right, so here’s my hot take on the batfamily: they frequently misuse the term “dick move”. to them, “dick move” is referring to something dick grayson would say/do. a friendly customer cracks a joke and makes the cashier laugh? DICK MOVE. an upstanding citizen helps an elder across the street, all while smiling brightly? A DAMN DICK MOVE IF I’VE EVER SEEN ONE. everyone outside the family is just really confused. 

damian, triumphantly: WHAT A DICK MOVE
jon: why….why is my history teacher making an innocent history pun a dick move???? i don’t???? get it????

Jasons Called ID’S:

- Dick: too enthousiastic why

- Tim: I guess hes ok

- Damian: if this one calls you, move to a different state and change your name

- Bruce: the end is near

- Alfred: grannie

- Ron: bestie 10/10

- Koriand'r: you can pick up the phone i guess

- Steph: cool

- Cass: this one’s precious, go pick up the phone and be a gr8 brother

- Bizarro: the cool bitch

- Jim Gordon: the FEDS yO

- Duke: eh sure


(Decided to contribute to the #OnlyInGotham thing)

#OnlyInGotham does Poison Ivy crashing on your couch for twenty-six hours not raise any questions. #IDidntKnowWhatToDo #SoIJustKindOfTossedABlanketOnHer??? #WhenSheWokeUpSheWasJustLike #ThisIsntMySafehouse #MaybeSaying”YeahNoShit”WasntTheSmartestThingICouldveDone #ButSheJustThankedMeGaveMeAStrawberryPlantAndLeft #ItsStillAlive #DontWorryIvy


So um… some guys were kind of hitting on me and I just kind of??? Knocked them all out??? #OnlyInGotham #RedHoodSwoopedIn #AndJustLookedKindOfLost #HeAskedForMyNumber #ButNotForHimself #SaidSomethingAboutAHotYoungerBrotherWhoNeedsABadassGirl #IGaveItToHim #MaybeNotSoSmartButIveBeenPrettySureICanTrustTheBats


I went on vacation to Star City and the Green Arrow had the nerve to look shocked when I pulled out my knife just in case and kept eating my sandwich. #IKnowHowToUseItGA #BlackCanaryAlmostScreamedAtMeWhenIJustCalmlySaid #ImFromGotham #Almost #SheDidntTho #ThoseWeaklingsWhoLiveOtherPlaces #OnlyInGotham


#OnlyInGotham does the entire city collapse into outrage when we heard that people were trying to create a #OnlyInMetropolis tag. #ISawAllOfBatmansKidsGrabbingEveryVillainTheyCouldFindAndMarchingTowardsMetropolis #WatchOutMetropolis #TheyWereAllBeltingTheBattleOfYorktown #FuckYeahHamilton #SeveralCiviliansJoined #ButIHaveAColdSoNotMe #LoveThisCity #OhShitTheBatStoppedThem #ComeOnBatman


The Bats are hosting a fundraiser for charity and they’re singing and dancing and stuff. Tickets are really cheap but they’ve sold like over a million so… Also as they’re donating to support an orphanage, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman are running security, but I could’ve sworn I saw at Scarecrow and maybe Riddler helping them from a couple blocks away. #RobinDidAKarateDemonstrationAndTaughtSomeKidsEasyStuff #RedRobinHipHopDanced #BatgirlSLAYEDLittleMix #BlackBatMadeEveryoneCryWithLostBoy #RedHoodWASMackelmore #NightwingBeltedLetItGo #BatmanDidntDoAnythingButSupportHisKids #AndTheyAllCameTogetherAtTheEndAndPerformedAllOfHamilton


Junior-interning at Wayne Industries! Because of the Joker about five years ago, I’m an orphan, and Bruce Wayne sort of pulled me aside and asked if I needed him to adopt me??? #OnlyInGotham #ItWasNiceButImGood #MyFosterParentsAreNice #AndIveOnlyGotTwoMoreYearsUntilICanLeave #ImSixteenSoYeahImGood #HaHaIWouldntSayNoToADateWithOneOfHisSonsThough #OrEvenOneOfHisDaughtersTBH #ILoveThisCityAndMostlyEveryoneInIt #ExceptTheJokerScrewHim

Batman #55 Review


I don’t review batman comics but considering the subject matter of this issue I thought I would give it a try. Leading up to this issue I already knew what was going to happen but by the end of my read it still impacted me as if I was there on the top of the GCPD building to see it myself. The Kgbeast is presented to us as cold, unflinching and calculated.

