A magical night

Pairing: Percy x  Nico (Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus)

This is a gift for @simple-nd-teal for  PJO GC Valentines Exchange 2017

I really hope you like but I’m sorry If it’s bad. It’s my first fanfic without original characters. 


The dream started as it always did. I was on the Santa Monica beach, standing in front of a wood cabin.  I was alone but  I could swear that something was calling me towards the sea. Having no control over my body I started walking towards the water. I walked and walked till the water reached my shoulders but I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. Before I knew it I was completely under the water. But I wasn’t drowning. No. I could breath as easily as on land. Suddenly I could feel a tingling sensation coming from my feet. As I looked down I saw my legs shifting. No, uniting is a better word. It stopped pretty quickly. But now I didn’t have feet. They turned in a dolphin tail. I couldn’t think for a long while about my sudden mermaidness , or is it merman?, because I started swimming forward, I could feel the currents around me and I knew, I just knew that in front of me is an abyss. I was so close! Just a little longer and I could reach it! I could reach h….

 Right at that moment a book was slammed on my desk. When I looked up I saw Mrs. Dodds, my math teacher, glaring at me.

“ That is the third time just this week, Mr. Jackson. Detention today after school.’’

 She left the already familiar pink slip on my desk and went back to the her desk, I tried to concentrate on the lesson but the dream never reached this far. What was in there? Why dream-me wanted to reach it so badly? And why did I become a freaking merman?

Time skip

“ Could you at least try to not fall asleep every lesson, Seaweed brain?” 

The blonde currently glaring at me is Annabeth. I’ve known her since we were twelve, and she was my girlfriend for two years but we both decided it would be better for us to remain friends.

My name is Percy Jackson. I am a Junior at Half-Blood High school and the captain of the swimming team. If you didn’t realize already from my nickname and my dream, I am an ocean freak, even if my mother is a bit scared for me. She told me that my father used to work on ships and died at sea before I was born. I think she sometimes thinks that it will happen to me too. Even so, after High school I want to study sea creatures and become a marine biologist. But before I bore you anymore with my future plans, It looks like Annabeth has been trying  to catch my attention for a while as she hit me upside the head.

“Aw! What was that for?” From the look she was giving me I knew I was In trouble.

“ You have been staring in space since we left the classroom.”  She turned from me and opened the door of the cafeteria. Have I been lost in thought for that long !? 

“Sorry, Wise girl. Let’s look for the rest of the gang.”

It didn’t take us long to find the rest of the gang, especially with the sound of arguing.

“Look, it’s easy! You have to add to participle passe the suffix for each person!”

“Easy? There is a billion of those! How can anyone remember them!”

Before it could escalate in something worse I stepped in.

“Wow! Both of you calm down! What’s the problem?”

“The problem? The problem is that  this meapilas thinks it’s humanly possible to remember all past  participles. In French.” The Hispanic elf, or Leo, said the last word as If it was a blasphemy.

“ It’s not that hard if you would pay attention. And what did you call me?” that one was Frank, our dear Chinese-Canadian teddy bear.

“A hypocrite, Mr. ’Oh Spanish is too hard and has too many rules’” Leo said in a high pitched voice in an imitation of Frank voice.

“ I do not sound like that!” said he in exactly the  same tone.

“Both of you calm down” as I looked around the table I realized why the argument went on for so long “Hey, where is Hazel?”

Before they could answer, from next to Frank a girl with kaleidoscopic eyes, Piper, spoke up “She is showing two new kids around”

Annabeth frowned from her seat next to mine as we sat down. 

“Shouldn’t that be Will’s job? He is the one that usually shows new kids around.”

“ He was busy with the first aid course so Hazel said she will show them around the school.”

Right as she finished talking from behind me I heard the voice of the youngest from our group.

“ Hey guys! I want you all to meet someone!”

As I turned around, first I saw Hazel, smiling with her golden eyes glowing. On her right there was a girl who looked around our age, with black hair and olive skin. I put on a smile and opened my mouth to great her but I felt my mouth go slack as I looked towards Hazel’s left, where stood someone that for a second I thought it was an angel.

He had hair as dark as night with alabaster skin that seemed to glow and lips looking so, so soft. But his eyes…. His eyes looked like melted chocolate and I felt as if I could drown in them. Before I could continue checking him out I received a sharp elbow in my ribs. I tried not to flinch and glared at the culprit, just to see a pair of stormy grey eyes staring back, making me realize that I got lost in thought once again and that everyone was staring at me.

“Yeah, sorry, got lost in thought.” I turned towards the two stranger to see that they and Hazel had already sat down, maybe Piper invited them, or Leo? “My name is Percy. And you two are?” 

The first one to speak up, I could tell she was a confident and friendly girl “Hi to you too! My name is Bianca DiAngelo and this is my brother Nico” he didn’t say a thing, just gave a tiny wave. “We are from Italy and we moved with our father here a month ago. It’s a pleasure to meet you all!”

Jason was the one that spoke up after that. “The pleasure is ours. So the two of you are from Italy? How it’s like there?”

The rest of the lunch break was spent discussing about Italy and getting to know each other. And let me tell you. Every thing I learnt about the  angel, I mean Nico, made me like him more and more. He was a freshman and into art. His favorite color was black and he hated pomegranates  ,But even so I didn’t found as much as I would like, but I already had an idea to how to make that happen. As lunch finished, I escorted Nico to his new locker. I waited till he took what he needed out before putting my “plan” in action.

“So Nico.” He gave a little hum and turned towards  me with a raised eyebrow. “ I was wondering, since you are new to this town an all, to maybe show you around the city, maybe go to the movies. Or anything else at all, whatever….”

As I rambled on I could see that Nico’s face was darkening even if I didn’t know why, till he suddenly stopped me by raising a hand.

