m not very happy with this, altough I didn’t take the usual time to do a descent process, and I did this in a short time, but I still hope you like it :3 (It’s just me or I should practice my english?)

Kind of a gift to burning-angel-wings-to-dust because she has been a very kind and lovely friend with me in the not-so-short time I’ve been here :‘3

Have a nice day you all!