(first tiger jumps in) *laughing* Vanya, what is this? Van’ … Van’, get out of the boot, Van’. (second tiger approaches) Mishka … let’s go. Mish, let’s go. Mishka! Mish, let’s go. Come on, sit. Sit. (third tiger comes in) Bonya, you too are here! Ok let’s go guys. Let’s go! *starts singing* x

Guardian of Tigers

A streak of tigresses accompany their Queen and her consort at the edge of a golden forest just beyond their throne.

My piece for the currently-in-limbo @jasperzine, which I hope will be printed in the future, despite my disappointment with the slow progress.

For now, y’all can have my self-indulgent and slightly-outdated Jaspball art. Jasper and Eyeball get to have seven tigers to counter Rose’s pride of seven lions. And by the way, the tiger cub’s name is Jasper Jr.

Happy Belated Jaspy Holidays!