• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:How did Grovyle feel when he realize his partner lose all memories, include the good ones with him? Imagine you travel time with your loyal and dependable friend but then you suddenly lose him and when you find him, he doesn't know who you are and you're the only one who keeps all memories and all feelings. You don't have time to explain them because you have to save the world and you're still ready to sacrifice yourself for your partner beside everything. And at the end, you couldn't even stay close to him anymore, both physically and emotionally.



Time gears have been restocked, big time!

And after a lot of demand, they are now joined by the Darkness and Sky variants! Each has their own colour satin cording, Black for Time, Silver for Darkness and Gold for Sky.

All glow green after extended exposure to direct light (sunlight works best), however, due to its colour, the Darkness gear glows fainter. But hey, it IS called a darkness gear right?


Okay so


Right now in World of Warcraft, a new expansion is coming out, and with it a pre-patch event. It’s all about hellfire, doom and gloom, and demons pretty much invading the world. 

Right now, our primary fraction capitals have these Doomsayers scattered around.

They are standing around in the major cities saying “the end is nigh!” and give everyone pamphlets. If you get one, you have to wait 15 minutes until you get one again. That is, unless you die in a sudden and unexpected way. Say, for example, falling from a great height.

You can probably see where this is going.

We are literally throwing ourselves to our deaths at their feet so we can get an achievement. 

Ladies and gentlemen - our army of heroes.

I’ve seen a lot of ppl talk about how fucking gay coded Holtzmann is- and, holy shit, is she gay coded, I went in knowing that but was still blown away- but i haven’t seen as much about how she’s autism coded

Like, this is a woman who spends most of her time working with gear, is unabashedly socially awkward, has no tolerance for indirect language, occasionally engages in seemingly bizarre sensory behaviors like licking her technology, and at the end of the movie has an actual cry about her social isolation. She even canonically has heightened sensory perceptions! Abby makes a crack about her super smelling ability at one point.

This might be the first time I’ve seen such a blatantly autistic female character. It’s definitely the first time in a major blockbuster.