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  • Time Sweeper
  • AuroraTheNightmaren (Feat. Big AL)

And here’s “Time Sweeper”! I just only had Al do the Vocals for it.. >__>

If anyone would like to add their own accompaniment to the song, they surely can. Just credit me for the lyrics for the song!

Lyrics (Revised):

“As a Time Sweeper,
Time is your most valuable treasure,
Every second wasted
Is time counted against you!

Use that time to your advantage!
Rewind and save,
Speed up to win,
Freeze time,
Copy yourself,
Slow down projectiles,
And even retry
When ya mess up royally!

As a Time Sweeper,
Time is your most valuable treasure,
Every second wasted
Is time counted against you!

Gather up crystals of time,
Remove monsters from the worlds,
Gotta keep time flowing regular!
Not a glorious task,
But someone’s gotta do it!
Don’t get distracted!
Don’t give up!
Don’t fail the mission!

As a Time Sweeper,
Time is your most valuable treasure,
Every second wasted
Is time counted against you!

Talk to Jimmy,
He’ll show you the way,
Rank up!
Form a team
To aid you!
Now to get the show on the road!
Catch ‘yall on the other side!”

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Haha I wrote in about seeing NR in the hotel he's Alittle of all the things you listed but aware of people around him. Him & JDM were having a blast they seemed to be together the whole time and sometimes AL was there too a fun time was had by all 😁

Awesome. Thanks for sharing with me. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

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Loose Ends

The curved passageways of the Undercity were filled with the stench of the dead. Forsaken citizens went about their duties, not even noticing or caring about the Death Knight that pushed through the pedestrian traffic. Across a cobblestone bridge he went, peering over his shoulder to still see Lady Sylvanas’ Deathguard keeping watch for any suspicious activity; but down here, the standards for something to be considered suspicious were insanely low. His cerulean eyes flickered in the dark as he neared an inconspicuous wall, slamming his frozen gauntlet against the door several times.

“Rethandus Andu’al.” A Forsaken noble narrowed his pale yellow eyes as he watched the Harbinger step into his office. “I assume you’re here to give me some good news.” The guards inside the room stiffened once he raised one of his gauntlets, tossing a soggy sack onto the table. The undead clicked his bony fingers against his armrest, but he didn’t remove his gaze from the elf.

“Zerethel Kash’kaar is dead.” Rethandus announced, causing the noble to exchange glances with the guards; he was compelled to lean forward and open the sack, revealing a burnt and severed arm.

“You couldn’t bring me his head?” The noble asked, peering up at the Death Knight.

“Too damaged.” Rethandus paused to look over his shoulder, half-expecting a Deathguard to kick down the door. “But that’s his arm. You can inspect the runes along it if you wish.” The noble slipped a pair of spectacles onto his sunken face, running one of his bony fingers down the wrist. It was burnt to hell and back, perhaps several hundred times over the years; but there was no mistaking the powerful runes beneath the singed flesh.

“… well done, Rethandus.” The noble leaned back as he set the arm down. He snapped his fingers to get a guard’s attention, who immediately disappeared into the back. “I must say, framing his old elven house was a stroke of genius. A pyromancer that powerful would likely burn my operation here to the ground if he had traced it back.” The guard reappeared, slipping a small note of paper across the desk.

“I don’t want the reward.” Rethandus huffed, glancing down at the note briefly before returning his gaze to the noble. The Forsaken perked a skeptical brow, as a crooked smile spread across his lips.

“The reward is nine hundred thousand… what kind of fool wouldn’t want a mountain of gold?”

“Keep your riches. What I want won’t cost you a copper.” The Forsaken was intrigued, waving his hand at the guard to take the note away.

“And that would be…?”

“I want you to lift the bounty on his family.” The undead’s cackle caused the Death Knight’s scowl to harden, but the elf patiently waited for him to finish.

“His wife may one day learn of this deception. She is a liability I’m unwilling to risk.”

“Even if she knows about the bounty on her head, Zerethel perished on Zaldrannar. You have nothing to fear.” The noble tapped his chin in quiet contemplation, but he looked unconvinced.

“Their daughter is training to be a pyromancer.” Rethandus’ burning eyes flickered as he tightened his fists, causing one of the guards to place their clammy hand on their weapon.

“Their daughter is innocent.” The undead rolled his dry tongue around in his mouth for several moments, eventually giving the Death Knight a light shrug.

“For an icy Harbinger, you’re remarkably warm-blooded… fine. I’ll lift their bounties. But I’m keeping the money… and Zerethel’s hand for study.” Rethandus didn’t respond, giving this place one last look-around before turning to the door. He pulled his hood over his head as the noble continued to speak with his guards, nearly laughing loud enough to be heard outside. But the Harbinger was ready to return should they fail to keep their end of the deal. 

He’s dealt with much worse.

The greatest of these things we waste are two, upon which are founded all other wasted things:
1). the waste of the heart &
2). the waste of time.
Wasting of the heart is to prefer the world over the Hereafter,
and wasting of time is to have too much hope.

Every corruption is found in the following of desires and having too much hope, and every benefit is found in the following of the guidance and preparing for the meeting with Allah, and we seek help from Allah.

—  [(Ibn Al-Qayyim (رحمه الله), Al-Fawa’id)]

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Kandreil prompt? How Neil and Andrew deal with the distance when kevin leaves palmetto and they are still in uni. Does kevin feel left out? Do they miss him very stoiqly?

fuck why is my favourite thing writing about long distance relationships… save me

  • none of them really expected to miss each other
  • the fact that they were always together means that they didn’t have to think about the relationship at all
  • it was just casual; sleeping on top of each other in their room, finding one another in the stadium or on the roof, bringing ice cream back because they know the others will be there soon enough
  • but when kevin leaves, there’s space
  • kevin’s bed may not be empty, and someone takes his number, but there’s still too much space they can’t fill

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“This is your first time with a woman?” Nyssa murmurs against Sara’s collarbone.

Sara just nods, more occupied with the feel of Nyssa’s touch and the heat pooling low in her belly.

“I’m honored,” and she can just feel Nyssa’s smirk, “I’ll be sure to make it special for you.”

And Sara bites her tongue to keep herself from saying “It’ll be special because it’s you,” so instead she just tugs Nyssa up to kiss her again, saying the words she doesn’t dare to speak aloud with her body.

Nyssa takes her sweet, sweet time, worshiping Sara’s body, setting her blood on fire with the sweetest touches, and it’s so intimate that Sara’s heart swells in her chest as she comes on Nyssa’s long, talented fingers.

(Nyssa traces “I love you” in every language she knows on Sara’s back when the Canary is asleep.)

(It’s her first time, too, but Sara doesn’t need to know that.)

“I don’t know how you are so familiar to me—or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before—in another time, a different place, some other existence.”