John Titor was a man who appeared on several bulletin boards during 2000 and 2001 claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2036. He first appeared on Time Travel Institute forums in November 2, 2000 and mainly gave a description of what a time machine would need. He stated that it requires a “two top-spin, dual positive singularities”. He made no mention or claimed to be a time traveler in these early posts. He first claimed to be a time traveler a few months later and made various predictions about the near future starting with events in 2004.

He described a civil war in the United States that escalated to a nuclear World War III. He also stated that his timeline is disjoint from ours and that his very existence in our universe changes some of these events. He also revealed that the primary objective for his time traveling is to retrieve an IBM 5100 from 1975 to debug legacy computer programs in 2036 and stopped in 2000 for “personal reasons” to collect pictures lost in the civil war, and visiting family. In March 2001, he announced that he was returning to his own time and was never seen again.

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Sans, Time Travel Gaster might not be at the point in his timeline where he's meet you yet. You got here in a time machine, remember?

“that just makes his jerkieness all the worse!”

“Sans… Sans, I visit a lot of timelines. It’s how I spend most of time doing. If I have wronged you, than I apologize. I wish you no harm.”

“…yeah yeah… whatever.”

“I’ll buy you a drink, why not?”

This Man States He Is A Time Traveler and Is In The Picture Of The Gettysburg Address

“Andrew D. Basiago, 10, at Gettysburg, PA, on November 19, 1863, after being sent there from 1972 by DARPA’s Project Pegasus via a “plasma confinement chamber” in East Hanover, NJ. Andy is the boy standing to the left in the foreground of the image. He is wearing the large shoes that were given to him by Gettysburg cobbler John Burns after he walked into Gettysburg barefoot and shivering in the brisk autumn air after arriving from the future. Andy says that this image was taken shortly after President Lincoln arrived on the dais to deliver the Gettysburg Address.”

He said that he was a part of a group of kids from the 60’s and 70’s that participated in this time travel. It was a DARPA project called Project Pegasus. Some form of teleportation project.

Basiago stated that the knowledge of the future was used to alert future US presidents including both of the Bush’s and Barack Obama.  Basiago said that met future President Barack Obama in 1982 when he was attending UCLA and Obama, then a student at Columbia University, was visiting former classmates at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Basiago claimed that Obama, then age 20, already knew that he would one day be president.

Basiago also said that in 1972 he was rewarded for his good work at DARPA by being sent back in time via a wormhole to 1863 to witness Lincoln’s historic Gettysburg Address speech.

Job opening: Time Traveler

Job opening:
Time traveler, must provide own temporal locomotive device.

Return to the Library of Alexandria an hour before the destruction began and secure every book, scroll, and other media.

Paradox prevention:
All items will be secured in forbidden and eldritch libraries to allow study but not interference with the flow of time.

Name it.

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