Happy Friday, have some Dota 2 silliness! XD

RYLAI uses FROSTBITE. It’s super effective!
Rizzrack: “Malfunction…?”
Squee: “Uh oh…”

This is for the RADIANT VS DIRE CHILI COOKOFF hosted by the amazing Steam Workshop duo, Chemical Alia & Drysocket!! Ok, oh-kay… this picture direly lacks Dire. And why does Timbersaw have a spork and a knife, you may ask? He's after that huge cauldron of chili that the Techies have run off with, but Crystal Maiden–thinking this is a CHILLY cookoff (#hohoho #thatwasakneeslapper #rylaiplzno)–has frozen them in their tracks! The goblin trio is about to go out with a KABAM. Do you think, after eating all that chili, the Techies will have explosive diarrhea? I’M SORRY. I’m sorry, I’ll stop.

Silly Rizz! <3 You don’t eat chili with a kni–



Drysocket and I just submitted our Timbersaw set for Iceiceice to the Steam Workshop!  This is definitely my favorite set of ours so far, probably because working with Rizzrack’s character was a welcome change from lots of serious characters and I love working on crazy.

Here’s a link to the Steam Workshop, votes and favorites are always super appreciated!


“There’s nothing out there but Ice” they said. He knew better. What fools! There are trees in the north. Oooooooh such trees. Weird trees, trees that are green all year round, trees with needles instead of leaves, trees he’s never seen; they terrify him beyond imagining. Driving his machine north, Rizzrack had to adapt or freeze. He replaced wood with solid ice, cobbled together a stove and used wood torn from his own infernal machine to power his march. The arbor of the great northern trees lies ahead, taunting him. How dare they stand there like that?! Battling insanity, he fires up his saw, and gets to work.

He won’t be lichen it one bit.

Comes with custom particles for the Chakram and saw blade, two styles for the body, and



I’ve been working on this thing for the past three days straight!  I got this crazy idea for how I wanted everything in the scene to be happening in the shower the other day, and trying to get it all composed in this stupid aspect ratio was kind of a pain, and then I had to do it all on extremely short notice and yeah.

Anyway, here is Furion and Rizzrack being rude to each other.  Now I finally know who he’s facing down in that other picture.


If you purchased my Timbersaw plush from the Valve Store, (http://valvestore.welovefine.com/timbersaw-plush-11044.html) you’ll receive a rare, in-game courier named “Boris Baumhauer: Grass Cutter Extraordinaire”! I had the honor of collaborating with the talented Thiago Vidotto (http://www.tvidotto.com/), Viviane Guimarães (https://vimeo.com/vivianevguimaraes), and Michael Mallari, to make this lil’ guy come to life!