Tina St. Claire


Tina St. Claire, 1984 - 2016.

Tina St. Claire was my friend, a brilliant artist and with all meaning of the phrase, one of a kind.

Tina passed away Wednesday morning, March 9th, 2016 at her home in Los Angeles, California after courageously battling Cancer.  I don’t know how to sum someone’s life or our times together up in any form or fashion, it’s an impossible feat.  But Tina was the genuine article when it came to art and being an incredible person.  We had many adventures in the time we knew each other and she taught me many things from all points of life.  She loved her fiancé Dereck Seltzer who was her collaborator, confidant and beside her to the very end.  She loved her kitten Moogle.  She was never not with a sketchbook and she always had a hilarious quip ready for anything.  She saw the world with a light no one else held or will hold.

I will miss my friend.  Sweet dreams sidekick.

I’ve gathered a number of Tina’s works of art, collaborations with her fiancé Dereck and other miscellaneous images below.  Please take a look and look through her Instagram and Tumblr, she was always, always creating.

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We are pre-selling these collaborative 8 x 10 inch original panels online for $120.00 before they debut at False Gallery this upcoming January 18th, 2014. Each panel is a hand painted unique made with Acrylic and Gouache by the artists Haunted Euth and Tina St Claire. Contact Hauntedeuth@gmail.com to secure a panel. 

03: Tina St. Claire
  • 03: Tina St. Claire
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Today on our show we’re talking with Tina St. Claire. Her fierce female figures, looks as though they were carved out of the page. Her dark, contemporary, romanticism pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. I would describe her work as beautiful nightmares brought to life by a simple ball point pen.

Tina St. Claire


Tina’s art on EatSleepDraw 4 years ago:

Xena: Warrior Princess

Teeth: 1 2 3 4

Large scale artwork

Her street art: 1 2 3



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TMRWLND” Issue 3.

TMRWLND is the creative brainchild of Los Angeles based artists TS Claire and Dereck Seltzer, aka Haunted Euth

TS Claire and Haunted Euth started their collaboration by chance three years ago, and what started as a coincidental meeting turned out to be a prosperous creative partnership, allowing these artists to establish a unique and highly recognizable shared visual expression. Established in 2013, TMRWLND morphed from a zine project into a full time creative studio entity and working space located adjacent to the booming downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Although they create some remarkable collaborative pieces together using methods such as: inking, drawing, silkscreen printing, and hand painting, their individual styles can be traced to their separate and distinctive backgrounds.

The artwork of the TMRWLND zine showcases this complimentary relationship between TS Claire’s and Haunted Euth’s styles, with imagery that is self-curated to represent their individual bodies of work. This particular issue of TMRWLND is the first to be printed and published by Serio Press.

TMRWLND Issue 3 is a limited edition of 50 copies.  Get yours here.


Haunted Euth and T.Fail make their zine TMRWLND. 

Haunted Euth has an exhibit that opens October 5, 2013 at GCS Santa Ana. http://hauntedeuthoutforblood.blogspot.com


T.S. Claire: Rally Against Cancer.

On December 25th, 2015 my long time friend, co-conspirator and artist Tina St. Claire (also known as TFail) was diagnosed with Cancer.  She is facing her predicament with incredible amounts of positivity and courage.  If you could take the time to donate towards her recovery I’d be greatly appreciative, she’s a fantastic friend.

Click here to learn more about her and to donate.



Yesterdays Co. Stepped up and made these insanely gorgeous pins come to life - Now the T.s. Claire Icarus medal is available for pre order online. These will benefit T.S. T.s. Claire, with 100% of the proceeds going towards her medical bills and recovery. Help spread the word of her fight and carry her art as a symbol of strength with you.

Please share with friends and pin collectors, these are not only beautiful as objects but the gesture on behalf of Yesterdays ( Suman you are a absolute hero for making these happen ) is beyond heart warming.