How The paladins dance at a club
  • Shiro: He doesn't. He just watches everyone from a distance.
  • Keith: Keith's dance is somewhat seductive. Who knew he actually knew how to move his hips. (He's looking at Shiro)
  • Pidge: Does the robot and would probably break dance.
  • Lance: Dances like any other wasted college student.
  • Hunk: little fist pumps before he sits back down next to Shiro.
why Voltron’s queerbaiting is particularly loathesome

because they’re choosing to write the story this way

see here’s the thing, these folks clearly recognize the moral imperative of lgbt representation in media, particularly children’s media. we know this because they’ve done it before with Korra, and they’ve been exposed to heartfelt reactions to lgbt people seeing their reflection in stories

they know this, and they still made the choices they made

what this means: their creative choices have all been made with the knowledge that they hold the power to communicate literally life-saving diversity in their stories, and they’ve chosen not to. and their defense is that it’s a writing decision they’ve made, because @voltron is a fictional construct and everything that happens in that story is a choice that the writers have made

the message from the @voltron crew is unmistakeable: storytelling aesthetic is more important than the actual lives of real queer children

Batfamily as Voltron Characters

Bruce –> Shiro:  Batdad is Space Dad, leader, calm but internally screaming, loves his babies so much, wears a lot of black, trauma, needs a nap  

Tim –> Keith:  Lonely, doesn’t acknowledge feelings, my husband, bad at connecting with others, smol, needs hugs, red, amazing too long hair 

Jason –> Lance:  Sassy, irresponsible, covers up sadness with humor, flirty, kind of a mess, huge family, prob shouldn’t have a gun but does anyway  

Stephanie –> Hunk:  Loves food, loves family, basically loves everything, great hugger, beautiful, doesn’t get enough attention 

Damian –> Pidge:  Smol and angry bebe, adopts pets, sarcastic, will fight you, tiny bean, likes green, Dad’s favorite

Cass –> Allura:  Bad*ss, isn’t afraid to punch someone, regal, beautiful, fabulous, deserves respect 

Dick –> Coran:  Adorable, supports the entire family with endless optimism, loves hugs, sweet cinnamon roll

Born Today, February 5, in 1919 Tim Holt…

“Lawyers, bankers, politicians. What do they ever get out of life, I’d like to know. What do they know about real things?” - Tim Holt as George in The Magnificent Ambersons

Over 70 film and TV appearances including his own string of Westerns – plus Stella Dallas, Swiss Family Robinson, The Magnificent Ambersons, My Darling Clementine, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Stagecoach… Holt was a Decorated WWII Hero – with a Purple Heart too!

Why is there something rather than nothing?
The question looms in moments of great despair when things tends to lose all their weight and all meaning becomes obscured. It is present in moments of rejoicing, when all things are transfigured and seem to be there for the first time… The question is upon us in boredom, when we are equally removed from despair and joy, and everything seems so hopelessly commonplace that we no longer care whether anything is or not.
—  Why Does The World Exist ~ Tim Holt

Voltron = queerbaiting. they’ve reblogged tons of shippy slash fanart, dropped hints in interviews, pushed out self-congratulatory diversity rhetoric at cons, and all of that over the backdrop of what they did with Korra at Nickelodeon vs what freedom Netflix and Dreamworks supposedly offer them

and all of it would have been…. tolerable. aggravating and queerbaiting but mostly non-malicious, not out of bounds despite being distasetful

but then they used Pidge to dog whistle at the lgbT audience. that is unmistakable queerbaiting and what’s worse it strikes at the most vulnerable portion of our community, and mines the violence they face for fucking comedy

every member of the Voltron writing crew owes their queer audience an apology