Hello today Tumblr, today’s episode I’m just going to share a little bit of doodling practice back last 2016 on December. making a fan interacting with these three. if you notice how faded the dialogues I’ve wrote sorry about that. I’ll just wrote whats on the paper:

Tidus ~ “What’s wrong Timbersaw? these trees giving you nightmares?”

         ~”I hate you Dad!”

        ~”I’ll knock that stupid sense of you Magneto”


********Lux 1st encounter with Tidus

Lux ~ **making an awkward speech** Hi Star of Zanarkand! you look like my friend I knew, except you’re way taller and….he kinda reminds me of you….!!@_@


*******Lux 2nd encounter with Timbersaw


“Mr. Lumber Jack!! I’d think we better….”


“I’m not a lumberjack! THIS! this is personal!”


******Lux growing relationship with Timbersaw

Lux “Whaccha doing Rizzrack?” Rizzrack: “Oh….Hi Lux!! **blushing”

________________________________________________________________EXTRA CONTENT:

***stay tune for another post