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Revisions to the Game | Chapter 1 | Motive

Spec snickers slyly into their hands as they continue on.

“As seen from earlier, it’s very easy for me to take away your functions. As lovely talents, what could that possibly mean? If you can’t do the math, then I’ll do it for you! If one of you doesn’t kill someone any time soon, consider the function that allows you to use your talent permanently gone!”

They even start waving at nothing in particular to emphasize their farewells.

“Au revoir, hands! Adios, voice! Sayonara, legs!  Goodbye to all~.”

“And for some of you, losing your talent might as well be losing your life. How useful will you be without your talent? There won’t be a second chance with these. You won’t be able to find them from beating up enemies, and you won’t find them in the Ruby Market either. Poof!”

They spread their arms wide into the air, and a puff of smoke emerges, shrouding them in the makeshift cloud. It disappears just as quickly as it had arrived. It seems Spec followed in tow, for they’re no longer in sight.

Even though he’s not there, you hear his faint voice whispering at the back of your mind.

“So, it’s up to you to decide. Are you going to kill?”


He knew it was really over this time. No second chances. No apologies. Just a goodbye. A best friend, a lover soon to be stranger. From talking everyday to 2 second check ups out of regrets. When you finally utter why you wanted them to stay… it’s generally too fucking late. Make a phone call to nowhere– no one is home. Knock on your chest– everything is broken.

– darling, you’re alone again

Scorpius and Ron

The first day Scorpius shows up to a family dinner, Ron stays away from him like the plague. Hopefully this is just a one time thing, he thinks.

The second time he comes, Ron is eating, and almost chokes upon seeing his face. Why is Malfoy’s son here again!?! He subtly moves to make sure Rose stays away from him.

Soon, Scorpius seems to be coming to every family gathering and Ron simply cannot understand why.

By 5th year, Scorpius and Albus announce that they are dating. Ron is not too excited because this means a Malfoy will be coming over more often and could even become part of the family. A Malfoy in his family. Bloody hell 

On one of these dreadful days, as Ron is sitting on the couch, and pretending Scorpius isn’t across the room, he comes over with a chess set. They don’t say much. They just play and by the end of it, Ron finds himself smiling. He has someone in his family to play chess with now.

Scorpius is a regular at family dinners. From then on, so are chess games. 

“Baby’s moving!” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

It had been four months since you told your husband, Bucky, you were pregnant and five months since you found it out. Since then you two had started preparing the nursery room but from time to time Bucky couldn’t help but get all insecure. He still feared that the shit HYDRA put in his head would pop up again. It had been two years since you found a way to take it out from him and ever since, there had been no problem so you were relaxed about it, but you couldn’t blame him for feeling otherwise.

That was one of the reasons he didn’t like the idea of you being pregnant but as soon as he saw for the first time an ultrasound of the baby he completely changed his mind and he started arranging everything from the very beginning. He always took care of you, the second you needed anything he was there to get it from you. Sometimes, he would even get a bit upset if someone else got it first which was really adorable.

But the baby hadn’t moved yet which really worried you. You had heard that they used to move on the fourth month but you were on the fifth. The doctor, Bruce, assured you the baby was ok and maybe it would take him or her a little bit of time to move. There was no rush. But you couldn’t be completely relaxed. It was your baby you were talking about.

“(Y/N) you heard Banner. The baby is ok, don’t worry”, Bucky said as you two walked into the apartment when you came back from the tower.

“But he should be moving already… what if something is wrong but Bruce didn’t see it?” You said looking at him as you took out your coat.

Bucky sighed doing the same as you and then took your face in his hands. You were already used to the feeling of his metal arm in contrast of his real one, but this time it was cold from the outside which made you shiver.

“Sorry”, he chuckled putting the metal arm down. “Babe, nothing is wrong. Maybe she is a bit lazy, don’t you think? And she’s too comfortable in there”, he said placing his metal arm on your belly which was now bigger.

“First, it is a he not a she.” You said smiling a little. “And he’s not lazy!” You added with a frown as you looked down at his hand.

He laughed a little and pecked your lips softly and then your cheek.

“Look, if you are that worried. We will go to see Bruce again in a couple of days? That way, he maybe can do something so she moves and also confirms that he is actually a beautiful little she”.

You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen. You had been having that same conversation about the baby sex for a month now. You wanted a boy and he wanted a girl, also you had the feeling that it would be a boy but Bucky didn’t listen to you. It was actually amusing to talk about it over and over again.

“So?” He asked leaning against the doorframe.

“We are going back in two days, whether he moves or not so you just shut your mouth about he being a girl”, you said smiling at him.

He smiled and moved to you to plant a small kiss on your forehead before going out of the kitchen. You were still nervous and worried but somehow he managed to calm you down a bit. As he always did. As he was taking a shower you started preparing dinner for you two. You made some fish and also a salad that was ready by the time he emerged from the room already dressed in some sweatpants and a white t-shirt.

Once you two finished your dinner he offered to wash everything while you went to the bedroom to change into your pyjamas. As you were bended down to take your shorts from the floor you felt a kick against your stomach that made you stop on your tracks. Was it real? Or just your imagination? You stood up with a hand against your stomach, waiting. Some seconds later you felt another one.

“BUCKY!” You yelled walking fast out of the bedroom.

“What? What happened?” He asked running out of the kitchen with a scare look on his eyes. “Are you ok?”

“He kicked. The baby’s moving!” You said.

He looked at you for a few seconds before running to you and placing his hands over your stomach as well, waiting. Maybe you two looked like idiots from the outside: two grown up people just touching a belly; but for you it was being one of the most breath-taking moments of your relationship and your life.

“I felt it!” He exclaimed looking up at you.

You two looked at each other as you could felt the movements inside your belly. Your son was there. Really in there and he was getting bigger and strong, day by day.

“Bucks…” you mumbled tearing up as you saw him tearing up as well. He smiled at you and hugged you tightly, snuggling his head in your neck.

“I love you so much, (Y/N)”, he whispered. “Gosh, he’s going to be amazing”, he chuckled as the baby moved again.

“You said he?” You laughed pulling away to look at him.

“Well, he’s kicking too hard to be a girl”, as he said that you crossed your arms and looked at him raising an eyebrow. “What?”

