Timothy Omundson

On the 12 day of Christmas Supernatural gave to me

12 angels falling

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11 hunters hunting

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10 reapers reaping

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9 demons killing

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8 humans dancing

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7 fans drawing

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6 painful ships 

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Gaaabbbeee’ssss golden wiiinngggss

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4 archangels

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3 dying loved ones

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2 grumpy old men

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and literally no hope for the future

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My very first day of shooting [for the movie] I had to do (and when you see the movie you’ll see what I’m talking about) my scene with Tim [Omundson]. We had to sort of break it up. Some of it was shot on location and some of it was shot after with Tim. The part we shot on location with me, I had to do on the first day. Shooting Psych without Tim for those few weeks, he’s in the movie, but just when I arrived and sort of getting into the groove again without him – he’s like my other half. On the show he was my other half on the show for years. So, it was emotional being there without him, especially knowing what he was going through. The very first day of shooting when I do my side of our scene together I didn’t realize this it was very emotional and I kind of fade off to myself while we were filming it. Everyone was really kind and respectful of giving room and space for the scene. What I didn’t know was while I was shooting this scene and staying in this emotional space I was in – not only had all of the cast that had wrapped for the day had come back to set, but the crew – even members from like our production office. People drove over to be there for that scene and to be there for Tim and to support me, but it was really for Tim. It was this moment that was so powerful that I burst into tears. I mean, I was already a mess, but I burst into tears after. We have a photo that we took after we shot the scene that night I could not believe that everyone was there when I came around the corner. It was so beautiful and special. That is what “Psych” is – we are a family and one of our teammates was down for a little bit and everyone sort showed up and it’s just beautiful. That’s my favorite moment. It’s not really a funny one, but it says a lot about our cast and crew as a group and how special I think it is.