My mom is a playwright — she was an actress — and my dad is an actor, and we managed to go on holidays, but there were periods when they were hugely out of work and wouldn’t know if they could keep the house. [Acting] It’s a very insecure profession, [I’ve] always seen it for what it is. When I started getting work, it’s like this tiny space opened up and I needed to jump in and go with it. It could all go away tomorrow.

Waking Up

This one may read a little awkwardly, as I had a hard time deciding how the Reader would react. Then I decided to run with that. She wouldn’t really know what to do either, so her fear takes a hold.



You opened your eyes groggily. It felt like you had been asleep for a month. Your head pounded, and your body ached. You couldn’t remember much of anything.

You stood up on shaky legs, and struggled over to a mirror that was sitting in your room. You looked into it, staring into your (Y/E/C) eyes, and then a memory flashed across your mind.


You were in a plane, with Steve. You heard disembodied crying, and realised that it was coming from the plane’s radio.

“I’d hate to step on your toes,” Steve spoke into the radio. The only response was static.

You looked over at his sad face, and reached out for his hand. You held it tight, and then felt the impact of the plane hitting the ice. And then…


How did you survive? Where was Steve? Then your thoughts wandered to Bucky, as silent tears slid down your cheeks.


“Steve, there’s still time for you to escape!” you exclaimed, attempting to take in all of the information on the plane’s console, and talk sense into your best friend at the same time.

It made no sense for him to stay and die. He was the only thing you had left in this world. Bucky was dead, and you couldn’t cope anymore. If you could save people’s lives, and go to Bucky at the same time, you were sure as hell going to try.

But Steve, he had Peggy. He was mourning Bucky too of course, and would no doubt mourn you as well. But he could move on, win the war, and build a wonderful life with Peggy.

“I am not leaving you to die alone (Y/N)! No way…” Steve replied.

You remained silent, trying to gain control of the plane. You both knew what had to be done. You pushed the plane downward, as Steve called Peggy.


You moved towards the door, and you were unhappy to discover that it was locked. You started to bang on the door, but there was no response.

You had no idea what to do. You felt a rare anger bubbling up inside you, and you could not contain it. You banged on the door even harder, yelling as loud as you could, to try to escape the room, and to try to make yourself feel better.

The door opened, and you still had not regained your usual composure. You lunged at the person that opened it, and hit him as hard as you could.

The man didn’t lift a finger toward you, and you started to calm down a little. Enough to realise that the man you were hitting was your friend.

“Steve?!” you whispered, collapsing to the floor, physically and emotionally shattered.

“Yeah, it’s me (Y/N),” he replied, lowering himself to the floor next to you, and pulling you into his arms.

“What’s happening? Where are we?” You asked him, scared and confused.

“I’m not sure you are going to believe me,” he replied, pulling you to your feet and walking you over to the bed.

You remained silent as he explained to you that you had somehow survived the crash, and were frozen in the ice. It was now 2011, and you had been asleep for 67 years. Physically, neither of you had aged a day.

“But… How am I alive?” you asked, “you were enhanced, so in a weird sort of way, it makes sense that you survived. But what about me?”

“I don’t know (Y/N). But, I am happy that you did,” as he said this, Steve pulled you closer into himself and held you.

“What do we do now?” you asked quietly.

Steve explained who Agent Nicolas Fury was, a little bit of what he had just been told about SHIELD, and that you had both been offered an apartment to live in if you wanted it.

You weren’t paying full attention though. In all honesty, you weren’t really addressing Steve with your question. You were asking yourself. It had been 68 years since Bucky died, but for you, it had only been a few months. And now, you were thrown into this unbelievable situation, when all you wanted was to be with him.

Steve seemed to guess what you were thinking about, and rubbed your back as he held you like he did the day of Bucky’s memorial service. You squeezed him in response, and cried into his chest until there were no tears left.

April 2011

Some people have messaged me about my tags referring to April 2011, and here is the part about Harry & Louis’ flat, specifically: 

  • THEIR FLAT: Harry has said before that He and Louis decided to move in together upon moving in at the X Factor House (after 2.5 months of knowing each other). The tweet from Jay on April 3 referencing “their flat” means very much a lot to me. This is the earliest indication I have found that Harry meant “since the X Factor house.” At the beginning of April, they were already storing things at Harry’s house in Holmes Chapel that they wanted to put into their shared place of residence and Jay was referring to “their flat.” And then Jay, Anne and Gemma went to London to help them look at flats! THIS IS REAL LIFE!

Jay’s tweet:

More April 2011 here.

Teen Wolf Ships Timeline
  • 2011-2013: Dark ages, Sterek and Stydia dominating the field with an occasional Scallison and Sciles fanfic.
  • 2014: Renaissance age, Scerek, Sciles, Braeden,Stalia pick up. People begin to reject Sterek and Stydia for more canon and logical ships.
  • 2015: Golden age of Scott McCall, Sciles, Scira, Sceo, Sciam all start flourishing with new opportunities for shipping. Stalia gains traction.

my homestuck timeline is basically

late 2010-2011: fandom is a mess and i was like 12 so it was perfect

2012: the actual prime of the comic when everything was the best

2013: not the worst

2014: homestuck is dead

2015: im going to fight andrew hussie with my own two hands


ml: inkigayo ■ m!countdown ■ mtv the show ■ music core ■ music bank ■ show champion

(masterlist) sbs mtv - the show
award wins, performances, etc.
timeline: 2011 - present
(*) full list is under the cut!

■ 2013 ■
promoted tracks: everybody
# of wins: n / a

(131106) everybody (comeback stage)

■ 2015 ■
promoted tracks: view, married to the music
# of wins: one (view - x1)

(150609) view (comeback stage)

■ ■ ■ ■

■ jonghyun related ■
promoted tracks: déjà-boo, she is
# of wins: three (déjà-boo - x2, she is - x1)

(150120) déjà-boo
(150127) déjà-boo
(160531) white t-shirt + she is

■ ■ ■ ■

■ taemin related ■
promoted tracks: press your number
# of wins: one (press your number - x1)

(160301) press your number (comeback stage)

■ ■ ■ ■ 

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