“No.” I was so surprised that I stared gobs smacked  at Nico. “Sorry to announce you Percy but you are not my type.” He turned around and started walking, throwing an “ I’ll see you around” as he went. 

Normally, If this happened to me, I would accept and move on. But as I thought about what he said more I realized there was something more about it, the way he said it not like a dismissal, but more like he was angry for a reason I didn’t know. Kind of like a challenge. I smirked as I looked in the direction Nico went. “Game on DiAngelo”

Time skip

A couple of weeks went by since the DiAngelo sibling arrived. Bianca easily made a lot of new friends and entered the archery club soon after meeting Thalia ,Jason’s older sister, and not long after that they got together. 

Around the same time Piper, as the head of the cheerleaders, started organizing  the Valentine’s day prom. It was an yearly event our school was hosting. I went to the last two with Annabeth  and when we broke up we decided that If by the time the prom rolled around again we didn’t have dates we would go together to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Talking about dates, I didn’t make any progress with Nico. When we spend time one on one all seems okay and he responds to my flirting, but when we are in a group or I ask him out he seem to get angry quickly. I couldn’t understand. What is his problem?

Take today an example. While we were walking towards the cafeteria he laughed at what I was saying and flirted with me, but the second we reached the table he shut up and sat between Hazel and Bianca. Seeing as there weren’t any other places, I sat next to Annabeth. Soon the subject of the prom and dates came up. Piper and Jason were going together, the same with Thalia and Bianca , Hazel and Frank, and Leo and his girlfriend Calypso. 

“So Annabeth” asked Bianca with curiosity on her face “ who is your date to the prom?”

“ I’m going with Percy like in the last two years. Isn’t that right Percy?”

Annabeth barely looked up from her book about ancient architecture as she was answering, only turning towards me at the end of her question. 

I thought for a bit before answering, realizing that the only person I really wanted to go with would surely refuse If I asked. “Sure, Wise girl, like always”

From the corner of my eye I could swear that I saw Nico frowning but when I turned to check, he was working on something in his sketch book.

Time skip till the prom

Faster than I realized the night of the prom arrived. I picked Annabeth up, with flowers of course, and after dancing to a couple of song and spending time with the gang, she went to find someone and I lost her in the crowd so I ended heading towards the punch bowl, only to find Nico there too, so I headed towards him.

“Hey Nico" In response he nodded towards me. I didn’t know why but he seemed to be glaring at me. ” What’s up?“ I said trying to start the conversation "Came with anyone? Are you having fun?”

“Shouldn’t you go to your girlfriend?” he spat at me, now full on glaring. I looked at him confused . Who was he talking about? I didn’t have a girlfrie….

‘Oh!'I said as i realized what he was talking about. “You mean Annabeth?”

He rolled his eyes at me “Who else could I be talking about? How many girlfriends do you have?”

I could feel a spark of hope in my chests. If he thought that Wise Girl was my girlfriend, maybe just maybe…..

“Annabeth is not my girlfriend. We broke up a bit before school started”

Nico spun around with wide eyes. “ Do you mean that all those times when you flirted with me and asked me out …..”

“ That I was single? It sure does”

Before he could say anything else, a slow song came on, so i turned towards him

“Would you like to dance?”

He took my hand with a small smile and we went on the dance floor. I put my hands around his waist as he puts his around my neck and we started to slowly spin around. Yeah, It’s a cliche situation, but, with the dim lights surrounding us, with the music playing slowly and with Nico in my arms? It felt pretty magical. So i did the only thing that would make this unforgettable.

I kissed him. 

I could feel electricity running through every place where we touched. His lips where softer than I could ever imagine and he tasted like dark chocolate. When it ended he put his head on my chest and I rested mine on his.

It was truly a magical night.

“Sooooo, I’m not your type?”

“Shut up Percy!”

“Make me!”

And he did, closing the distance between us once again.

I’m upset over nothing
But everything at once
I’m depressed because of something
I can’t figure out what it was
I forget to shower, to eat
I feel tingles in my feet
I get distracted easily
And I always have to pee
I go to the bathroom to cry
When I get back
The teacher asks why
Was I gone so long
I say I got stopped by a security guard
So he could check my pass
But in reality
I pretended to pee
So I could cry in the bathroom
Rather than in class

Panic attacks happen often
Something I can’t control
People yell at me for them
As if they don’t play a role
In the anxiety I have
I barely get to be alone
I never get the chance
I don’t understand sarcasm
I don’t understand certain feelings
I don’t understand metaphors
Or why they have meaning
I don’t understand sunlight
Or why it has to rain
I don’t understand love
I only understand pain

I get dysphoric a lot
Over my chest mostly
No one really gets it
They ask why I act ghostly
They say I’m always grumpy
That I wear girls’ clothes
They say I’m no boy
If only I could have chose
I get jealous of people with long hair
If only I could have it
But if I did I would never pass
If only everyone wasn’t an ass
I don’t want to be a boy
No, I am one
Use my pronouns, use my name
I do the same for you
I just want to be happy
I want the serotonin in my brain to throw a coop


and I promise I’d give you the world,

forests and moonlight streams star

swallowing city streets we could

unravel it twisted and tangled, shake the

dust out of the dark corners and knit ourselves a

quilt of soft sunrises like crooked smiles let’s





(brand me Atlas and watch my shoulderblades

splinter, stare as I fall to my knees)


your words are fish hooks and I keep

biting biting biting I

rip open my gut but it’s okay cause you

are thunderclouds you are the tingle in the

soles of my feet on a mountain summit you

Are you Are you Are and I am



and I promise I’d give you the world,

as I promise myself I’d quit it with the fragile

pleas dressed up as poetry but once more I

prove myself a

Liar, Always.