Tiger Shark


A Shark’s perspective!


Tiger sharks are known as the “garbage guts” of the sea, and for good reason. As opportunistic feeders, Tiger sharks will eat just about anything. Odd items found in a tiger shark’s stomach include a chicken coop, a bag of money, boat cushions, boots, explosives, hyenas, deer antlers, a bag of potatoes… the list seems endless. As part of a more regular diet, Tiger sharks enjoy turtles, bony fish, crabs, birds and rays. Tiger sharks undergo a remarkably long, 4,660 mile round-trip migration every year. In Hawaiian culture, the Tiger shark is not only considered sacred, but legend has it that its eyeballs have special powers; it’s said that even the mother of the famous King Kamehameha ate Tiger shark eyes during her pregnancy so that her son would have qualities of leadership and bravery.

Behavior category – commended. The Game by Edwar Herreño (Colombia). Location: Costa Rica

“6:30 am and a 4 meter tiger shark was about to breakfast on a hawksbill turtle next to the boat. I took my camera, jumped into one of the skiffs and went closer. That was one of the image that I had wanted to get for years (I had been working there for 11 years doing 4 dives per day). It was dark so I pumped up the ISO to 800; then when I got close, I stuck half of my body into the water; one of the skiff drivers was holding my legs. I took as many pictures as I could but they moved a lot! The Tiger was trying to bite the turtles head off while the turtle defended herself by showing her back. It went on like that until one of them gave up.”