His menacing silent presence juxtaposed to Nightwings unwavering warmth gives this comic an uneasy feeling that’s hard to explain. Nightwing feels like Nightwing. This comic incapsulates his essence in a way true fans will love. His dialogue is quippy and fun. You can feel his smile radiating off the pages. He even sings “the man on the flying trapeze.” Tom King is making a clear effort to portray him well. At times his quippiness feels just a bit heavy handed but I can just tell Tom is having fun while writing him. Actually Toms Nightwing feels more genuine than his batman who’s grumpiness feels like almost a parody of himself.

Though I can excuse this because I can still feel the warmth between the two. The art is amazing in this issue. It’s rare when I find myself saying this but artistically this comic is truly flawless. The comic ends with an exclamation mark that instantly makes you want to read more. The shooting of Nightwing is played in a way where we only see the initial impact then hear a glimpse of the horror. Pulling away like this makes the even moment more intense. Haunting even.

If you want my opinion on the subject I don’t think it should’ve happened. Red hood and the outlaws needed a shake up. But Nightwing didn’t. He only needed a good writer. Either way however i feel about it I cannot deny that it was well executed in this issue. 9 out of 10

Chasing Twisters (Jason Todd x Reader)

omfg it’s NINETEEN pages

anyway this was literally so fun to write. a little gift to myself. there’s a couple of things I would’ve like to expand on, but nineteen pages is ENOUGH! ENOUGH!

I hope you all like it!! It’s a fuckin’ ride! Hold your horses! 

theme: My cathedral is the badlands / Dust and devils on my conscience / Come back to me, darling

warnings: little gore, touch of angst, happy ending

Jason hated magic users.

Don’t get him wrong, magic had its perks; healing in a moment, special buffs, making things out of thin air, pulling rabbits from hats. But the skill was unpredictable, as evidenced by the current state of affairs. Jason ripped his helmet off as he tried to breathe, ribs aching as they searched for air. He groaned as he dug his fingers into the soft prairie grass, lurching when his stomach tuned and he threw up onto the high shoots of bluebell and lovelace.

One minute he’s in Gotham, fighting some quack magician, grabbing the surprising shotgun he used, the next there’s a pull behind his belly button, spiraling and screaming and wanting to just shoot that bastard in the face, and then he’s slammed down on soft foxgrass in the middle of what he assumed was the Midwest, and just craving a drink.

“That’s so gross.” Oh yeah, and Tim was here too, caught up in the spell as well, the two of them sucked away as they attempted to land a dual attack. Tim rolled onto his back and began hacking, air rushing into his lungs.

“Shut up,” Jason groaned, pressing his face back into the dirt. The night was alive out here, and sounds overwhelmingly soft; the crickets in the grass, the rustle of the grass, the buzz of torchbugs as they flashed past, the snarl that came right next to his ear.

“Holy shit!” Jason shot to his feet, heart pounding and dodging snapping teeth as the wolf lunged past him and whirled around again, drooling as it approached. Jason’s hands grasped at thin air, his holsters empty. His guns were back in Gotham, lying clattered and empty on cold streets where he had dropped him when he was out of ammo. He snatched his knife out of its holster and grasped it in defense, Tim scrambling to his feet and clicking his staff to life.

“Wolves travel in packs,” Tim breathed, backing closer to Jason, who had crouched lower. “Where are the others?”

More snarls through the high grass and them soft padding of paws; three more large, slobbering, fearsome wolves came nosing through the grass, fur matted with something sticky and reeking of death. Jason swore. “You had to ask?”

“I think the real question here is why these wolves have three eyes,” Tim whispered, body tense and nervous besides Jason. Shit, Jason hadn’t even noticed that, but in the moonlight he could see the wolves did have three eye sockets each; one of the wolves even had two, fully functioning heads, jaws snapping and powerful. The eyes were red and gleaming with no pupils whatsoever, fur black, scars present on every wolf in varying shapes and sizes. The wolves all had various weapons, from swords to arrows to tridents to spears still hanging off of their hides. Jason made a face, somewhere between confused and unamused. Living with an test tube Superman and some kind of warrior princess made it hard to phase him nowadays, but this was a definite first.

He was very certain, however, that he wasn’t in Gotham anymore; hell, he didn’t even think he was on Earth anymore.

“What is going on?” Tim asked, shuffling his feet more firmly into a fighting stance. “Where are we?”

