Timez Are Weird These Nights

Damn,  sometimes music just creeps up on you. The last I heard of Theophilus London was when I got word of his collaboration with A$ap Rocky on the track Big Spender. Turns out, I missed the boat on the Timez Are Weird These Nights album and managed to miss out on some great remixes. Well 2 months later, I’m all on board.  

Be sure to check out his tumblr page for all the remixes.

A few bad ass words from MTV IGGY

This is cool. I gotta say! I hope you are all excited as I am! “…Silasopathic, whose take on “All Around the World” drains out the joie de vivre and adds plenty of dread in the form of early hip-hop breaks, ominous organ stabs, and even some jungly bits” I’m pretty happy with that thus far!! This is quite exciting!