“Are you saying that a girl cannot be strong?” You said. He looked at you opening and closing his mouth, like he was looking for the right words to get out of the trouble he just got in.

“No, I mean… Of course but…”

“Just for that Barnes, it will be a girl. As strong as her mother and hopefully not as idiot as her father”, you said walking back into the room but you could hear his laugh before you closed the door to hide your own smile.

SIGNS AS: texts from last night...PART THREE!

Aries: (913):
I’ve decided to have sex with him one more time to make sure I don’t like him

Taurus: (570):
I got horny for like a second but the eggplant snapped me out of it

Gemini: (860):
i’m sitting in bed scratching my boobs and wearing a sparkly fedora and have no one to blame but myself

Cancer: (843):
Girl you’re stalking so hard you’re gonna know both their social security numbers soon (as the stalker) lmao

Leo: (815):
When is the right time to ask your new roommate for her school schedule so she doesn’t walk in on you fucking some rando in the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon?

Virgo: (248):
Fucking hipsters really piss me off man. They are just such punk as bitches, all of them. Oh, and fuck Ed Hardy too.

Libra: ((403):

Scorpio: (603):
I moved to this city Tuesday and got laid Saturday. Still got it.

Sagittarius: (425):
Weddings might be fun but they are not getting fucked in the wilderness fun.

Capricorn: (623):
I made out with him in the club and he endorsed me on Linkedin. My networking skills are off the charts.Fav 0 20 1

Aquarius: (317):
Also, what day were you thinkin we should trip balls at the children’s museum?

Pisces: (734):
Someone needs to lock me in a chastity belt because all my vagina does is get me into trouble. Fuck.

Liam: Birthday

A/N: Remeber when I said I was going to be posting more?? I’m sorry I’m the worst! But I’m going to try and do one or more a week from now on, so hopefully you’ll see more stuff soon! 

:) Rachel

You laughed at something Liam had said, both of you taking your time walking back to school. Liam had convinced you to ditch because it was your birthday and he said you deserved it. He’d dragged you out of the school without a second thought about telling the rest of the pack.

Now just before the final bell rang you were on your way back, entering the school as the bell sounded. Students filed out of the classrooms as quickly as they could. You and Liam dodged your teachers, giggling to yourselves.

Liam dug his face in the crook of your neck as you waited for Scott and Stiles. His hands trailed up and down your side, pressing light kisses on your skin. “Happy birthday, gorgeous.”

You laughed, pushing Liam playfully. “Thank you for this,” you said for the thousandth time that day. You could feel Liam smiling against your neck, both of you getting caught up in the moment.

After everything that was happening in Beacon Hills, it was nice to get away. You two didn’t have to talk about the chimeras, or the dread doctors. You were just two normal high schoolers ditching school.

Liam took your face in his hands, pressing a long kiss on your lips. You two didn’t see Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Kira all running up to you. Liam didn’t even hear them until they skidded to a stop in front of you.

Liam grabbed your waist pulling you into his side. It had become a habit of his to keep you as close as possible whenever something startled him. His eyes glowed, trying to intimidate whatever was in front of you. He immediately switched back to his blue eyes when he saw it was the pack.

“Where have you been?!” Scott panted. He was always so protective of his baby sister, and when she’d suddenly disappeared he’d almost lost it.

You jumped, looking up at the pack in alarm. “I was- I mean- we…” you looked at Liam, biting your lip.

“I took her out,” he said, pulling you a little closer. “It’s just because today’s her birthday and all, I figured we should do something special.”

“You took her out– on her birthday,” Scott said, taking deep breaths. Both Stiles’ and Lydia’s attention immediately snapped to him, not needing to be reminded of when Scott did the same thing for Allison.

“Yeah, we-” you began, before looking up at Scott. Liam tensed hearing your heart began to beat faster. Your eyes were locked with Scott’s, his had gone glassy, a wall of water piling up. “Scott, what’s wrong?”

You broke out of Liam’s hold, taking a step forward. Scott grabbed you, pulling you into the tightest hug he’d ever given you. You held onto him just as tightly. Lydia and Stiles looked at each other sadly, Kira and Liam sharing confused looks.

“Scott, you’re scaring me,” you told him. “What’s wrong?” you asked again. Scott was silent for a minute, regaining his composure, before pulling away.

He smiled lightly at you, “Nothing. You just scared me is all. Tell me before you disappear like that again, okay champ?”

You gaped at him, confused. You could always read Scott like a book, and tell when he was lying. Unsure about why he wasn’t telling you the truth, you pulled him into another hug. “I will,” you told him, making him wrap his arms around you tighter.

Stiles and Lydia looked at each other knowingly. They both looked at Liam, who was confused beyond belief, as you held your brother who was close to tears. “It’s like…” Lydia said trailing off as Stiles nodded.

“Scott and Allison,” he finished for her, squeezing her hand reassuringly. Stiles and Lydia remembered how much Scott and Allison were in love, and they could see it in you and Liam too. The pack just prayed that your story wouldn’t end like theirs.

Life with a Siren

After their escape from the crew, the siren and his human started living together in domestic bliss. The managed to find an area full of underwater caves and tidepools, and soon a small cottage was built over the area (and some additions to make access for the siren were made as well). Bill couldn’t have been happier.
A two years into this lifestyle, Bill started acting funny. He would dart back and forth and sleep more than usual. But soon this would all make sense.
He popped his head through one of the openings in the earth before smiling at Marvin and diving back down. When he returned, he was carrying a small creature in his mouth. He swam over to one of the tidepools and carefully laid it down. He sniffed and licked the creature before diving back down into the deeper waters. When he returned this time, he nudged the creature into the tidepool. The second one was attempting to swim and eventually got into the pool, settling itself next to the first. Bill then curled himself around them, tail redting just outside of the pool, making sure they came up to breath. The two creatures had beautiful, shimmering, golden scales and blonde hair. The only difference was that one’s eye color was more golden and the other’s more hazel.