The smallest wolf lunged and Jason caught it, throwing it over his shoulder as another jumped at Tim, who cracked the thing on the skull with his bo. The wolf didn’t hesitate, grasping the titanium metal in its jaws and snapping it in half.

“Oh,” Tim breathed, left with a broken staff. “Unexpected.”

The wolves had them surrounded, the one Jason threw scrambling to its feet, closing in from all sides. Tim and Jason were back to back, breaths quick and rapid, Tim figuring out a plan and Jason ready to practice some taxidermy.

A crack of a gunshot, and Jason was tackling Tim down, not knowing who was shooting. The wolves scampered off, whining, and the boys looked up at the hoof beats, a soft nose snuffling them curiously, a wide tounge lapping over Jason’s hair with an air of familiarity.

“Y’all fools the ones rilin’ up those wolves?” a soft voice, even but demanding. “Y’all stupider than the costumes ya wearing!”

“Says the dollar store cowgirl,” Jason snapped back, aggravated, taking in your appearance. You let out a laugh, spurs chinking as you wiggled in the saddle. A fringed duster laid over the leather of the saddle, dirty and worn, while a big ten gallon hat rested on your head. Jason could see a holster for a big weapon strapped across your chest, but there was no weapon in it. Your gaze flicked to him, a moment of recognition and sadness passing over your face, before you closed that emotion off to his prying eyes.

“Ho boy, original, original!” You deadpanned. “Like I haven’t heard that one a hundred times. And I ain’t no cowgirl, boy; I’m a witch, and you seem to have dropped into my territory.”

“She used a double negative,” Tim stage whispered. “She’s still a cowgirl.”

“Oy, can it, Harvard,” you shifted in the saddle, the palomino you rode up on looking utterly fascinated with the two boys, The large horse was snuffing the pair now, rubbing his nose on Jason, and Jason shoved the big head away, Tim raising his hand in slight fear. You dropped your smoking pistol to the holster hanging off your saddle horn and crossed your arms, leaning forward as you spat in the dirt, snorting. “How the hell did a coupla supers from Gotham get into my realm?”

“Your realm?” Tim asked, curious. You brushed some dirt off your duster coat and rubbed your nose, swatting at a fly, pausing to roll your eyes as he said that to you. “And how did you know where we were from?”

“Y’all’re serious?” You chimed a laugh, snotty and presumptuous. Jason tensed, hating it, hating how it reminded him of something he couldn’t remember. You gestured grandly, some silver rings glittering as your hand swept out to your side. “Y’all blind or what? Take a good look around, boys; welcome to the Glymemire.”

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Older Batsis: Birds

Request: More badass older Batsis~

A/n: When your bros find out you have a secret tattoo, but asking your scary sis about it takes guts.


Having you as their older sibling could be… difficult. They knew you respected them and at least acknowledged them as your family members of sorts, despite the fact you refused to work with them. Ever.

They assumed you got your independent attitude from Bruce Wayne, your vigilante father figure, except when you sternly told the Justice League or anyone else for that matter that “I work alone.” they immediately believed you. Batman just didn’t have that lone wolf aesthetic with his deadly following of birds and batgirls.

Dick was probably the only one who remembered the warm heart underneath the frosty scales of your armour, you didn’t team up with them nor did you really stick in one place for a lengthy duration of time so when you rocked up to the Batcave with an arm slung over Wally’s shoulders they instantly paled.


“Hey Dick, pretty bird here flew from the nest and isn’t in the best of shape.” The speedster briefed your family, although you were balancing on the verge of semiconsciousness you pushed away from Wally with scoff.

“I’m fine alright… why’d you bring me here? Ah shit!” Pain sprinted through your nervous system and you instantly found yourself swooped up into the scarlet speedsters arms again.

“You’ll thank me later, I promise but even if you never forgive me I’d rather you be alive.” West gazed at you with concern filling his emerald irises and carried you over to the medical bay where he was met with Alfred and Bruce glaring at him.

It was expected that you remove you outer layer so the wounds were reachable but upon Alfred’s request you flatly declined.

“Not happening, at least not until I’m given some privacy.” This hushed the interrogation from your brothers who left the room because they weren’t stupid enough to argue with you, Damian was but Dick ushered him out before he could speak.

They’d definitely return, you regretfully couldn’t avoid your family forever even if it was to protect them. After Jason died, you all went your separate ways as your family were too broken to repair themselves when you attempted communication - they pushed you away in their state of grievance, so you stayed away. Bruce was seething at Wally for having to be saved - not that it was his fault, the man was protecting hostages at the time and you couldn’t exactly let the Flash die, it’d leave Central City unprotected and you were not replacing him. The Rogues would piss you off too much.

