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The last fic was inspired by an excerpt from an Old English alliterative poem called The Wanderer (trans. Kevin Crossley-Holland).

“Then his wounds lie more heavy in his heart,
aching for his lord. His sorrow is renewed;
the memory of kinsmen sweeps through his mind;
joyfully he welcomes them, eagerly scans
his comrade warriors. Then they swim away again.
Their drifting spirits do not bring many old songs
to his lips. Sorrow upon sorrow attend
the man who must send time and again
his weary heart over the frozen waves.”

It’s just past three when he walks into his apartment, the click of the door closing at his back so much louder than he knows it to be. Tim falls back against his door, lifts up his arm and doesn’t see the bandaged wound beyond his shirt sleeve, but he feels it.

I am tired, he thinks. The acknowledgement of that only making the skin around his eyes feel all the heavier. He hasn’t looked in a mirror yet today. He wonders if the purples of them have turned black.

Tim sighs. I am tired, he thinks.

He moves into his kitchen, not dragging his body, though his arm hanging limply at his side. He knows it’s not dislocated, but wonders if that would make his body language easier to accept.

Tim opens his fridge and is blinded by the white light inside. He does not blink. The shelves are nearly bare and he wonders when the last time he went shopping was, cannot think of a date, and so gives up trying to do so. He grabs the carton of orange juice and drinks from it before he’s able to determine if it’s gone bad or not. His stomach accepts it, so he imagines it to be okay. He closes the door, casting the apartment back into darkness, and forgets the orange juice on the counter.

I’m tired, Tim thinks. He wants to say it out loud. He thinks it’ll make this moment more real, but he’s not sure if he’s capable of speech right now. He moves on, drifting like a worn ghost in his own home. I’m tired.

He turns the shower on, but forgets about it a moment later, having not turned the bathroom lights on upon entering and wanders back out into the hall. He feels like he needs to call someone. His shoulder hurts, as does his hips, back, a few toes on his feet, but his shoulder hurts the most. Tim wiggles fives fingers and can only feel four.

The apartment is black. His bedroom is black. I’m tired.

Tim’s stomach growls, but it’s easy to ignore. He touches his face and feels off for doing so. His lip stings, it’s split. His eyes feel heavy. They’re bruised, but don’t hurt. He wonders exactly what he looks like.

He wants to tell someone. He should, but he can’t even tell himself. He doesn’t trust the repetition in his head. He can’t hear it. He wonders if he’s actually awake.

I’m tired.

He finds himself on his bed and isn’t sure how he got there. He’s curled up at the foot, clothes still on, arm curled up to his chest, and it’s so dark he’s not sure his eyes are open. If he’s staring at a wall. He wants to tell someone, ask, but he can’t. There’s no one there with him.

Tim gives in to the heaviness of his eyes, thinks that might solve some problems, and wonders if he’ll sleep tonight. If he is sleeping.

I am tired, he thinks.

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Timdami 'why cant you trust me?'

yis ok!! sorry i was a lil slow on this anon. work’s a bitch,,


“Why can’t you trust me?” It’s a sharp question, more of an accusation than anything that has Tim pausing in his tracks. He whirls around to face Damian, who was standing stiffly, arms crossed and an almost - pained expression on his face?

“Do you even have to ask?” Tim retorts, and instantly regrets it, because - yep, that’s definitely pain contorting over Damian’s features. His brows scrunch down and his mouth twists with a frown, and Tim almost feels bad, except…

“Damian, you tried to kill me the first time we met. Right in this cave. Maybe you remember – there was a severed head, a grenade,” he snaps, and when did he get so nasty? He’s just bitter. Bitter, because he’d tried to reach out to the kid at first, even past the ‘raised by assassins to kill people’ part, and Damian had done that to him.

“Kind of hard to get over an attempt of murder. Sorry that doesn’t work for you.” Damian opens his mouth, takes in a breath as if he’s about to argue, but then stops. He’s pensive for a moment, and Tim scoffs with impatience, because he has places to be, gadgets to fix, and he can’t just wait for this kid forever.

“Is that all, or-”

Wait.” Damian’s eyes flick up to Tim’s, and God, he forgot how intense that gaze could be.

“Please. I know you don’t have a reason to believe me, but… I’m trying to improve myself. I want to redeem myself,” Damian says earnestly, “for all the things I’ve done in the past.” He uncrosses his arms, honest to God fidgets - Tim has never seen him fidget, not in front of him - before he speaks again.

“Will you allow me to try to redeem myself in your eyes?”

Oh, hell.

Tim presses his lips together into a firm line, lets out an exasperated huff as he considers it. He’s seen Damian lately, can admit even to himself that he’s changed, but… it’s hard to look past his older, violent tendencies. He chews on the inside of his cheek, mulling it over a moment longer before finally coming to a decision.

“Ugh. God– fine. You’ve got a chance. But so help me, kid,” Tim warns, pointing a finger at him, “you pull another stunt like that, you’ve lost me for good. Got it?” Damian stiffens, standing a little straighter before giving Tim a firm nod.

“Understood,” he replies.


am I the only one a bit disappointed Danny Temple never appeared in any of Tim’s comics again?

Danny Temple aka Tim’s neighbor at Brentwood

 Danny Temple and I quote “the unquestioned leader of the Kobra”

Danny Temple the guy who knows Tim is Robin, saved his life and Tim called him one of his best friends?

I mean, I think that this could have been a pretty cool team up between them, why has he been completely forgotten? Maybe I am missing something and if he has appeared in any other comics, please let me know because I really thought Tim could have used Danny’s help at some point and vice versa, especially with Danny knowing Robin’s identity making things easier.

He could have teamed up with him instead of Ra’s in Red Robin (for example) wouldn’t that have been fun too?