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The Never-Ending Games

  2. Humbug / post-Rascalize
  3. SIAS / COTT
  4. AM / DFWYA

This was something I’ve been wanting to do for so long, even before they announced the second one, but I was always thinking “Nahhh, what’s the point anyway?” Well, here it is. It’s exactly what it looks like, too, pretty much just my Milex headcanons for different eras over the years… I think I’ll come back to continue this, but not in any time soon. (There’ll definitely be one for AM6/MK3 but, I’ll have to see what kind of vibes I get from it after it’s over; possibly one more for TLSP3 if/when it happens, I can’t say for sure.) 

If I’m being honest here, I was rather amused by what Alex said recently, that this is it for the Puppets and there may not be a third one. I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything, but it just seems like it’s gonna be Humbug all over again, which is anything but surprizing. I’m prepared is all I’m saying, and I’ll be waiting for the next record all the same :) With the second one actually happening, I’m not gonna complain. Besides, I’ll be looking forward to their own projects and I really can’t wait for their new music! I’ll miss 2016 and I’m already missing my lovely boys but I’m grateful enough <3

‘Take A Stand’ a Zootopia/Robin Hood fanfiction Chapter 2 by CreweFox (AKA Garouge Faux)

Chapter 2- What’s worse than a Hangover?


Most mammals are woken up by a sound or someone gently shaking their shoulder but this morning Judy Hopps was awoken by a smell, a scent that she knew all too well and one that made her heart beat just a little bit faster every time she sniffed it. Violets; that was the scent what she was smelling and since she grew up in a family where plant husbandry was essential she knew it the second her nose came into contact with it, however violets bore a very strong resemblance to red fox musk whereas arctic foxes’ musk was clearly vanilla. Judy breathed in the smell of violets and muttered in a barely audible voice “…Nick.” 

But as soon as she spoke all of her others senses came crashing into focus like some horrible car wreck. She fluttered her amethyst eyes open only to snap them shut when the burning light hit them, her usually silky soft grey fur felt sweaty and rough, all she could hear was irritating ringing in her ears likely an after effect of the loud nightclubs last night and all she could taste was the lingering and disgusting flavour of vomit but all of that paled in comparison to the agonising jack hammer sensation of her pulsing headache “Oh sweet cheese and crackers, not again.” the hungover rabbit groaned with regret. Judy dared to open one eye to get a grasp of where she was, thankfully she recognised that she was laying on the sofa in Nick’s apartment, with great effort she turned her gaze to coffee table in front of her where a plastic bucket was placed, a bottle of water and a pack of aspirin. Judy saw the aspirin and instantly thought Thank heavens! Although when she sat up she noticed she was not dressed in her normal pyjamas but in one of Nick’s ghastly green shirts and only that, in a panic she peeked under the shirt to realise she was wearing no underwear. “Where are my panties?!” She gasped loudly resulting in a surge of pain from her headache.


“In the dryer.” A smug voice answered.


Judy looked across the open plan living room/kitchen to see Nick standing at the kitchen counter holding a mug of coffee, he was dressed in a pair of black sweatpants and a navy ‘ZPD’ t shirt and on his face was the most satisfied smirk Judy had ever seen. “N-Nick what am I doing in your apartment?” Judy asked through a strained and painful haze.


Nick giggled before saying “Oh Carrots have I got a tale for you.”



“Sorry Wilde,” Delgato opened before looking down “but I can’t throw in her in the drunk tank.” Nick followed the Lion’s gaze and felt a mix of amusement, embarrassment and worry all in one second. Handcuffed to Delgato’s wrist was Judy, her eyes barely open, swaying to and fro, reeking of alcohol, she was dressed in a black skirt with a pink t shirt with the words ‘Francine’s bachelorette entourage!’ and to top it off there was a small orange traffic cone placed on her head.

“Heeeeey N-nick, look at me I’m the vodka wiiiiitch!” Judy slurred, flaying her hands like she was casting some spell.

“Oh what fresh hell is this?” Nick groaned.

 “Me and Wolford found her in Sahara square chasing down trying to arrest a Wallaby for pick pocketing, luckily the Wallaby ran right into me and I cuffed him but I still had this little grey party animal to contend with.” Delgato explained. “Wolford’s outside ready to take the Wallaby to lock up but I need to get rid of this witch.”

 “Are yo-ou guys talk-HIC-ing about meeeee?” Judy hiccupped, almost stumbling over.

 “I’m sorry Nick but I couldn’t just leave her like this and your apartment was closer than hers.” Delgato apologised, uncuffing Judy from his wrist.

 “No you did the right thing bringing her here, I owe ya buddy.” Nick thanked the tall Lion, as he gently placed his paw on Judy’s shoulder and guided her into the apartment.

 “Good luck Wilde, you’re going to need it.” Delgato said as he walked back down the hallway.

 Nick closed the door and turned to Judy with a sigh “You didn’t take advice about drinking water and food before booze, did you?”

 “Nope!” Judy replied with the cheekiest grin she could pull, still swaying.

 “What happened to the others? Why were you on your own?”  Nick asked, sounding more like a parent telling off their child than a best friend.

 “Well DAAAAD! We were in a n-nightclub and I spotted this Wallllllllaby stealing stuff off drunk mammals HIC! And I was all like ‘Uh-uh not on my w-watch’ so I chased him outside until we bumped into Delgato and Wolford.” The drunk Judy recalled defiantly.

 “Even when you’re partying Officer Fluff is still on duty.” Nick couldn’t help but smile. “What’s with traffic cone?”

 “I told you I’m the v-vodka witch!” Judy announced in overly dramatic voice “And this is my witch’s hat.”

 “Where did you get it?” Nick asked going over to the fridge and retrieving a bottle of water for Judy.

 “Ummmm…I can’t remember.”   Judy slurred.

 Nick shook his head and handed Judy the bottle of water and said “Drink up carrots.”

 “Why?” Judy asked, unscrewing the cap and taking a good glug.

 “Because you’re going to feel worse when you wake up if you don’t, now drink that and you’re going to sleep.” Nick said, still half asleep “I’ll get you a pillow and a blanket.”

 Judy pounced suddenly and wrapped her arms around Nick’s chest “But Niiiiiiiick, I don’t wanna go to sleep yet!” Judy whined like a small child “Let’s order take out!”

 “It’s nearly 5.30 am.” Nick pointed out, successfully hiding his embarrassment of having Judy so close to him.