Alas you were correct, whilst preparing to leave since Alfred ensured you were at least stable (no prolonged stay necessary/wanted) and slipping on your jacket when Dick burst in.

“Woah wait you’re leaving?!” Upon hearing his yell, Tim and Jason bolted over from the Batcomputer to correspond a farewell.

“Just like that? (Y/n) stay for dinner or something…” Jason muttered, tugging your jacket to gain your attention although their surprising discovery muted oncoming persuasion.

“I didn’t know you had a tattoo!” Tim excitedly commented marvelling at the work depicted on your shoulder blade where your jacket had fallen to reveal your camisole underneath.


“Is this what you didn’t want us to see earlier (L/n)? It suggests it is meaningful to you.” God you didn’t even hear Damian come in but he deduced the situation quickly, the boys immediately even more involved plainly to bug you like the little brothers they were.

“It’s nothing. Now move.” You coldly replied, securing your jacket to hide the object of their heightening intrigue.

“4 birds though?” Dick mindlessly stated, brows furrowed as he thought through numerous possibilities whilst you brushed past them toward the exit.

You gave an exasperated sigh, knowing that they were considering the meaning behind your creative secret but you were more focused on disappearing.

“It’s us!” Tim smugly clarified, smirking at your frozen figure. Damn his superior detective skills.


“Timbers, our badass, cold hearted sister would never.” Jason sternly stated, referring to your usual uninterested nature.

“He’s right. Tim is right okay?” Mostly you wanted Jason’s way of thinking to be the stereotypical view of you but it was overshadowed by your underlying love for them which was displayed by your defeated posture.


With a deep breath to replenish your confidence, you began by stripping your jacket, turning away from them to hide your expression and expose your detailed artistry.

“There’s 1 for each of you because I never want to forget, if something ever goes wrong then this is my anchor. Anyway, this bird represents Dick, it’s wings are spread because he’s always flying. He’s not afraid to fall and I admire that… but if he ever does I’ll be there to catch him.” The sincerity in your tone set them all on edge as you pointed to the highest bird, it was unexpected as they never believed you truly viewed them that way.

With their bewilderment, you continued, the action made easier being blind to their facial reactions. “Hm. That one is Jason’s-“

“The feathers are falling, it’s because I died I’m guessing.” The tallest commented, quite abrupt about the subject but you immediately corrected him with voice of determination.

“Originally it never had the falling feathers it was - still is the brightest colour since you were so full of life and intelligently bright too. I added them after you returned because I let you down, you lost apart of yourself but no matter what, you continue to fight. You’re so strong Jaybird, y’know that?”

“(Y/n) you-“ Before he could pipe in you briskly moved on, running your finger down your skin to pinpoint the next target.

“Smallest one is Damian, not due to his height but because he has the most room to grow and I can’t wait to see it. That bird has the kindest eyes, to match Dami’s heart.” A brief smile crossed your lips at that and you could only hope they’d wear one too.

“And the final one is for Timbers, the bird looking like it’s landing, he found his home here or at least I’d hope so. I wanted you to feel welcome and loved Tim, despite what you have to put up with. Even from me.” You hadn’t realised the lone stream staining your face, nor the crack in your voice during the final sentence but the boys likely picked up on it.

Your hand fell back to your side, their ongoing silence lead you to feel uncomfortable, you’d shredded your armour both literally and figuratively before them and they had nothing to say which encouraged you to throw on your jacket, stealthily wiping your eyes in the process. This is why you kept your feelings hidden, buried under sarcasm, silence and mild violence (you were a vigilante after all).


“Heh, but whatever. I better get outta here anyway, later losers!” Your tone was quiet and mildly awkward, shrugging off the previous soft atmosphere with a defensive insult.

“Hey, uh check this out. Ridiculous right?” Jason started, hesitantly grabbing your fleeting shoulder to show you an old battered photo he’d dug out of his jacket pocket. It depicted the two of you and Dick pulling immature faces, a joyful moment captured in time before his death.

“Yea-yeah… that’s so stupid Jay.” Neither of you meant it, the insults conveying a deeper sense of emotion to one another.

Not as stupid as that.” Tim gestured to the handwritten instructions taped to the Batcomputer, the ones you’d given him when he first arrived as a guide. The boy picked it up so quickly that you didn’t think he even used them, let alone kept them.

