[SPOILER] Duet game - all story quotes

I- Its good to see you. Stay close to me, and don’t touch anything.
II- You will need a circular state of mind.
III- This will be easy, just hold left.
IV- Never give up.
V- Some things are worth fighting for.

I- This will be full of unexpected twists and turns.
II- Tread carefully, and control yourself
III- Trust your instincts.
IV- Change is normal.
V- Do not deny it.
VI- Embrace it.

I- Anger may make certain choices clearer.
II- Patterns always emerge, even in chaos.
III- This may not define you.
IV- Let it amplify you.
V- Repeating the same actions but expecting new results is a sign of madness.

I- It’s also a sign that you’re human.
II- Once an action is done, it cannot be undone.
III- You can not get out of this.
IV- Accept the situation, and move on.
V- To try, invites failure.
VI- Embrace it.

I- It’s all a matter of perspective.
II- Regret has two signs.
III- The things we do…
IV- And the things we wish we had done.
V- Others may try to make you feel guilty.
VI- Guilt can only truly come from within.

I- Nothing is wrong with you.
II- Why are you doing this for yourself?
III- What exactly are you trying to prove?
IV- You will not win.
V- All that pain and misery. Was it worth it?
VI- I don’t want you to keep going.

I- I want you to want to keep going.
II- We have no reason to give up.
III- You probably didn’t expect to get this far.
IV- But if we expect something, how can it move us?
V- Unexpected things are beautiful.
VI- Abandon all your expectations.

I- I wish you could see this.
II- You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me.
III- Admit it.
IV- Change is good for you.
V- There is nothing to regret.
VI- Anger is always temporary.
VII- Sometimes letting go is the harder choice.
VIII- You must move forward.
IX- But I want you to know one last thing.

I’m here.