Time for the second one soon


I finally assembled my Water paper dollie this morning. :) I’m amassing so much Ghost stuff that I’m going to have to re-arrange my wall again soon! I don’t even have it all hung up right now.

I want to paint a Papa III paper doll, too, of him in his “casual” costume. I also have a good idea for a second fake gig poster type painting to go with the Spirit one. I wish I had more time for art! 

At a young age Iceberg Slim was given an IQ test and was classified a genius. His IQ went over 170 (Albert Einstein’s is said to have had 160). He used this genius one time to escape from prison the second time he was locked up. It was this event that extended his last time in prison when they caught up with him. He soon became a writer, and start writing his STREETS journey.

See more at: http://www.brotherhoodofthegame.com/brotherhood/walking-down-memory-lane-what-makes-a-woman-good-in-bed/#sthash.gwvjSdPw.dpuf

anonymous asked:

Okay, so I'm 20 and I'm and INFP and I've never dated anyone before, so j have NO experience. A guy asked me or this week and I said yes, and proceeded to freak out and have second thoughts the whole week leading up to our first date. Then, we had a fantastic date. He's funny and sweet and fun and I had a great time. But then, as soon as I'm by myself, I start questioning my decision again! It's like my mind is my own worst enemy. What's the deal? Is this normal for an INFP?

It’s a new, exciting experience:) I think any one of any type would have some trouble adjusting, don’t worry.

It’s completely normal to second guess your decisions- especially romantic ones. Just be yourself and things will figure themselves out:) .


***the giveaway is now closed****

Want an awesome Star Trek Backpack or Messenger bag? Want it for free? Then this is the post for you!

With school starting up all too soon (sorry for the reminder) I figured it was a good time for my etsy shop To Boldly Hold to have another giveaway,

There will be TWO prizes: ONE custom backpack and ONE messenger bag with the fabric of your choice!

There will be TWO winners selected. The first winner has their pick between backpack and messenger bag; the second winner receives what the first does not select.

To enter you are allowed ONE REBLOG and ONE LIKE per day. Each note gets you one entry and I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner. (I’m not responsible for any tumblr fuckary i.e. lost reblog’s or likes.)

You do not have to follow me to enter- however, if you like Star Trek enough to use one of these bags, I’d say you have a good chance of liking my blog.

The giveaway will close on Friday August 15th at 9PM PST. The winner will be tagged in a post and I’ll also send an ask, so be sure yours is open. The winners will have 24 hours to respond to the message. If I don’t receive a response within 24 hours, I will select another recipient.

Good luck!

We’ve literally had the most EPIC last few weeks of our lives here in the US… So today we are really excited to announce that we are doing our very own headline tour around the USA & Canada next year ! Tickets go on sale August 9 at 10am local time, and were also holding a presale on August 5 for everyone on our newsletter. We’ll be sending the password & links over the weekend so make sure you sign-up asap: http://www.5sos.com/newsletter/… Also because the first one SOLD OUT in 45 mins, we are adding a SECOND Forum show in LA this November, but more details on that soon :D Hope you can all come and party, its gonna be fun !! Love ya x

Today, I fucked up... by wiping my ass with gum

So… I’m too embarrassed to tell any of my friends this but, here we go. I had been chewing the same piece of gum all morning and it was long past time to spit it out. As I was about to grab lunch from one of our cafeterias, I stopped by the restroom. As soon as I sat down, I pulled out some toilet paper and put my gum in it, as I intended on flushing it. After I finished my glorious shit, I took the same gummy toilet paper. Reached down. And spackled minty gum all over my ass hole. I had no idea what had happened until the second wipe where a long stretchy strand of chewy gum came off the toilet paper. So, now I am eating lunch with a wadded piece of toilet paper between my minty butt cheeks. I have a 15 minute walk home and I’m not looking forward to it.

TLDR; forgot I had old gum in the toilet paper I wiped my ass with and now have an extremely uncomfortable and minty butthole.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Witch Teas

Its 430pm and do you know what that means… Its teatime, Witchy Tea Time. 

