The legend of these two princesses comes in many variations. In the pagan version, the princesses were close friends who were sent from Heaven to bring peace to two feuding villages. They both took a village each as a guardian. The princesses were unmatched in their own skills: Princess Santubong can weave fine clothes and Princess Sejinjang can pound rice so delicious mortals would be full for days. Their talents brought prosperity to the villages and the people were content. The peace did not last long as contempt started to brew between the princesses. 

Some versions claimed that they were envious of each other’s beauty, some say it was over love for an indecisive prince and some say it was because of neglect over their land. Their fights increased in frequency and intensity until they both had abandon their responsibility to their people, causing chaos and natural disasters in their wake. After a grueling seven-day war, a final battle ensued. 

Princess Sejinjang had struck a blow to Princess Santubong’s cheek, breaking it. In response Princess Santubong used a daggered pole and threw it to her, shattering Sejinjang’s head to pieces. Despite her victory, both of them had neglected their duty to their people so the heaven cursed Santubong into a mountain (where the gash at her cheek was said to be the peak) and Princess Sejinjang’s shattered corpse became an isle of islands. Their story was immortalized in a popular Sarawakian folk song.



Celebrities are done with conventional gender norms and identification – it’s so passé. These style and social influencers are proving that breaking the rules is an oxymoron because there are now no rules. Welcome to the future where being your authentic self in the new normal. So please don’t ask me too many questions about my sexuality. 

TILDA SWINTON Patrick James Dunagan

The closest I ever came to being around her was going to a concert at the Aladdin Theater up in Portland, OR and sitting with her kids whose nanny was a housemate of mine at the time. The Aladdin is on Milwaukee right off Powell in the inner SE. All I recall about Swinton’s kids is her son’s long shining blond hair like he was some ten year old Kurt Colbain or something. Swinton was in Portland filming a flick that starred Keanu Reeves and had something to do with teeth and him being some kind of a dentist? Maybe the Portland magus Gus Van Sant was directing, who knows…I’d like to think that other regal nemesis of the Portland streets, poet Walt Curtis was involved—of course he wasn’t. Am I making all this sound as if some dreamy straight re-make of Mala Nocha? …mm maybe… down Milwaukee heading south from the Aladdin was a terrific bust up of a Mexican joint. I only ate there once and after some half dozen years of driving by with my pal Jeffrey Butler headed out to the bins further south, down by Sellwood, my one and only dining and drinking experience there was not a let-down. Too expensive and lite margaritas but that’s to be expected. In San Francisco I remain a devout fan of Puerto Alegre, despite the crowds, the mariachi singers and the lite margaritas. At the time of the Aladdin show I was living way out in SE down Powell at like 62nd on Lafayette Street. There was some lite meth dealings going on around alongside plenty of young families buying houses and trying to turn the neighborhood non-drug friendly; I’d tool over to the liquor store on a bicycle—I know!—past cop cars on the block where the meth apartments were. Those years I was drinking mainly extra-large bottles of Ezra Brooks Bourbon. Unemployed or working for $9 an hour at the law library of Lewis and Clark, I was living on the cheap. I don’t remember the music at the Aladdin, somebody Swinton’s kids were stoked on seeing. I dug the Aladdin though, having always been curious. My favorite meal in Portland remains chicken fried steak and 3 eggs over easy with hash browns, a biscuit w/ gravy and a few bloody marys at My Father’s Place which is over on Grand several blocks up the road from the Aladdin. Walt Curtis lived in a basement apartment in the same neighborhood. Jeffrey Butler also lived nearby for years on 6th. That was one of my favorite apartments to go for a visit before moving up there, for me however Portland never worked out so well as a place to live.