 “Breakfast takeout then!” Judy giggled before burying her face into Nick’s furry chest “Mmm, soft.” She said dreamily.

 “Uh Carrots?” Nick sounded, losing his composure slightly.

 Judy continued to rub her face into Nick’s chest before taking a big old sniff, she looked up at the flustered Nick with a mischievous glint in her eye and said “I’ll make you a deal, I w-will go to sleep if you are my pillow.”

 “Well, Um, I, eh, that wouldn’t…” Nick babbled in an uncharacteristic manner.

 But before another word could be uttered Judy let go of Nick and ran towards the bathroom with her paw covering her mouth, she was barely out of Nick’s sight when he heard her wretch and gag. Nick dashed after her and nearly stepped in a puddle of barf, he was met with a scene of Judy with her head in the toilet throwing up and the traffic cone that was on her head was now tossed on the white tiled floor, however there was also other little puddles of vomit from where she missed the toilet. Nick tip toed over the barf and knelt beside Judy and held back her ears so she wouldn’t get them covered with sick, as she wretched Nick noticed that she had also thrown up all over her clothes, he rolled his eyes and said “Well this is a pleasant wake up call.”

 “I’m sorry Nick.” Judy panted, even though she was blind drunk Nick could tell she was being sincere.

 “It’s alright Carrots.” Nick assured. It was another ten minutes before Judy finished vomiting, Nick handed her a pair of his boxers and his favourite green shirt for her to change into, there was no way he was going to let her sleep in barf soaked clothes.

 However whilst Nick was setting up the sofa for the inebriated bunny to sleep on Judy wandered back into the living room wearing the shirt but it was unbuttoned leaving her naked form on show “Thanks for lending me this.” Judy gave a sozzled smile.

 Nick turned to see her and nearly had a heart attack, there she was the mammal he loved most in the world naked and alluring…and way too drunk. Nick did the right thing and turned his back to her and nearly shouted “Judy why aren’t you dressed properly!?”

 “Well the boxers kept falling down and I can’t button this damn shirt.” Judy replied, seemingly not caring that her body was exposed. “Nick can you help button this?”

 “What?!” He squeaked like a nervous teenager.

 “I’m too tired and too hammered to do it…plus you get a free peep show.” Judy teased in a drunken yet sultry voice.

 “Judy.” Nick breathed, this was getting too much, he could feel the skin under his fur heating up. Just do it Nick, just help her get dressed and put her to bed he told himself. Nick quickly went over to the drunken bunny and swiftly fastened the buttons on the shirt.

 “Thanks.” She grinned before going over to sofa and crashing onto it, she positioned the pillow under her head and whispered “Night Nick.”

 Nick put a blanket over her and whispered back “Goodnight sweetheart.” And walked away with his heart still racing and picturing Judy’s beautiful body as he left the room, maybe cleaning up the mess in bathroom would calm him down




“No.” Judy uttered, she wasn’t sure what she would die of first; her hangover or her embarrassment.

“Yes.” Nick smirked, pouring Judy a cup of coffee.

 “No, no, no.” Judy groaned covering her eyes with her long velvety ears.

 “Oh yes, yes, yes.” Nick smiled smoothly, placing the coffee mug on the table in front of her alongside the asprin, water bottle and bucket.

 “Delgato cuffed me, I had a traffic cone on my head, I tried to use you as a pillow, threw up everywhere and I…I strutted around naked…kill me now.” Judy whined, the thumping ache in her head was growing worse and worse.

 “That’s the top and bottom of it Fluff.” Nick summed up.

 “I am so sorry Nick, let me drink this coffee then I’ll clean up the mess I made.” Judy offered, wanting to atone for being such a pain.

 “Already done Carrots,” Nick eased “listen take the asprin, enjoy your coffee and I’ll make you a hangover cure breakfast after I have a shower, how does that sound?”

 Despite feeling rubbish and gross Judy softly smiled at her dumb fox and replied shyly “That sounds great…and thanks, you know, for taking care of me.”

 “Anytime Vodka Witch.” He joked before heading off to the now clean and vomit free bathroom.

 Judy picked up the bottle of Asprin and retrieved two tablets, popped them in her mouth and washed them down with a huge swig of water from the bottle Nick left out. He’s so nice Judy’s mind wandered as she picked up the mug of coffee and breathed in the deep comforting smell of the beverage he could’ve called me a cab and sent me home but no, he took care of me, he held my ears back when I was sick, he put my clothes in the laundry, made sure I was hydrated, left out asprin for me…Nick, why are you so good to me? Is it because we’re partners? Because we’re friends? Or is it more? Stop it Judy, just drink your coffee. Judy’s train of thought often travelled to this subject and it always made her confused and melancholy. Plus it hurt to think at this moment of time with her hangover, she shook off the thought and decided to distract herself, she picked up the TV remote resting on the arm of the sofa and turned on the TV. The TV screen lit up and showed the ZNN channel, the smartly dressed Snow Leopard news anchor Fabine Growley and her Moose co-anchor Peter Moosebridge were sat at the desk reading off the latest developments in the city.

 “And our top story this morning is that 5 million dollars has been stolen from a security van in Tundra town last night during a daring heist,” The Snow Leopard read out, the news of the crime made Judy’s ears stand up “but in a surprising twist the assailants proceeded to throw all the money off the tallest building in Tundra Town’s most impoverished neighbourhood, this is believed to be the work of the M.M gang who have commited two similar crimes in last couple of weeks, we’ve reached out to the ZPD for a comment but declined to release a statement.” Judy let out a “Hmm” noise upon hearing that last sentence, it seemed odd to her that Chief Bogo wouldn’t release a statement on such a high profile case but her head hurt too much to dwell on it.

 “In other news two high profile public figures have declared they are running for mayor,” Moosebridge announced, a picture of elderly tanned fur Wolf and a younger Wolverine showed up above the newsreader’s shoulder “seasoned councilman and civil rights campaigner Trevor Moon and the young District Attorney Raymond Bastille have both thrown their hats into the ring with the election just four months away Zootopia’s citizens are eager to see a new mayor elected since the city has been without a mayor since the Night Howler incident.”