I just realized that I haven’t made any posts about tea and witchcraft yet.  Making tea has become a large part of my personal practice; I drink a lot of it. My moms whole side of the family is from Great Britain and we’re HUGE tea drinkers, I basically grew up on it. By the time I was in second grade I would have a cup of tea in the morning with breakfast and then have one as soon as I came home from school… and maybe another cup after dinner. Now the act of drinking tea has evolved into something much more sacred for me, a daily ritual.

Brewing and creating teas are a simple and enjoyable way to include magic into your daily life and activities. By combining herbs with specific correspondences, energies, magical properties or holistic benefits, you can create teas that are able to aid or enhance your work as whole.

Brewing hot tea is a blend of invocation and harmony of the elements.

Earth, represented by the botanicals you are brewing.

Water, the medium in which that plants are infuse into.

Fire, heats the water so that the fusion may occur.

Air, the steam, smell and taste rising from the brew.

Most of the teas that I prepare and drink today aren’t actually considered to be true “tea”. I mostly make herbal infusions, brews or “herbal teas” which are made from various herbs, roots, flowers and such. By creating my own blends it’s easy to find ways to make them apply to practices, also I have found that blends created by the drinker are much more magically potent than store bought blends. This is because your thoughts, intentions and energies are being mixed into the tea as you prepare it. I include tea in many of my rituals, spells, offerings, before or after mediation practices, etc., etc. 

(Some of my witchy tea recipes)

There is really so much potential when it comes to using tea for witchcraft purposes, choosing teas or herbs is a very important element when making brews. Always look and see what you have available and consider your options. Are you being drawn to an uplifting citrus blend, a soothing floral blend perhaps, or maybe even a spicy warm blend? Take note of these things, your choice of herbs can reflect what you may be currently needing at the time. It could be important for the future, especially if you like the results. I always set an intention for my tea, even if it’s something simple, such as to put me in a better mood. I then focus on this intention as a brew and prepare the tea. 

If you love tea and haven’t tried working with it before in your practices I highly recommend that you try it at least once.  

Some ideas are

  • Lavender, chamomile tea for stress relief. 
  • Rose tea for incensed love.
  • Ginger root, honey and cinnamon tea to keep positive and warm on cold shitty days. 
  • Sage, and rosemary for cleansing.
  • Or a white tea with jasmine and roses for a calming meditation blend
  • Then there’s Dream tea or teas for psychic enhancement, or for divination, healing teas… the possibilities are endless
  • Add honey, milk or sugar for sweetness and prosperity  
  • You could even add water and heat safe crystals to your teas for extra power (list of not safe crystals) or place your teapot within a crystal grid. 

When it comes to making my teas for rituals and magic I have a specific teapot that I use. (Its the one in the photo) she’s a tiny dark blue cast iron. (I really need a name for her) I choose to use a cast iron pot for a few reasons, one is super durability, two retains heat well, and three is because I have read that iron is the heart of the earth and universe itself, it is above, and below. Thus making it useful and universal when it comes to magical work. Speaking of teapots you can charge them with crystals or a specific purpose to help aid even further. 

This concludes my mini post on witchcraft tea, I hope you enjoyed it feedback is welcomed


Canceled Concert

Doesn’t Make Sense

  • If Liam were severely sick, they’d know about it in time to cancel the concert before the very last second when everyone is already in the stadium and the opening stuff has gone on.
  • If Liam were mildly sick, he’d be on stage.
  • If Liam were mildly injured, he’d be on stage.
  • If Liam were severely injured, we’d hear about it soon enough, so lying about him being sick would be pointless.

Weird Things

  • Why is Dan Wootton already sticking his nose in, saying he knows that Liam’s not at the hospital?
  • Now Dan Wootton is clearly making insinuations about Liam’s reliability which makes me suspicious.
  • Why are the security guards telling people the rest of the Belfast concerts will probably being canceled?
  • Why are they waiting until morning to give a statement?  If Liam were mildly ill, they should know enough information to give a statement now.
  • There weren’t pre-show pictures like there normally are.  That indicates they knew way ahead of time that the show wasn’t going to go on as normal.
  • Why does a journalist who was supposed to interview them seem to think Niall’s the one that’s sick?
  • Why is there an MTV UK article claiming that an insider knew last weekend were going to be the last concert shows?
  • Dan Wootton is teasing “big” news about revealing future plans for Louis tomorrow.
  • Louis looked off during his UTV interview, but he was acting more like he does when forced to lie during interviews than like he was worried.
"Binge" could not have been a more appropriate title for Tyler Oakley's book.