“Don’t give us the cold shoulder (Y/n). We’re here for you, like you are for us.” Dick grinned, pleased with his remark.

Right, because you guys have always got my back.” Was your unimpressed but amused reply, though Jason couldn’t resist the urge to mock you.

“I mean the tattoo is on your shoulder but nice try sis.”

“Your sense of humour is insufferable.” Damian muttered, he’d heard enough puns from Dick Grayson to last him a lifetime or 3.

A small laugh escaped you as you waved goodbye to your brothers, feeling like you’d strengthened your bond with them.

They were a good family, your tattoo would always remind you of that - maybe that was why you chose your shoulder blade? Because they’d always be looking over your shoulder, because you’d always have their back and they’d have yours. Because they were your little birds, not matter how tall or muscly they get.



“Hey Wally, did you know about (Y/n)’s bird tattoo?” Dick casually asked his best friend once he returned from Bruce’s lecture.

“Obviously, it’s kinda hard to miss. It’d be even worse if I didn’t know about it.” Wally honestly responded, hands lazily shoved into the pockets of his black hoodie.


“Uh huh, and how exactly do you know about it?” The suspicion in Tim’s tone immediately caused the speedster to rethink his choice of words, they were playing him.

“We - um, why does that matter exactly?”

“As family, it’s of importance so I suggest you start talking West.” Damian lowly answered, hand placed over the hilt of his katana displaying his lack of patience for Wally’s sassy comebacks.


Kissies for the Batboys

Buenos Dias muchachalatas. I have finally completed this imagine and will be starting the next one that had been requested soon, I promise. This imagine is based off “How the batboys react to S/O asking to them, kissing their cheeks and walking away from them. “  Anyways, please enjoy!

Bruce: Usually he is the culprit to this crime so whenever you do it, it kinda of surprises him. He is used to you giving him long kisses right on the lips. However that morning you were rushed and you needed to get somewhere quickly. So you gathered all your stuff with your shoes half on and gave him a quick kiss right on the cheek as a quick goodbye. As you were walking away you felt someone grip you around your wrist and pull you back. “Hey! Whats the meaning of this? I was expecting a proper kiss!” Bruce says quite offendedly. You roll your eyes and give him a ‘really?’ look and proceed to give him a quick kiss on the lips. You begin to walk away again but he pulls you back. “Bruce, I have to go” you state anxiously. “Screw that, I expect a proper kiss” he says. “Ugh” you say and almost break his neck by how forcefully you pull him towards you. With a sharp gasp from his side you place your lips right over his and proceed to give him a very passionate kiss, you make sure to stay there for several seconds without giving him time to breathe. Finally you pull away and say “Better?”. You notice how hard he is breathing and laugh. He looks into your eyes, absolutely dumbfounded. “Bye, Bruce” you announce with a wave of your hand. You turn around with a smirk on your face and finally made it out of the door.

Dick: Since Dickie boy is such a loving and compassionate soul, he really enjoys any sort of affection. This includes you kissing his cheek and walking away. The first time that you did this to him was when you were still friends and you guys and some friends of yours were out at the bar. You were a little tipsy and were ready to hit the hay so when you were saying bye to everyone, you unexpectedly came to hug him and without thinking gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Right when you did that he froze up and you left without realizing what you did to him. The most memorable “kiss on cheek” was a night right after patrol.  He was feeling super grateful for having you patch him up. So while he was laying down on the couch with 3 stitches and multiple bruises you went to go wash up, leaving him with a kiss on his cheek. But before you could even rise up from your position you felt him caress your face in his calloused hands. He pulled you closer and gently said “I love you”. Looking into his beautiful blue eyes you felt your heart thundering and you gave him a smile. Unfortunately, before you said anything else he closed his eyes and began happily snoring.

Jason: This dude usually never lets you get away with doing that. But, the first time you did this was when everyone (Dick, Tim, Steph, Babs, Dami and Cassie) was chilling in the living room and you guys were friends but super flirty with each other. After having a fun night of talking, it was time for you to leave, so you got up and proceeded to give everyone a hug but when it came to Jason you gave him a peck on the cheek and winked, saying “Bye, Jason” as seductively as you could, leaving a thoroughly confused and blushing Jason behind. Though this was not a huge action it was enough for everyone to realize his true feelings towards you. He froze in place and everyone was staring at him with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. You remember your heart pounding right after and your uncontrollable smiling. After you guys got together, whenever you get up from wherever you are and give him a kiss on the cheek he grabs you by your hips and spins you towards him making you face him. “Jay, I just need to go to the bathroom” you say quickly. “I know but you ain’t leaving until you kiss me” he replies mischievously. Your faces were centimeters apart, his eyes flitting down to your lips and your breath becoming shallow. After a couple seconds of living in the moment he closes the gap between the two of you and fastens his mouth over yours leading to a pretty hot make out session, but sadly came to an end because of your need to pee.