 The sharp rasping knock at the front door felt like a hammer blow to Judy’s already splitting head, she got up off the sofa with a pained and peeved expression on her face and made her way to the door.

 KNOCK KNOCK! The visitor repeated sending another jolt of pain through her cranium “Oh sweet cheese and crackers, I’m coming, jeez, give me a sec.” she shouted her frustration, wanting the mammal on the other side to know she was pissed. She unlocked the door and turned the handle but when she opened the door Judy felt a few feelings wash over; surprise, confusion and jealousy. There in the doorway stood a red furred vixen who looked to be in her late thirties to early forties and she was stunning; her fur was well groomed and shiny, she had navy blue eyes and was dressed in a black leather jacket with a lilac blouse underneath and wearing grey skinny jeans, to top it off it off she wore a purple choker with a glimmering sapphire at it’s centre. As you may guess quite a few thoughts raced through Judy’s mind; Who is this is? Oh my gosh she’s gorgeous! Is she Nick’s girlfriend? Is this the woman he was supposed to meet today? But before she could think anymore or even say a word something Judy wasn’t expecting happened.

 The Vixen rushed in and wrapped Judy in a tight hug surprising the Bunny “It’s you,” The Vixen smiled, pulling back to see the bewildered look on Judy’s face “so you’re Judy, it is so nice to finally meet you my dear.”

 All the emotions Judy was feeling could only be voiced as an “Uhhh.”

 “Rough night dear?” The Vixen asked in warm voice getting up and walking into the kitchen area “Never you mind, I’ll rustle you up some breakfast.”

 Judy followed the Vixen into the kitchen and watched with confusion as the red furred beauty got the frying pan out of the cupboard, placed it on the stove and poured some olive oil into the pan. She knows where everything is, so she’s been here before, has she spent the night here before? Judy’s mind racked, her hangover making everything seem hazy. “I’m sorry but who are you?” Judy asked, letting her jealousy peek out a little in her voice.

 “Oh wherever are my manners; I’m Marian.” The Vixen smiled kindly, seemingly not noticing Judy’s icy stare or tone, Judy noticed Marian’s accent wasn’t local but it was very refined and fancy.

 “And how do you know Nick?” Judy questioned, crossing her arms and trying to look intimidating.

 Marian let out a little titter before opening the fridge and retrieving some veggies “Let me guess, Nick hasn’t told you about me? It’s to be expected really; he’s always been guarded when it comes to his personal life.” Marian explained, grabbing the chopping board and a knife from a nearby draw.

 Judy was about to probe further when Nick appeared from the hallway and gasped “Mom!”

 “Morning my little kit.” Marian beamed.

 “Mom?” Judy uttered, her eyes darting between Marian and Nick, there was no way this Vixen was old enough to be Nick’s mother. Her ears went droopy as she looked back at Marian and asked anxiously “You’re Nick’s Mom?”

 “Did I not say that? I’m sorry my dear I thought I did,” Marian apologised stepping over to the stunned Judy “let me try again; hello I’m Marian Wilde, Nick’s mother.”

 “I’m so sorry ma’am!” Judy said quickly and with dismay “I didn’t know who you were.”

 “Sorry? Whatever for?” Marian asked, grinning slightly at the panicky rabbit.

 “I was so rude when you knocked the door and afterwards, I’m sorry Mrs. Wilde.” Judy rushed apology, nervously tugging on one of her ears.

 Marian let out another gentle laugh before saying “My dear Judy you have nothing to be sorry about, and it’s Miss not Mrs actually don’t call me Miss it makes me feel old, it’s Marian.”

 Old? Are you kidding me she looks barely older than Nick? Judy thought before offering “Let me help you make breakfast.”

 “You relax, I don’t mind cooking plus it’s not every day I get to make breakfast for Nick’s girlfriend.” Marian assured, as she continued to slice some mushrooms.

 “Mom!” Nick barked with embarrassment “Judy’s my friend.”

 Judy’s ears shot up and all her fur stood on end She thinks we’re a couple!!! She thought, not sure whether she should feel happy or not about that “Me and Nick are partners and best friends, that’s all.” Judy clarified, sounding nervous.

 Marian looked at Judy and grinned “Judy you look like you’ve been up all night, your fur is ruffled up, you’re in my son’s apartment and to top it off you’re only wearing his favourite shirt. Are you sure you want to keep up this pretence of being ‘Friends’?”

 Judy looked down at herself and realised how it must look She thinks I spent the night with Nick!? “I can explain this!” Judy nearly shrieked causing her to twinge a little with pain.

 “Mom stop teasing her, she went out with the girls from the precinct last night and crashed on my couch.” Nick explained.

 “So you’re not seeing each other?” Marian huffed, clearly disappointed “What a shame.”

 “Not that I’m not glad to see you, but what are you doing here?” Nick asked going over to his slightly shorter mother and kissing her on the cheek.

 “You were supposed to be taking me out to brunch.” Marian reminded.

 “Sorry, I got side tracked with Carrots here.” Nick apologised, nodding at the bashful bunny.

 “Not to worry, I can make you both something while I’m here.” Marian replied.

 Nick looked back at Judy and said “Your clothes are washed and dried, I’ve left them out in the bathroom. Why don’t you take a shower whilst I help my Mom with breakfast.”

 Judy nodded, glad for the excuse to walk away from the embarrassing situation and compose herself “Ok.” Judy agreed before making her way to the bathroom.

 When Marian heard the bathroom door shut she said to her son “You were right.”

 “About what?” Nick asked.

 “She is beautiful.” Marian smiled knowingly, loving the flustered look on her kit’s face.




Judy enjoyed the warm and relaxing shower but even though her body felt better her mind was still going at break neck speed, as she stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself her mind wandered I can’t believe that’s Nick’s Mom, I was such a jerk to her to! She’s so young, was she a teenager when she had Nick? I can’t believe she thought I was Nick’s girlfriend…that did feel nice though. Wait a sec, she didn’t seem to mind that I was a Bunny, does that mean Nick’s dated mammals who weren’t his species before? Judy stop it, you’re just going to make yourself sad. Just get dressed, go eat breakfast and talk to her, it isn’t like she’s scary; she’s really nice.