Obviously, because it’s a common theme and has relevance to the material in the book, but also because almost every person I’ve seen talk about it has said how they couldn’t put it down and felt they had no choice but to binge-read Binge as soon as possible. I’m sure the majority of people probably ended up reading it in one sitting, like I did. It’s that good!

Being a fan of Tyler’s for a long time, I was psyched to read Binge and knew I’d love it, but I was slightly surprised after reading it to discover that it actually seemed like a book anyone (knowing who Tyler is, or not) could read and fall in love with.

It makes you literally feel all the feels, including happiness, sadness, frustration, heartbreak, astonishment and whole lot of second-hand embarrassment (he wasn’t lying when he said he gets dragged the most in it), to name a few. But what stood out the most to me, was how much of the book I literally laughed out loud to. I guarantee that at least 80% of my time reading it involved me trying to control my giggles. Whether it was at his brutal honesty about hook ups, his dumpster diving adventures, writing with a lisp or anything in between, I was dying at the hilarity of it all.

So Tyler, I just wanted to say that Binge has 110% exceeded my expectations, which had already been very high in the first place. The stories were honest, the advice was genuine, the messages were important, the writing was exceptional and best of all, it was just undeniably you. I have no doubt sooo much of your hard work went into Binge, and so, thank you for making sure it was such quality content, inside and out. Congratulations on not only releasing your first book, but doing a fucking amazing job on it! :)

(And to anyone reading this who has yet to get a physical copy, do yourself a favour: www.tyleroakleybook.com)

  • PTV in 2013:new album next year!
  • PTV in 2014:did we say next year? we meant next next year
  • PTV in 2015:yeah so spring. new album coming in the spring
  • PTV in spring 2015:later ok later
  • PTV in 2016:so, it's later.. new album soon??¿¿? this year, maybe??
  • PTV in 2038:trust me on this guys, the album will be out this year. trust me.

slaying the game one fuckboy at a time
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15 Day OTP Challenge | Day 1

Your OTP: Jisbon

you always loved luke’s necklaces and when he told you that you could borrow one for the time he was away on tour, you didn’t hesitate. you chose his iconic antler necklace just because it was long and fell between your breasts. every day that he was away, the charm rested on your chest as a reminder that he would be coming back soon. and finally, the day came that luke came home. you’d finally get to see him in person and not through your cellphone or computer screen. you decided against going to the airport to avoid the chaos and would wait for luke to get to your shared apartment. the moment you heard the door open, you rocketed from the couch to find the tired blonde stumbling into your home, sloughing off his heavy bag. you moved forward, waiting for him to shed all his bags before his eyes locked with yours. but he didn’t touch you, he only hooked one finger around his necklace and tugged you forward. “do you know how much i missed you?” he asked. and you would reply, “not as much as i missed you,” before smashing your lips against his

unspoken rule of homestuck: canon couples never talk

they get shipteased to fuck with lots of dialogue, but as soon as its implied they are canon, they suddenly stop. and im sure it’s deliberate lol

  • rose and kanaya never had a one-on-one conversation post-retcon. they did pre-retcon, but that relationship… uhh… ended pretty soon after due to unfortunate circumstances.
  • davesprite and jade never talked on the golden ship - their entire relationship took place and broke up some time during the second year
  • dave and terezi, despite having so many conversations pre-cascade, never talked onscreen once pre-retcon until after they broke up… but dave and karkat had lots of conversations
  • ironically, post-retcon, dave and karkat only have a very brief talk, dave and terezi interact a bit more - mostly with recycled dialogue from pre-retcon davekat conversations!
  • neither gamkar nor gamrezi were shown onscreen until their disastrous ending
  • meenah and (vriska) talked a lot, then kissed, then suddenly we saw their breakup :/
  • john and terezi have been shipteased a lot recently, but theyre starting to fall into the offscreen dialogue phase. 
  • john and roxy are the exception to this - because theyre not as far as johnrezi in terms of mutual flirting.
  • dirkjake….. lmao

so, i guess, if your couples were never canon, but they talked a lot anyway, be joyed! because they wouldnt have done that if they were together >:P