Childhood Heroes Astrology

The Signs as Glee Characters

Aries - Mercedes Jones

☆ confident ☆ outspoken ☆ headstrong ☆ loyal ☆ supportive ☆ bold  ☆ compassionate ☆ kindhearted ☆

“Why does everyone assume I’m angry all the time? It’s called being sassy.”

River Deep, Mountain High

I’ll Stand By You 

Taurus - Sam Evans 

★ socially awkward  ★ nice  ★ romantic ★ naive ★ self-possessed ★ honorable ★ determined  ★ easygoing  ★

“I’m pretty, but I ain’t dumb.”



Gemini - Santana Lopez

caring ☆ extremely emotional ☆ jealous ☆ perceptive ☆ persuasive ☆ manipulative acts confident ☆

“I just try to be really, really honest with people when I think that they suck.”

Nutbush City Limits


Cancer - Quinn Fabray

★ popular  ★ considerate  ★ thoughtful  ★ respectable  ★ judgmental  ★ smart  ★ confident aura  ★ insecure  ★

“Prom queens live, on average, five years longer than regular people. Probably because they smile all the time.”

Just Give Me A Reason

You Keep Me Hangin’ On 

Leo - Finn Hudson 

☆ naive ☆ trusting ☆ born leader ☆ loyal ☆ heart of gold ☆ gentle ☆ idealistic ☆ impulsive ☆ romantic ☆  

“What’s the saying? “The show’s gotta go all over the place… or something.”

Losing My Religion


Virgo - Tina Cohen-Chang

★ first shy ★ standing up for herself ★ awkward ★ supportive ★ hardworking ★ funny ★

“If I have no Asian sex symbols to look up to I guess I’ll just have to be one myself. “

Because You Loved Me 

Shake It Out


goodbye glee meme [5/7 ships]: Mike Chang & Tina Cohen-Chang
“You don’t talk that much, you hardly ever sing, but when I see you do that, it’s who you are. It’s what makes me feel you. Mike, you gotta know by now, when I see you dance… it’s why I fell in love with you.”