Tim: I feel like this little cutie would become super blushy if it ever happens in front of people. Once you guys had just finished patrol and you were planning to retire back home so you gave him a kiss right on his cheek as a little goodbye. “Goodbye Timmy” you said. “Oh, um I- goodbye” he stated rather nervously.  The reason for his stuttering was because you didn’t realize the big bad bat behind you, and you left poor Timmy to explain what was happening between you two. It was super awkward and Bruce kinda ended the conversation with “I’d rather not know”. However when you guys are alone he usually becomes very lovey afterwards. Once he was working on a project and you bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek because you just got back from work. Because he was super tired of researching and he didn’t see you for sometime he tried initiating something further. It’s super cute, he follows you around hoping that you would properly kiss him. Usually he gets a lot of kisses on the cheeks because he is always working on something.

Damian: He honestly loves those kisses but will never admit it, probably of his arrogance but…whatever. However when you first did it to him he was so confused and so embarrassed. This is probably because he is just one clueless boy. Anyways whenever you do it to him he always gets turned on because any sort of affection does. He will usually try to lead you to the bedroom afterwards and you notice this and try doing it when he is in front of his dad just to watch him struggle. You have done this a couple of times and his reaction stayed the same. Bruce wanted to talk to him privately so you just got jump and kissed him on the cheek leaving him very horny. It was quite funny to see his face suddenly becoming frozen as he realized what you were doing. You locked your eyes with him and you could immediately tell that you would be paying for that but you didn’t care. You chuckled and made your way out the room not before peeking back at him seeing him trying his best to cover up any emotion on his face. The whole conversation they had ended up going over his head because all he was thinking about was you, seductively retreating back to the kitchen. ‘Oh, they are going to be punished for this’ he said to himself.

Tick Tock went the Clock

The bronze wall clock sat above the main family room’s fireplace. It was a magnificent thing, ornate carving decorated the front, a gold dusting added depth, and it was styled after a grandfather clock. Making it appear regal and other worldly.

The ticking of the clock seemed to travel all throughout the manor, it didn’t matter if Tim was in the farthest room away, he could heard the constant ticking. The steady rhythm was a comforting sound, Tim would find the most peace sleeping in the main family room, being soothed to sleep by clock sounds. As long was the clock was ticking so was Mother’s heart.

It was a peculiar thing, having one’s heart tied to an inanimate object. Mother said it was the only weakness of a Dragon. It would take time, but a Dragon could heal from any injury inflicted upon their body. They could even survive being speared through the chest, after all, their heart didn’t even reside in their body. Time may not control their bodies but it seemed it did their heart.

Mother explain that each Dragon’s Clock was different from the next. In the darkness of his room she had whispered to him about England’s famous clock tower, ancient sundials, candle clocks that consistently needed to be watched, and even hourglasses.

All of the tales fascinated Tim and made him disappointed that his Clock was a metal pocket watch. His Clock didn’t carry any ornate carvings, nor a smidge of paint anywhere. It was a smooth grey and the clock face was plain and boring, the only thing redeeming about the Clock was that it never dulled or scratched.

Mother had said he was one of the lucky ones to get Clock small enough to hide in a horde or carry around.

And in the end, Tim thought bitterly, mother was right. He cradled mother’s bronze clock with a single bullet hole in the dial, close to his chest. The only thing he could bury, since mother’s body had turned to ash.

A Dragon could survive any wound but it seems a broken clock would ultimately be their demise.


~ so this is a quick one shot of my Clock Universe. I have a few ideas I was to explore and I’m pretty sure this will turn in to a jaytim story~

Little rough fan-art for this fluffy little story ‘Back to school’ by @bluethursday

As far as I know, Tim’d never graduated high school, so It’s gonna be fun when the overprotective family members realize that and take the ‘look after our baby bird’ mission to the extreme. Well, who’s to blame?

Here’s the story !! >> http://bluethursday.tumblr.com/post/57923366612/back-to-school