 Judy quickly got changed back into the black skirt and pink ‘Francine’s Bachelorette Entourage’ t shirt that were freshly laundered, she hopped up and sat on the edge of the sink so that she was eye level with the mirror, she straightened out her fur and made sure she looked her best after her ghastly introduction to Marian. “You can do this Judy,” the 25 year old psyched herself up “she’s nice and she seems to like you, just go out there and make a good impression.” 

 Judy jumped down and opened the door to hallway to be met with a pleasurable mixture of smells wafting up her twitching pink nose, she smelled the unmistakable scent of fried vegetables, without knowing it her pace quickened and she rushed back into the open plan living room/kitchen to see that Nick and Marian were sitting at the kitchen worktop ready to tuck into their late morning feast. “There she is, the prettiest bunny in Zootopia.” Marian cooed as she saw the fresh faced bunny.

 “Mom quit embarrassing her,” Nick played down “come sit down Carrots Mom’s made her special hangover cure fried breakfast.”

 Judy climbed up onto the kitchen stool and looked upon the fat heavy, headache killing, carb-a-rific veggie breakfast she was about to consume. To start off we had fried tomatoes with fried mushrooms, then a large portion of baked beans soaked in Worcestershire sauce, a couple of tofu sausages and two cakes of bubble and squeak (To all non UK & Irish readers bubble and squeak is a fried potato cake with cabbage in it, it’s an awesome hangover cure-G.FAUX)  “This looks amazing.” Judy complimented as she looked at the mouth-watering dish.

 “Oh dear you’re just saying that.” Marian feigned shyness, taking a bite of some fried mushrooms from her own plate.

 “I’m serious Miss Wil- I’m sorry Marian, this breakfast is lovely.” Judy corrected herself before taking a mouthful of beans.

 “Carrots is always honest, so when she says your cooking is lovely she means it.” Nick added, chomping on his bubble and squeak.

 “Now that’s a cute nickname; Carrots.” Marian commented.

 “He kind of gave it to me when we weren’t friends.” Judy explained, enjoying her food.

 “Hmmm?” Marian made a noise indicating she was intrigued.

 “It’s when I was selling pawpsicles, before I became a cop.” Nick cleared up.

 “Oh…I see.” Marian replied, caught off guard.

 Judy saw the hurt and puzzlement in Marian’s eyes and responded “Nick helped me when I needed him most, you raised a good kit Marian.”

 “I just wish I could’ve been there more.” Marian confessed, sipping the tea she had prepared from scratch.

 “Mom we’ve talked about this, it was me not you.” Nick spoke up, a few dents in his armour showing up.

 “Am I missing something?” Judy asked, taking a bite out of a fried tomato.

 Nick sighed slightly and said “Me and Mom only started talking again after I graduated the police academy, I was a bit of a asshole for the last few years.”

 “Nick you must stop punishing yourself.” Marian replied with force.

 “What happened?” Judy couldn’t help but ask.

 “Some old family wounds came to surface,” Nick elaborated “I heard the truth and ran like an idiot.”

 Judy was about to ask more questions when Marian said to Judy “Enough about us Wildes, I hear you have 275 siblings that is bound to be more interesting than our silly stories.”

 Judy smiled at the Vixen, both with reciprocated kindness and the knowledge that Marian wanted to dodge the subject, whatever the Vixen’s past was she meant to keep it buried in the past and Judy played along “Well I’m one of the kits from an older litter…” Judy began, feeling strangely comfortable next to Mammal she loved most in the world and his Mother.




It was another couple of hours before Judy felt well enough to leave Nick’s apartment since Marian was ready to leave as well she offered to drive the Bunny back home. Marian hugged and kissed her son goodbye whilst Judy apologised again and thanked Nick again for taking care of her which he shrugged off in his typical manner. Marian had a classic MG convertible that was the same colour as the jewel on the choker she was wearing, the two mammals got in and made their way to Judy’s place. “I can see why Nick talks about you so much, you really are amazing.” Marian spoke up as the car stopped at a red light.

 “You’re just saying that.” Judy played down acting oddly timid.

 “Humble as well, another good point.” Marian grinned, Judy noticed that she had a similar smile to Nick’s.

 “Can I ask you something?” Judy said, sounding a little sheepish.

 “Let me guess you want to know how old I am?” Marian asked back, the light turned green and she continued driving.

 “How did you know?” Judy queried, a little shocked.

 “Don’t worry I get that question a lot when people see me with Nick; I’m 49.” Marian revealed.

 “Really? You don’t look it, I’d say 40 tops.” Judy gasped.

 “Why thank you dear.” Marian smiled at the compliment.

 “But Nick’s 33 that means…” Judy started but didn’t finish her sentence for fear of offending the Vixen.

 “I was 16 when I had Nick, just another teenage mother.” Marian finished. “Does that shock you?”

 “Not really I mean I’m from Bunnyburrow, teen pregnancy is kind of the norm with us, I mean come on we’re Rabbits.” Judy stated the obvious, feeling at ease once more.

 Marian let out a small laugh before saying “So how long have you liked my kit?”

 “What!?” Judy scoffed, caught off guard.

 “Oh don’t act innocent, I saw the way you look at him.” Marian gave her most charming smile, another trait Nick inherited.

 “Well, uh, that’s, I…oh sweet cheese and crackers.” Judy rambled before hiding her face in her paws.

 “Well if you ever do get the courage to tell Nick how you feel let me just say I approve of you.” Marian encouraged, making a turn onto Judy’s block.

 Judy peeked up and asked with hope “You do?”

 “Of course, you turned my boy’s life around, you’re a great mammal and pretty to boot.” Marian praised.

 “But…but I don’t even know if Nick likes women that aren’t vixens let alone me.” Judy voiced her worries.

 Marian let out a loud laugh before replying “You’re joking right? His first girlfriend was a badger, he’s dated a lynx, a capybara and a dingo, sure he’s dated some vixens to but species never mattered to Nick.”

 “He’s an Inter?!” Judy asked loudly.

“I assume from the way you’re acting that you’re an Inter to?” Marian asked back, still wearing a sunny smile.

 “Well…” Judy answered shyly “I’ve only been with other Rabbits before, Nick is the first guy I’ve ever been attracted to who wasn’t a Bunny.”

