You don’t want to get involved with me Till, alright? I’m a mess and I have more garbage to deal with than I can handle and all of it is my fault. I fall head first into stupid on a daily basis and *laugh* I have no idea why!?

You obviously have no idea what I want.

I have way too much drama and I refuse to unload that on you. You don’t deserve it. You deserve the best and I am certainly the furthest from it.

How dare you be so selfish. Your “noble deed” is destroying what we had and what we could have. It’s one thing to push someone away that you don’t care about, but this is just insanity! If I truly believed you didn’t care I would be out that door faster than you can blink, but I’m not, because I refuse to let you do this to yourself or me. Is this what you really want? Does the thought of me walking out that door one last time put your mind at ease? Well does it?

I should be asleep but I just found out it was Berry’s birthday. I know, I am late. But, this is a life trend of mine. I’m always the last to know…anything lol

Anyway, I hope your birthday was everything and more. You are one of the reasons why I even own a tumblr so thanks for getting me hooked on this amazing community. Also, thanks to you, Icia-Creme has a forever friend in Tilly.

Love Mya- Ladysimaholic~


An article about a local woman. A blonde smiling brightly with the same nose as Darlene. Quickly I scanned back and forth between her face and the photo. “Okay don’t freak out, but I think I might be onto something here.”

Darlene’s eyes widened nervously, “What is it?”

“An article here says a young woman named Tilly Lace was killed in a freak boating accident over the weekend. She had no family to speak of though, which confuses me.”

“Why does that confuse you?”

Reluctantly I turned the tablet for Darlene to see the photo.

“Oh,” she gasped. “It’s me…”