and I promise I’d give you the world,

forests and moonlight streams star

swallowing city streets we could

unravel it twisted and tangled, shake the

dust out of the dark corners and knit ourselves a

quilt of soft sunrises like crooked smiles let’s





(brand me Atlas and watch my shoulderblades

splinter, stare as I fall to my knees)


your words are fish hooks and I keep

biting biting biting I

rip open my gut but it’s okay cause you

are thunderclouds you are the tingle in the

soles of my feet on a mountain summit you

Are you Are you Are and I am



and I promise I’d give you the world,

as I promise myself I’d quit it with the fragile

pleas dressed up as poetry but once more I

prove myself a

Liar, Always.

I’m upset over nothing
But everything at once
I’m depressed because of something
I can’t figure out what it was
I forget to shower, to eat
I feel tingles in my feet
I get distracted easily
And I always have to pee
I go to the bathroom to cry
When I get back
The teacher asks why
Was I gone so long
I say I got stopped by a security guard
So he could check my pass
But in reality
I pretended to pee
So I could cry in the bathroom
Rather than in class

Panic attacks happen often
Something I can’t control
People yell at me for them
As if they don’t play a role
In the anxiety I have
I barely get to be alone
I never get the chance
I don’t understand sarcasm
I don’t understand certain feelings
I don’t understand metaphors
Or why they have meaning
I don’t understand sunlight
Or why it has to rain
I don’t understand love
I only understand pain

I get dysphoric a lot
Over my chest mostly
No one really gets it
They ask why I act ghostly
They say I’m always grumpy
That I wear girls’ clothes
They say I’m no boy
If only I could have chose
I get jealous of people with long hair
If only I could have it
But if I did I would never pass
If only everyone wasn’t an ass
I don’t want to be a boy
No, I am one
Use my pronouns, use my name
I do the same for you
I just want to be happy
I want the serotonin in my brain to throw a coop

So I kept skating on the inner edge and I tightened my skates to see if it would work and like

My feet are tingling bc they’re so tight I think the circulation is having trouble

But as soon as I tightened them I was able to skate a lot easier / faster