 Marian pulled up outside Judy’s apartment building before turning to the lovesick Bunny beside and said in soft voice “Here’s some advice my dear; Men are wimps when it comes to making the first move so that’s why us Women have to take charge. Nick likes you Judy, I can tell but you’re both torturing yourselves with uncertainty. I mean I was the one who asked Robin out.”

 “Robin?” Judy asked, curious.

 “Nick’s father.” Marian answered, her smile fading slightly.

 “What happened to him?” Judy asked, sensing something was amiss.

 “That’s a story for another day my dear.” Marian avoided.

 Judy let the subject go and opened the car door “Thanks for the ride Marian.” She said, stepping onto the pavement.

 “Anytime and remember my advice; take charge.” Marian said with a wink before driving away.  

 Judy watched Marian as she drove down the street and thought happily Nick’s an Inter, I might have a chance but that happy thought was interrupted by the annoying buzz from her smartphone, she retrieved it from her skirt pocket and saw that there was over 100 updates on Furbook page, she opened up the app to see a picture herself, with a traffic cone on her head, dancing in a nightclub beside a laughing Francine and Nala with the caption ‘The Vodka Witch busts a move’. Nala had posted all the photos of last night online, Judy let out a loud audible groan whilst thinking What’s worse than a hangover? Strutting naked in front of Nick, throwing up everywhere, making a fool of myself in front of Marian and photographic evidence of me acting like an idiot that’s what.

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List of Scenarios

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Here’s the list of Big Bang Scenarios that has been requested. Feel free to check them out and comment. Just click them to go to the Scenario.



Coming Soon: My Pillar, Personal Performer


Coming Soon: Working Relationship, Atelophobia, TABI being TABI



Coming Soon: Too Much


Gold Medal T-Shirt (part 2/2)

Emma is an Olympic swimmer at her last games. Killian, her boyfriend and fellow Olympian, is at the pool to watch her race for a medal. But what Emma doesn’t know is that Killian got crafty to suprise her afterwards. Two-shot.

Find part 1 here on Tumblr and here on FF. Thanks for all the support on this story! It’s blown me out of the water and convinced me to do a second part!

Emma had to miss Killian’s race the day after her own. It wasn’t a big deal because in a laser dingy regatta they raced ten times before the final. There was just no way Emma could get out of all the TV interviews the networks wanted after her gold medal win. It meant more attention and potentially help with attracting students as she planned to transition into coaching as soon as the games were done. Killian recognized that and had actually been the one who ended up successfully convincing her to go get interviewed instead of making the journey to the regatta.

Of course there had been more questions about her reaction to winning, climbing into the crowd to be with Killian and the following proposal, than her race. The camera men wanted to see the ring she now wore. Interviewers wanted to know when they would hold their wedding. Who would be invited? Would any of the Olympic swim team come? What about the sailing team? Who did she call first after the proposal? In reality she hadn’t had to call anyone since the proposal had been broadcasted across the world. For a private person like Emma, the attention on her personal live rather than her athletic ability was overwhelming and uncomfortable. But when she slipped into bed that night beside Killian, Liam’s ring on her finger, she found the prying eyes didn’t really matter that much.

Just because Emma had missed the first day of racing after the proposal didn’t mean she didn’t have a plan to respond with her own t-shirt. But she was going to wait until the final. What she was planning on putting on it would be too much of a distraction for Killian and it would risk his final races.

With the four race days crammed so close to her swimming competitions she only made it to two of his races. She knew the camera crews watched her after the races but she was waiting. Killian was making a decent showing but she knew he had more in him and she wouldn’t distract him to the point where he’d throw his whole competition. On the day she did make it she was there to watch him capsize, an Italian laser crashing into him and bringing them both down. Her heart was in her throat as the other lasers raced past, her hand fluttering down to rest on her stomach while she held her breath. But a few long moments later Killian surfaced, cursing and angry but safe.

Emma knew Killian was a capable sailor. One of the highest ranked in the world, sitting in third place after the year’s circuit but having oscillated through all three top standings since the last Olympics. The capsizing wouldn’t ruin his chances as the worst race was dropped before the medal race, so long as he didn’t do it again. It had never really bothered Emma when Killian flipped his boat because it had a weird sense of nostalgia to it for her and capsizing lasers was just part of the sport since the boats were so small and light. But now, now things were different. And not just because of the ring she wore on her finger.

That night Emma had been so amped up with the residual stress from the race, her muscles tight and strokes shorter than usual, that she came third, a bronze medal, in the race the world thought she’d be a shoe-in for gold for, the 100m freestyle. When Killian pulled her into bed that night he made her promise not to go see his regatta the next day and concentrate on her final two races, the 4x100 relay and the 100m breast stroke happening the same night. Emma knew Killian had figured out something was up. As an athlete they all knew injury was always possible and had almost become numb to it after so long in the circuit, yet Emma was suddenly terrified to see him get hurt.

If only he knew what Emma was waiting to reveal.

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Supernatural au - Meg Turney

Meg Turney: Hell’s second most feared demon. Her past is a mystery, all that is known is that her human name was LeeAnn but she changed it as soon as she arrived in Hell. Torture was her favourite pass time; the Mad King often allowing her to run free in the dungeons and play with whomever she pleased. Love was never a thing she imagined herself feeling, that was until she left Hell and became intrigued. Gavin was like no one she’d ever met. He had such a pure heart; it was not long before she became infatuated. He has yet to tell her that she was the one that first made him feel any emotion.

Playing House - Ames78 - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: ½
Fandom: Holby City
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bernie Wolfe/Serena Campbell
Characters: Bernie Wolfe, Serena Campbell
Additional Tags: berena - Freeform, Slow Burn, Will become Mature eventually, Mostly Fluff, Some angst, Some sexy times, brief mention of PTSD

Or, The One Where Bernie and Serena are Essentially Married but Take Forever to Realize It.

1st Chapter is mostly from Serena’s point of view.

2nd Chapter will be mostly from Bernie’s.

The second time Serena catches her sleeping on the floor of their office, wearing the same scrubs from the day before, she decides it’s time for Bernie to move in with her and Jason.

