Jake: It’s amazing! Ohhh, this is the greatest sandwich I’ve ever made!
Finn: Is it glowing?
Jake: You guys want some?
Finn: It’s cool, man. I know you want to eat the whole thing, and I’m cool with that.

–"Adventure Time" on cartoonnetwork, S.5 Ep.33, “Time Sandwich

Jake’s Greatest Sandwich (with lobster soul)

Recipe here.

okay but consider this:

  • kousei playing piano for kids in the hospital
  • kousei donating a kidney for a girl who needs one
  • kousei checking in on kaori’s parents and supporting them as they get older, and them loving him like a son
  • kousei framing that picture of kaori he took in the first episode and putting it on her shrine, along with canele’s, cherry blossoms, and sheet music.
  • kousei and nagi giving free piano lessons to kids 
  • kousei starting a charity to provide instruments for kids who can’t afford them and naming it after kaori
  • koharu giving kousei a black kitten as a present for his birthday
  • kousei making egg sandwiches every time he and emi and aiza are competing/performing together they all eat the sandwiches and catch up
  • kousei never forgetting

Hey dudes, tonight is “Time Sandwich” by Kent and I.  

This episode was crazy fun to work on.  Kent’s stuff really cracks me up, he’s always super funny and I’m glad we worked together on this one. 

Also, there’s a scene inside of Jake’s imagination that I boarded elaborating on his deep down personal fears.  I hope you’re into that.    

Oh, the show is on at a new time— 7:00! See ya!