This is the first half of the art collab I did with @pictorch-art !  ♥  sketch was by me, finished product by her!

The sketch below the cut and the pose/character idea is mine  but she turned it into something beautiful!! <3 All the credit of the coloring/lines goes to Hanna!! Check out her blog! 

my sketch v

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This doujinshi (muryou)’s Chinese version would be available at Beijing SLO5 on July 20. Totally free.
A story about Winter Soldier rescuing Captain America. The scanner designed by Howard Stark was from the movie Prometheus, Fifield’s puppy.
This title was from the Japanese band KAT-TUN’s song RESCUE.


American Horror Story + Saddest Deaths

Pokemon AU

Allen would be an Absol. Absols are able to detect coming disasters, but are consequentially associated with those disasters and ostracized, viewed as bad omens.

Kanda would be a Lucario. Lucarios have a strict sense of honor, and are able to read people’s Auras to determine their intentions. This same ability prevents people from hiding from them.

Lenalee would be a Skarmory. While Skarmories appear heavy, they are able to fly freely in the sky at speeds up to 190 mph.

Lavi would be a Zorua. Zoruas are known to be mischievous, and can create detailed illusions, often taking the forms of both people and other pokemon.

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