“I’ll find a new place soon,” Bernie assures her, trying to demur. “Besides, I’ve bunked in rougher camps than this.”

“It isn’t up for debate,” Serena insists, shaking away thoughts of Bernie trying to sleep in some hole in the desert. “You can have Elinor’s old room – I’m sure Jason won’t mind.”

“And if he does?” Bernie asks, reaching up to the door frame to stretch out her back, exposing her navel in the process.

“Well…” Serena hesitates, momentarily losing her train of thought, “then tough tits – it’s my house.”

Bernie shakes her head but gratefully accepts the coffee Serena hands her. “I don’t want to impose…”

“You won’t be – I’ll charge a reasonable rent and provide you with a list of household chores, if it makes you feel better.”

“I’m a terrible housemate…” Bernie warns.

But Serena isn’t having it anymore. “You look like a balled up scrap of newspaper, you’re still recovering from a spinal fracture, it’s bad for your back, Hansen could walk in at any minute….”

“People will think we’re lovers!” The words are out of her mouth before Bernie can stop them.

Awkward pause.

“Well, we know that we’re not,” Serena answers reasonably. “So who cares what people think?”

Eventually, Bernie waves the white flag, knowing full well that Serena always gets her way in the end. “Just until I can secure some new digs…”

“Of course,” Serena agrees, wondering what she’s getting herself into and why.

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mcspirk for the headcanons, please

(Warning: This is sad so beware - I though this idea up yesterday)

“Please, you can’t do this to me,” McCoy whispered. He was on his knees, his hands shaking in front of him. He was facing the bodies of Kirk and Spock. They were knocked unconscious, and their faces were tilted towards each other.

“You only have time to save one of them,” the ensign next to him says, “Right? Don’t waste that time and kill them both.”

“I can’t. I love both of them.” McCoy trembled. The seconds were counting down, and he had to choose soon. He had to make a choice. All they had done was fly down to a planet today, to get some aliens to sign a diplomatic contract from the federation. Somehow they had ended up here, in this hell. It happened so quick, so fast, and then both Spock and Jim were on the floor collapsed. Only time to save one. Only enough supplies to save one. They couldn’t beam anyone up or down. Nothing could be beamed up or down at the moment. Bones couldn’t call for help. Couldn’t beam them aboard to safety. One of them had to die today. At his hand. There was probably about thirty seconds left before they were both going to inevitably die. The ensign beside him was quiet. She had given up on trying to convince him to choose. Bones took the hypo from his medical kit with a shaky hand. He could feel a burning in his cheeks.

He couldn’t bare to think of either one of them dead, or one of them waking up to find their lover dead, to know the other lover did it. “You do it ensign, I’m sorry I…I can’t.”
She took the hypo from him and obviously chose the captain, the one the ship probably couldn’t afford to lose, injecting the hypo quickly. Bones felt himself break into a cry and everything became a blur.

It felt like an eternity later, but he heard his name being called. It was Spock. Had he died too? He lifted his head from where he was curled in a ball and turned to see Kirk and Spock huddled next to him, worried expressions plastered on their faces.

“You…Spock… You were dead.” McCoy didn’t wait for a response before pulling Spock’s face in with his hands and kissing him with all the passion he had lost only moments ago. Spock pulled away then, his face flushed green. Kirk grumbled, “I also woke up, Bones.”

“We gave you the hypo, shut up.”

Spock cleared his throat, “I believe it has something to do with my Vulcan physiology. I predict-”

“Of course it has something to do with that annoying anatomy of yours, you pointy eared…vulcan!”
Spock rolled his eyes. Jim smiled reaching out a hand to place on Bones shoulder. The doctor reveled in the touch. “I’m sorry if we scared you there, Bones.”

“You better be sorry.”

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Hey, I was going through your Ziam hashtag (which was seriously a bad idea; feels) but I was wondering if you ever looked at the evidence In the YouTube videos by I love your skirt Mary? That person goes into so much detail about Ziam, the tattoos, Zerrie engagement, Sophiam and etc. they even go as far as to make a set date of when they believe Ziam became official. If you wouldn't mind; thank you could take some time and look it over and give some feedback? (There's 7ish videos 1hr + for some)

Oh yes. I have seen the ILYSM videos and as soon as I watched one I was like 

Those videos made me mad for many reasons: 

1. The editing. I kept having to pause and go back to read everything they put into a one second frame. 

B. It fucking made me believe that Zayn Malik and Liam Payne are in love and in a relationship together and I was already busy with Louis and Harry’s drama.  


I bet Liam made these videos. 

Anyway yeah. I’ve seen the videos. They ruined my vida loca. 

Guess who?  Zecaeru!

Here’s a preview of my 3D Adventures with Matthew.  Isn’t he a cutie?  This project was a super AWESOME way to work on 3ds Max skills.

If anyone is interested, perhaps I’ll post a ‘making of’ post soon.  Thanks for watching!

Update 1:  Added basic skin and hair textures, body animation, eye reflection (he’s looking at you!), and sunlight motion

Update 1.5: Fixed sunlight to be less strobe and more gentle summer day, adjusted facial expression timing, significantly reduced reflections for less “milky” looking eyes, and enlarged irises so Matthew doesn’t creep out my Pixar-phobic friends (and now me as well) ;)

Quick close-up for those tired of scanning the one-second clip:


  • Character inspiration, 2D background, and audio clip are from the Seduce Me Otome game belonging to Michaela Laws (@thebunnyofevil)
  • Abs-laden 2D character art by Camille Ruley (@unruleyart)
  • Voice Acting provided in the audio clip was performed by Ethan Nakashima (@ethannakashimava)

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Killian + M :)

When it rains/snows/storms.

The last of his things are packed and the sky is getting darker by the second. It’s going to start raining soon.

But he finds that he can’t leave just yet. 

He breathes deeply and the salt air tickles his nose. The Jolly Roger rocks back and forth beneath him. It is comforting and familiar.

He slowly runs his hand over the worn and rough wood.

This ship had been with him through one of the darkest times of his life. 

It had been his refuge.

It had been his home.

But as the first few drops fall from the sky onto his face, he smiles. 

He had found a new home. 

He picks up the last box and Emma’s house key jingles in his pocket.  

It was time for a new adventure.

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