This is the first half of the art collab I did with @pictorch-art !  ♥  sketch was by me, finished product by her!

The sketch below the cut and the pose/character idea is mine  but she turned it into something beautiful!! <3 All the credit of the coloring/lines goes to Hanna!! Check out her blog! 

my sketch v

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New comic featuring Stripper Allen! Which is canon btw, see here.  It’s also canon that Allen will flirt his way out of sticky situations (ah-hem remember the zombie arc).

So yeah, Link held an extremely organized intervention and forced everyone (including Kanda) to vote in favor of Allen receiving a proper education.


American Horror Story + Saddest Deaths

DGM AU where everything is the same but all of the hairstyles are scrambled around (but not hair colors). (Courtesy again of @beansproutjesus)

- Kanda has Lenalee’s pigtails, Lavi has Kanda’s ponytail, Lenalee has Lavi’s style, and Allen has Link’s bowl cut. Link has Alma’s style (post-Third Exorcist fiasco) and Alma has Allen’s.

- Cross and Bookman switch. Cross mysteriously has a harder time picking up women. Bookman is thrilled.

- Komui and Jerry switch too. It’s much harder to take Komui seriously now.

- Johnny and Reever. Reever tries to maintain his dignity.

- Marie and Miranda (where Miranda is bald and Marie’s hair is in dreadlocks) and Krory and Daisya (where Daisya loves his little white streak.)

- Timothy and Emilia. Emilia’s father mourns.

- Neah and Lulubell. Lulubell pulls it off quite well. Neah tries.

- Tyki and Road. Sheryl fusses over both of them bc he doesn’t like this configuration.

- Fiddler and Jasdevi. Fiddler’s hairstyle is objectively terrible and also harder to weaponize, and Jasdevi is not pleased.

- Millennium Earl and Mana. So that now the current Earl has Mana’s long, flowing locks, and Mana has middle-aged man hair.

- What is this I’m so sorry


D. Gray-man (ディー・グレイマン)

A double dose of art celebrating the 10th Anniversary art for D. Gray-man while showing off the new D. Gray-man Hallow designs, came on pin-up posters in the July issue of Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | Japan), illustrated by character designer Yousuke Kabashima (椛島洋介).