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I was tagged by@ivan-el-no-tan-terrible thank you <3 :3

1. What animal do you consider a must have for any zoo?

I don’t really like zoos but an octopus?

2. Would you like to learn another language? If so, which one?

I started learning Russian, but i dropped out stay in school kids

3. Which song have you set as your ringtone?

my phone is always on vibrate

4. When you get sick, do you go directly to the doctor or try to avoid it as much as you can?

i used to avoid it, but recently i’ve been going to the doctor more often

5. Where would you prefer to live: in a village or in a city?


6. What is the worst anime you’ve ever watched? 

I hated Karneval i’m sorry but not really

7. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

early bird i guess? I’m an old lady who can’t stay up late

8. How much time do you spend in watching anime/reading manga in an average week?

too many

9. Do you like video games? If so, which genre is your favourite?

um i don’t have a favorite. I love Dead Space, but also Animal Crossing. Oh and I played Amenesia Memories recently and i really liked that, so yep.. just a bunch of crap.

those aren’t genres but whatever

10. What is your most hated food?

Avocados probably

11. What anime would you recommend to watch? (I’m gonna copy this one, ‘cause I really like it)

Um I don’t really see people talk about Ergo Proxy or Darker than Black, but I really like those

My questions are the best questions ever

i stole some i’m sorry

1.Cats or dogs?

2.Coffee or tea?

3.Manga or anime?

4.Hot weather or cold weather?

5.Milkshake or smoothie?

6.What is your favorite pasta dish?

7.What is your favorite sandwich?

8.Do you believe in ghosts?

9.Do you believe in aliens?

10.Least favorite anime?

11.What anime would you recommend?

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Time to play catch up!

I’ve fallen behind in the 29 Days of Sim Making challenge after only 2 days! I knew it would happened eventually, it always does, but I’m still determined to finish it! 

So today will be a catch up day, it’s the 5th here in Australia so I’m gonna be catching up on sim making all the way to day 5 (that’s 3 sims + videos), plus I need to catch up on more of my legacy because my queue has run out, and I also want to play some more Tomb Raider. 

Hoo boy it’s gonna be a long day LOL

anonymous asked:

I mean, I could find you cute too if I saw you at the local sandwich shop and didn't know your name

@ me next time in the sandwich shop.

this still boggles my mind though because I sneezed with a mouth full of food there and anyone who still finds me endearing after that must have questionable tastes.