Old video, but i like it.

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Heeey I wanna ask something really dumb. WHY THE HELL IS THE SHIP NAME OF PHILIPP LAHM AND TIMO HILDEBRAND IS "SNUGLIES"?? I really don't know and I feel stupid pls tell me whyyy?? YOUR WRITING ROCKS BTW <3

Friend! Please don’t feel stupid, and if you still do, let’s be together :D

You know I had this exact same conversation with a friend who is an expert on all things Fips and The Snuglies,​ because I couldn’t understand where it came from either (kinda like, Le Grand OTP - I mean, who came up with these names?). Considering I still don’t 100% know, I will defer to her expertise :) @miasanfamilie, help? :D

p.s. thank you for your kind words, re my fics <3